Valheim Longship: A detailed Guide for Viking Warriors

Valheim Longship

The best feature of Valheim is that it lets the players explore on their own. Valheim allows the players to explore the vast ocean on their own. But for this, the players need a boat. Currently, there are three types of vessels in Valheim.

  1. Raft
  2. Karve
  3. Longship

Each successor is significantly faster than the previous with more durability and player seating. Valheim Longship is the successor of Karve and also the largest boat in Valheim.

What Is Valheim Longship?

Valheim Longship Look

A longship is an enormous boat one can build with iron. But to gain access to iron, the players have to defeat Elder, the second boss found in the black forest biome. After defeating Elder, one gets access to Sunken Crypts through the Swamp key dropped by the Elder. Iron can be collected from these Crypts to build a longship. Following are a few facts about the longship in the Valheim.

  • Durability: 1000 Hp
  • Size: 22m Long x 6m Wide x 12m Air Draft
  • Seats: 4seats + Pilot
  • Storage: 18 Storage Plots
  • Turning Radius: 60m
  • Speed:
    1. 50% Intensity At Strong Wings (27 Km/hr)
    2. 100% Intensity At Storm Winds (33.5km/hr)

Requirements For Building A Valheim Longship

Following resources are needed to build a longship in the Valheim.

  • Iron nails x100
  • Deer Hide x10
  • Fine wood x40
  • Ancient Bark x40

The sunken Crypts have a considerable amount of iron bars that can be used to turn them into iron nails. After collecting a good amount of iron, start looking for Chests. These chests will have Ancient Bark, which in turn has the recipe for the Valheim Longship. There are at least two to three Chests in every crypt. Out of all resources, the Bark is a bit tough to find. It is not a very common resource. Ancient Bark can also be collected by chopping Ancient trees in Swamp Biomes with a bronze axe. One can get Fine Wood by chopping Birch Trees. Whereas deers drop Deer Hide when they are killed.

After smelting down the scraps from the iron bars, turn the bars into Iron nails with the help of a Forge. Once all the required resources are collected, move on to a water body with all the materials and the workbench. An upgraded hammer is necessary to construct the Longship.

  • Press F to switch to Misc tab.
  • Press Q/E to switch to Longship
  • Press LMB to place it in the water.

And there you go! Your Longship is ready to sail.

How To Sail The Valheim Longship?

Valheim Longship Sail

Sailing a longship in Valheim is the same as sailing the other boats. However, one has to remember that longships can only be used in sees and not in rivers. This is because they are too massive for the rivers. To begin sailing, climb onto the boat and interact with the Rudder. The basic keys for using the Rudder are:

  • W: To Accelerate
  • S: To Decelerate
  • A And D: To Change The Directions.

Sailing with the wind is very easy; however, if the player wants to sail in the opposite direction of the wind, it might not be a simple task. But it is not impossible; the players need to sail in a constant zigzag pattern.

The mini-map on the upper right-hand side shows the direction of the wind. The brightness of the golden part shows the strength of the wind. The primary three types of speed of the ship are:

  1. Rowing (an oar/Rudder icon)
  2. Half sail.
  3. Full sail.

The boat sails at the highest speed when the wind is blowing perpendicular to the boat. Once the ship is in motion, the player can wander in the boat, occasionally moving the Rudder to change the direction. Remember that the Rudder stays in the same direction when the player leaves, so make sure to straighten it out; otherwise, one would be sailing in circles.

Difference Between Longship And Karve in Valheim

The Longship is the successor of the Karve and thus is better than it in many aspects. The basic difference is that the Karve is built with bronze, where as the longship is built with iron. Other differences between them are given as follows:

Resources required40 fine wood, 40 ancient bark, 10 deer hide, 100 iron nails30 fine wood, 10 deer hide, 20 resin, 80 bronze nails
Size22m long x 6m wide x 12m air draft10m long x 3m wide x 8m air draft
Seats4seats + pilot2 seats + pilot
Storage18 storage plots4 storage plots
Turning radius60m20m

How To Repair A Valheim Longship?

Is the longship already kaputt? It’s okay because the ships get damaged while sailing or attacked by sea serpents or by mobs. It shows the yellow durability meter when repairing is required. Valheim Longships can be fixed near a Workbench. It is recommended not to make any repairs while sailing; it may endanger the players’ life.

  • Equip the hammer and go to the boat.
  • Click the left mouse button to repair it.

Well, that’s all you need to know about longships in valheim. Now it’s time to explore the Ocean biome of the Valheim and discover some new islands, however, on your sea expedition, look out for sea serpents. At times they can be dangerous. Best of luck with your voyage!

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