Tracking Unknowns Fallout 76 Walkthrough (Side-Quest)

Tracking Unknowns Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, there are many side quests that uncover many mysteries. These side quests are made to add filler content in the game and allow you to enjoy the game story even more.

Tracking Unknowns Fallout 76 is a side quest that features a Holotape from Lucy’s body which is used to learn more about Duncan’s group. Moreover, completing the quest will reward you with Pyrolyzer with unique legendary effects on it.

What is Tracking Unknowns Fallout 76 Quest?

In the Tracking Unknowns Fallout 76 Quest, you have to use your smartness and investigate the north known as Valley Galleria. Here you must have a word with Hardball, who is the main Gutsy of the forest, for getting further instructions. Next, you will have to find a signal booster located at the Valley Galleria at the electronics store or Harpers Ferry.

Next, summon the cargo bot using a landing pat situated at Camp Venture, further attach one signal booster. In the next step, track the distress beacon towards its source and locate the dead body hidden in the swamp. Finally, enter towards the Dyer Chemical Sewers and discover the fate of the tracking party.

How to start Tracking Unknowns Fallout 76 Quest?

Tracking Unknowns Quest Location

In the game, you will see the first stage, and the Tracking Unknowns Fallout 76 Quest will appear on the Pip-Pop boy miscellaneous section after approaching the Harpers Ferry.

Tracking Unknowns Fallout 76 Walkthrough

Investigate Harpers Ferry

In the game, there is one of the three gate terminals. Of course, you can go near any terminal and use it, but for you, it will be comparatively easy to get from the fast travel point towards the east gate terminal.

Investigate the gate terminal

You must utilize the Gate Terminal > go towards the Missing Persons >then get towards the Missing Hunting Party

Investigate the area north of Valley Galleria

In the area of north Valley Galleria, you will get a terminal entry in Harpers Ferry which will describe a group of missing people that were gone missing, and you will be tracking out ghouls. In the game, it is said they were lastly were known heading north from the Valley Galleria. So you should search and try to find out what happened to them and have a look. For doing this, you must move towards the area marked on the map and hunt the robot Hardball.

Talk to Hardball

You should move further and discover a Free States Gutsy whose name is Hardball, and he will be located out in the Swamp Forest. Make sure that you listen to him and hear what he has to say before proceeding further.

Find a signal booster

You have to run fast into a Free States Gutsy, and its name is Hardball, which will provide you the information for searching a signal booster and track Duncan McKann‘s, which is missing in the hunting group. He will tell you that you could find one in the following locations as follows:

  • Harpers Ferry 
  • Valley Galleria Electronic Store

You can visit any one of these places. 

 Harpers Ferry 

You should Return back to Harpers Ferry. You will search and get it in the toolbox on the barricade, which is at the north gate. And if the gate is closed, but you do not have the necessary skills to open the level 3 locks, there is one solution you will have to go walk around in the gameplay.

Valley Galleria Electronic Store.

You will have to move around the Valley Galleria. It’s located inside a box which is situated inside one of the buildings of the gameplay location.

Summon a Cargobot

Tracking Unknowns Fallout 76 Cargobot

After getting in the location, you will be able to find a signal booster. And you need to move towards the Survival Training Center for summoning a Cargobot, and for moving here, you should move towards the Camp Venture. Then utilize the Control Terminal > Select the Cargobot supply Drop.

Wait for the Cargobot to arrive

A Cargobot in this game has been gathered, but you will need to wait for some moments near the landing pad until you see it arriving towards you in Tracking Unknowns Fallout 76.

Attach the signal booster

In the game, you will get to see a Cargobot that has arrived. You have a need to attach the signal booster to it so it can help you track the distress beacon signal.

 Wait for the signal

In the game, a signal booster has been attached, and the Cargobot proceeding on its way. You have to just need to wait for the signal to appear on your following radio.

Tune into the distress beacon signal

In the game, after the cargo bot has boosted the signal, you will be able to find the distress beacon frequency on your Pip-boy for tracking the missing party.

Make sure you check the available signal strength and displayed in the upper left corner of the game screen. Note that the closer you are to the beacon, the closer the signal strength is to 100 percent.

Track the distress beacon to its source

After the booster has been worked, you will be able to track the distress beacon signal. And you should follow the pings up to you to locate the beacon and get the missing group and talk with the Distress Beacon.

Investigate the area

You can find the distress beacon which is on the dead body. And you should make sure to investigate the area and find out what happened in the previously happened incidence.

Listen to Randy’s Holotape

Tracking Unknowns Fallout 76 Holotape

The following process in the game is to talk and listen to Randy’s holotape.

Take Nari’s ID card

Moving on a little further in the game, which is available next to the wreck of the car, you will get the corpse of Nari Samir along with the Dyer Chemical ID Card and Nari’s Holotape.

Listen to Nari’s holotape

In the next step, you will find some holotapes in the area. Note that you should listen to them carefully and find out what happened here previously.

Find Nari’s hazmat suit

It is the optional stage for you.

Enter the Dyer Chemical sewers

One holotape will be revealed that Duncan McKann’s group had caught up previously to the ghouls. Unfortunately, they may not be able to get all been feral. One of the ghouls had a holotape on her, which says they fled to the Dyer Chemical sewers. You must see, and maybe you will be able to find out more in that location.

Discover the fate of the tracking party

You have to hunt towards the sewers to discover Duncan McKann’s group’s fate, along with the people they were tracking.

Listen to Lucy’s holotape

You will find one more holotape on a body, and you should listen to it and check that if it holds any clues about what happened here in the past.

Tracking Unknowns Fallout 76 – Rewards

Tracking Unknowns Fallout 76 Quest Rewards

After successfully completing Tracking Unknowns Fallout 76 Quest, you will receive with following rewards as follows:

  • Pyrolyzer: A unique Flamer along with the legendary effect
  • Hazmat Suit Prototype
  • 100 XP
  • 10 Caps
  • Ammo

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