How To Uninstall Overwatch in All Platforms [2022]

uninstall overwatch

Overwatch is a First Person Shooter multiplayer game released in May 2016. This game has over 30 unique heroes distributed among the Offense, Defence, Tank, and Healer classes. Every team should contain the proper distribution of these heroes to perform well. Uninstalling Overwatch is as much hard as playing the game. This game has its launcher, which makes the process of uninstalling hard.

Uninstall Overwatch is a way to remove Overwatch from your system. This system can be Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or Windows. There are different ways to uninstall from each of these systems. In this post, I’ll guide you to uninstall overwatch from all of these systems. Let’s dive right into it.

Many players are uncertain the reason why Overwatch is dying. There is a separate article mentioning all the player details and their reasons to uninstall Overwatch.

Uninstall Overwatch In Microsoft Windows

Overwatch is released on client and can be installed from there. So, if you want to uninstall Overwatch from windows, there are two methods –

  • Using uninstall
  • Using Control Panel in your Windows

Both of these methods work perfectly and remove all the files and registries of Overwatch from your PC. Make sure you follow all the steps in each method to completely remove Overwatch from your system.

If your Overwatch game is not launching, try using this solution mentioned here.

Using uninstall

Firstly, open the client on your PC. If you are unable to find the client then head over to the windows search bar on the bottom left side and type, Now click on the top application that appears in the search results.

uninstall overwatch

After opening’s client, head over to the GAMES tab and select the Overwatch game from it. Now on the right side, the whole window of Overwatch will appear.

overwatch options

Now select the Options option from the window. This will display a dropdown box in which the last option is to uninstall Overwatch.

overwatch remove confirm

Click on Uninstall Game to remove it. will ask for your confirmation before uninstalling. Click on “Yes, Uninstall”, to proceed further.

Now, wait for the process to get completed. This will remove all the files of overwatch from your PC.

Using Windows Control Panel

windows control panel

If you cannot uninstall Overwatch using, then don’t be sad, I’ve got another method for you. For this, you need to open your Control Panel. If you’re unable to find Control Panel, then head over to the Windows Search bar and search Control Panel and click the top result appeared.

uninstall a program

Now, a window will appear with multiple options. Select Uninstall a program option from the list.

overwatch control panel

Now another window will appear with a list of all installed programs until now. Now, locate the Overwatch and double click it. This will open a uninstall window for Overwatch.

overwatch remove confirm

Now, click on the confirmation saying Yes, Uninstall, and wait for the process to get completed. This will remove the game completely from your system. You can confirm this by going into the client.

Uninstall Overwatch In Playstation 4

Many players play Overwatch from PS4. This multiplatform release makes it a whole lot more comfortable for the player to enjoy the game. There are two methods to uninstall overwatch in PS4 –

Using Library

This method applies to uninstall any games from your PS4. Firstly, open up your game library and select the Overwatch

Now, press the Options button from your controller. This will open up a menu on the right side of the screen

delete option in ps4

Select the “Delete” option from the menu and confirm the choice by selecting “OK.” This will delete the Overwatch from your PS4.

Using System Storage

Alternatively, you can use the System Storage menu to delete any game you wish. To start with, open the “Settings” of your PS4.

storage settings ps4

Now a list of options will appear on your screen. Select “Storage” option.

Nextly, head over to “System Storage” if Overwatch is installed on an internal hard drive. Otherwise, select “Extended Storage”.

Now going further, select “Applications” and select the Overwatch from the list.

delete game ps4

Now, press “Options” from your controller and select the Delete option. It will ask you to confirm the delete option and remove the Overwatch.

Uninstall Overwatch In Xbox One

Uninstalling games from Xbox One is pretty easy task. To do so follow the steps –

Step 1: Open the Xbox One home screen. After opening the home screen press the Xbox Button from your console and head over to “My Games & Apps”

games and apps Xbox one

Step 2: Now a list of installed games will appear on the window. Now, select Overwatch from the list and press the Menu button from your controller.

uninstall overwatch Xbox one

Step 3: This will open a dropdown with a bunch of options. Select “Uninstall” from the list of options.

Step 4: Wait for the uninstaller to complete its task and remove the Overwatch. This way you can remove Overwatch from your Xbox One.

Uninstall Overwatch In Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is one of the great platforms to enjoy playing Overwatch. But, Nintendo Switch has low storage and can store less number of games from other platforms. If you want to uninstall Overwatch from the Nintendo Switch, follow these steps –

Step 1: Firstly, open up your Home Screen in the Switch. Now select the Overwatch game from the list. Now press the + button or – button on the left Joy-Con to bring up the Overwatch’s game options.

uninstall overwatch from nintendo

Step 2: Among the options, there is one option named “Manage Software”. Select this option.

delete software Nintendo switch

Step 3: Now select the “Delete Software” option from the list on right side.

confirm delete Nintendo

Step 4: Select the confirm “Delete” option.

This will remove the Overwatch from your Nintendo Switch. This will remove all the game files as well as the desktop icon.

Note – This will not remove any save game data from your Switch.


These are some FAQs asked during the uninstalling process of Overwatch.

After uninstalling Overwatch, all my in-game progress will get lost?

No, Overwatch is a server-sided game. In this game, all of your progress and achievement are saved on the server. You can uninstall and install the game again to get the same profile stats. You have to log in with the same account tho.

Does my rank gets reset after uninstalling Overwatch?

If you uninstalled for 2-3 days and installed it again, your rank will not reset. But if the competitive season changes in Overwatch, you will receive a soft reset on your rank. If you install Overwatch again and play the placement matches, you’ll receive almost the same rank as before.

Does using two accounts on same device will get me banned?

No. Overwatch has never stated that they will ban you if you use multiple accounts from the same IP. However, if you use cheats on other accounts and get banned, your IP can be denied, and you cannot play from your device anymore.

Can I use my account on multiple devices?

Yes. You can use your Overwatch account on multiple devices. But you can only play a match from any one of those devices at a time.

Final Words

Overwatch is a unique FPS shooting game with many different heroes. Although this game is exciting, you can get bored with any game at some point. Even I got bored with good old Vice City after playing it for three years. That’s why in this post, I’ve mentioned all the ways to uninstall Overwatch.

What is your reason for the uninstalling of Overwatch?
Let me know in the comments.

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