Awesome Valheim Dragon Egg Guide

Valheim Dragon Egg

The dragon egg is a collectible object discovered in Valheim. Valheim dragon egg is mostly discovered in nests withinside the Mountains. The Dragon Egg, like different uncooked steel materials, can not be teleported via portals. Far heavier than it looks, with a faint buzzing sound from within. Three (3) eggs are essential to summon Moder.

What is Valheim Dragon Egg?

Valheim Dragon Egg Inventory

The mysterious global of Valheim is packed with a whole lot of secrets. This nice-promoting Viking-themed Valheim game is packed with hidden bosses and mysterious materials. One of those is the Dragon Egg.

Where we can get Valheim Dragon Egg?

Valheim Dragon Egg Location

Dragon eggs may be discovered withinside the Mountain Biomes of Valheim. This snowy location is packed with large nests from dragons, and on occasion eggs, as well. They are crimson and purple, scaled, and glittering eggs which can be enormously heavy. For maximum gamers, however, the Dragon Egg won’t appear very useful, because it can not be crafted right into a weapon, tool, or building. But this egg has a totally precise purpose: it summons a hidden boss.

To discover Valheim Dragon Egg, you will want to start looking withinside the Mountain biome. This biome is quite tough to tour in because it includes tall mountains and cliffs with a purpose to sap your stamina as you attempt to soar and climb to the top. It’s additionally cold, which’s trouble in case you do not have the proper armor to preserve your heat or sufficient frost resistance mead to shield you from the cold. Without those, you’ll lose fitness at a consistent tick the instant you start mountaineering a snowy mountain.

And of course, the Mountain biome is complete of lethal creatures like wolves, stone golems, drakes, and Fenris, and is liable to blinding blizzards that make it difficult to discover your manner round. Once you are in a Mountain biome, preserve your eyes out for drakes, the small dragon-like creatures that fly overhead.

They sometimes, even though now no longer always, maybe guarding nests, which may be diagnosed through small rock formations and sparkling crystals. These nests might also additionally comprise an unmarried dragon egg, that’s black and scaly with red and crimson hues. But plenty extra difficult than locating Valheim Dragon Egg is transporting them.

Each egg weighs 200, making it through a long way the heaviest object in Valheim. For reference, the bottom bring weight for gamers is 300, which means an unmarried dragon egg will soak up -thirds of your weight limit.

Even with the Merjinger belt (you could purchase one from the Valheim trader) which will increase you bring weight to 350, a participant will handiest be capable of bringing an unmarried dragon egg at a time. And with an egg for your inventory, that does not depart an entire lot of greater room to hold the whole lot else. When you exit to look for Valheim Dragon Egg, percent as gently as possible.

Another difficulty that makes matters even extra tough: dragon eggs can’t be carried via portals. The identical as with steel ores and bars, you cannot teleport even as wearing a dragon egg, so whilst you discover one you will bring it all of the manners with you, strolling or through the ship, to convey it wherein you want to go.

How to Use the Valheim Dragon Egg?

Summon Moder using Dragon Egg

Dragon eggs are used to summon Valheim’s fourth boss, Moder, withinside the Mountain biome. Since they may be so tough to transport, you must do the maximum of your looking withinside the identical Mountain location wherein Moder may be summoned. If you discover an egg in a single Mountain biome and Moder is in any other, you will haul it all of the manners there with you to apply it, no portals allowed.

Ready for extra desirable news? You’ll want a complete of 3 Valheim Dragon Egg to summon Moder. So, in case you’re gambling solo, you will want to convey those eggs as much as Moder’s alter one at a time (until you operate a few Valheim cheats to spawn them) and area them on his altar.

You can area one egg in Moder’s altar and go back later to an area the second one or 1/3 egg, however, it’s going to be a hard trip, despite pals alongside to help. On the plus side, in case you discover a dragon egg close to Moder’s summoning altar, you could take it and go back to the identical nest later. Dragon eggs respawn in 480 minutes, or eight hours.

How to defeat Moder using Valheim Dragon Egg?

Moder is any other difficult combat with the purpose to check your archery talents in addition to your melee abilities. Upon summoning Moder, she can be able to take to the sky above you.

This combat performs out in levels that trade constantly till you convey her down. The first section is Moder flying around withinside the sky, even as the opposite see her contact down at the floor for a few up-near combat.

When Moder is airborne, she can be able to assault by sending shards of ice toward you that explode at the floor and create frozen stalagmites all around the battlefield.

While Moder is flying around, equip your bow and start firing arrows at her. It’s nice to apply Fire Arrows, Needle Arrows, or a few different arrows that reason harm through the years as this extra harm provides up and allows you to take down Moder extra quickly.

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