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Valheim Comfort

Every game has extreme weather conditions which create unease for playing characters. With extreme hotness, wind, cold, and thunderstorms, the game developers add a new metric that measures the comfort level. Each of these climatic conditions has a different effect on comfort level.

Valheim Comfort is a phenomenon in the game which impacts the rested bonus on your character. This comfort level is adjusted by taking the surrounding climate into consideration. Moreover, there are certain building objects which can provide you extra comfort. In this post, we’ll go through all the comfort buildings in detail.

What is Valheim Comfort?

In the game, a player is provided with a Valheim Comfort level. So, the player’s comfort level is influenced by the unbend bonus, or we can say the rested bonus that they receive while playing the game. It initiates for seven minutes of the rested bonus at comfort level zero. In the game, each comfort level builds one minute to the rested bonus. In this game, the max comfort for the player is seventeen, and the rested time is of twenty-four minutes.

The player can receive a base comfort of one by sitting with the active fire buff as the comfort level increases the for acquiring the shelter buff by having roofs and the walls around the player. In the game, the furniture available within 10m of the player, built using five wood floors 2×2, is counted for a player’s Valheim Comfort in the gameplay. The furniture such as the Fire, Banner, Seat, or Sleeping labeled in the game’s Table will not be counted as a player’s comfort. The items such as the Rugs and all other furniture will be counted as Comfort Level of Bonus from the store’s objects.   

In the game for acquiring the seventeen level of comfort, that is the level number seventeen. The player must have a minimum of one of the following: The, Dragon Bed, The Chair, The Raven Throne, The Table, The Hanging Brazier, The Lox Rug, The Deer Rug The Hearth, and also any banner in the gameplay. Note that The Hearth or The Brazier needs to be lit for acquiring the maximum comfort level in the game.

Valheim Comfort level for each Shelter

Valheim Comfort Shelter

Minimum Comfort Level

The player reaches the initial level of comfort level in the Vaheim by building the most basic shelter by the player on their own. Having a simple roof in the shelter and setting up fire will provide a player with comfort. But a player can upgrade certain items in the game and elevate their comfort level when they are at their home. With the maximum comfort level, the player will get the maximum resting amount of time. But the players should remember that a player cannot upgrade to the top level of comfort without adequate progression level in the game.

Comfort Level Nine

In this game, the player will be promoted to level nine after successfully defeating the first boss. For this, a player will require a roof, fire, Table, chair, deer rug, and a banner. The player must note that all the materials should be placed closely with each other in a radius of five blocks for granting the player the desired level of comfort.

Maximum Comfort Level 

If a player wishes to achieve the maximum Valheim Comfort level in the game, they should keep adding Dragon Bed, Raven Throne, Hearth, Wolf rug, Lox rug, and Brazier. All these things at a close range will grant a player with the Seventeen Comfort Level, and it is the maximum level of comfort in the Valheim game.

What is the range of Valheim Comfort?

Valheim Comfort Campfire
  • Shelter: The comfort level of shelter is one in the gameplay.
  • Hanging Brazier: The player is rewarded with one comfort in this game.
  • Deer Rug: It provides the players with one comfort level
  • Wolf Rug: The player is provided with comfort level one.
  • Lox Rug: The following Rug will provide the player with one comfort in the game.  
  • Table: The comfort amount of Table in the gameplay is one.
  • Raven Throne: It provides three comforts for the players in the Valheim game.
  • Maypole: It will provide the one comfort for the players in the game.
  • Christmas Tree: The players will get one comfort in the gameplay.


  • Campfire: The fire will provide one Valheim Comfort in the game.
  • Hearth: The Hearth will provide two amenities in the gameplay.


  • White and Red Striped Banner: The player will receive one comfort level in the gameplay.
  • Blue Banner: One comfort is provided to the player with the help of this Banner.
  • Red Banner: The player is awarded one comfort in the game.
  • Green Banner: This Banner provides one comfort to the player.
  • Black Banner: The following Banner provides one comfort to the player in the gameplay.


  • Bench: The player is rewarded with one comfort in the gameplay.
  • Stool: The stool will provide the player with one comfort while playing the game.
  • Chair: This following item in the chair section provides a bit higher comfort for the player. The player is rewarded with two amenities in the gameplay.


  • Bed: The bed provides an essential comfort to the player to relax their character in the game.
  • Dragon Bed: The following bed provides a more comfortable level for the players to relax their characters while enjoying the gameplay. The comfort of the Dragon Bed is two in the gameplay.

How to get Valheim Comfort 17?

Valheim Comfort 17

The maximum level of Valheim Comfort provided for the players in the game is 17. The players must have at least some of the following materials such as the following:

  • The Dragon Bed
  • The Chair
  • The Rave Throne
  • The Table
  • The Hanging Brazier
  • The Lox Rug
  • The Wolf Rug
  • The Hearth
  • And any of the Banner

A player should note that The Hearth or the Brazier must be lit in the game. And all these materials should be within the 10m nearby of the player, and about five 2×2 floor tiles should be available to count.

The gameplay’s Rested bonus will also increase the XP rates for several activities around the Valheim game to improve health and stamina regeneration. In the game, players have increased about forty percent of XPs. Simultaneously, the Rested buff is still active in the game with more significant incentives to develop their home with more comfortable items and reach the Valheim Comfort level while playing the game every day.

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