Stands Awakening Tier List For Combat [2022]

Stands Awakening Tier List

Combat Tier List informs and compares specific stands or specifications based on PVPs / combat, unlike the Value Tier List.

Stands Awakening Tier List provided below will be helpful for you to know whether it will be profitable for PVPs or not; unlike the Value Tier List, here you will find a five-tier list, considering the S Tier highest and D Tier to be the lowest one. The combat tier list is updated and will be the same unless there are other updates or errors.

Stands Awakening Tier List

S Tier

S Tier in Stands Awakening

The S Tier is the highest among all and has significant advantages in PVPs or combat, so this tier provides a player with a lot of power and performs impactfully in the Stands Awakening.

Combat NameUserRarity TierDestructive PowerSpeedDurabilityRangeHP Main Color
Made In HeavenEnrico PucciC TierBACUnknownWhite
Made on Hallow’s EveNAB TierBANANANA
Whitesnake: Alternative UniverseEnrico Pucci AUB TierA+A-A+CUnknownPurple-ish White
C-MoonEnrico PucciC+ TierBBBUnknownGreen
Dio’s The WorldDIOSS+A++A-NANANA
Ultimate Life FormKarsBS+SSNANANA

A Tier

A Tier in Stands Awakening

This tier is very useful and practical if you do not have the combats from the S Tier. The combats from A Tier will let you achieve the S Tier by performing exceptionally well in the game.

Combat NameUserRarityDestructive PowerSpeedDurabilityRangeHPMain Color
Sonic.exeSonic.exeA TierSSSA-NANANA
WhitesnakeEnrico PucciC+ TierUnkownDAAUnknownWhite
SamuraiSamurai The PlayerE TierAS-A-NANANA
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapFunny ValentineC+ TierAAACUnknownBaby Blue
Sticky FingersBruno BucciaratiC+ TierAADCUnkownBlue
Jotaro’s Star PlatinumJotaro Kujo (Beyond Heaven Ascension)A TierSSAB-C200Navy/Dark Blue
Shadow The WorldShadow DIOS TierUnknown (A)AUnknown (D)NA120Sky Blue
King Crimson RequiemDiavoloB TierA+SS-NA350NA
OniAkuma (Street Fighter)C+ TierS+ABNA100NA
Gold Experience RequiemGiorno GiovannaD TierNANA

B Tier

B Tier in Stands Awakening Tier List

B Tier is a little struggling, but if a player has skills, they can manage to progress in combats.

Combat NameUserRarityDestructive PowerSpeedDurabilityRangeHPMain Color
King Crimson (Doppio)Vinegar DoppioE TierAAECUnknownCrimson
King Crimson (Doppio 2 Arm)Vinegar DoppioE TierAAECUnknownRed
Star Platinum: The WorldJotaro KujoC+ TierAAACUnknownBlue
Gold ExperienceGiorno GiovannaD TierCADC125Gold
Shiny SwordSteveC+ TierC+A-BNA100NA
Star PlatinumJotaro KujaD TierAAAC250Purple
King CrimsonDiavoloD TierAAECUnknownRed
Gold Experience: Golden WindGiorno GiovannaB TierA-AC+NANANA
Sticky FingersBruno BucciaratiC+ TierAADCUnknownBlue
Star Platinum: Over HeavenHeaven Ascended JotaroC TierSSSS375White
The World: Alternative UniverseDiego BrandoD (normal) C (shiny)AAABNAYellow
The World Over HeavenHeaven Ascension DIOC (normal) B (shiny)SSSNA375White
SonicSonic The HedgehogA TierB++SSDNANANA

C Tier

This tier will let you be the practitioner and let you hone your skills in combat, but there is no significant strength expected at the C Tier.

Combat NameUserRarityDestructive PowerSpeedDurabilityRangeHPMain Color
Solar One More TimeUnknownB TierA+SSS+NANANA
Killer QueenYoshikage KiraD TierABBDUnknownPink
Bootleg Purple GuyUnknownX TierS-BA-NAUnknownNA
Anubis1. Caravan Serai (original)
2. Chaka
3. Khan
E TierBBANAUnknownGrey
StandlessThe PlayerE TierCCCNA100NA
VampireDio Brando, Wang Chan, Straizo (Part 2), Jack the Ripper, Bruford, Tarkus, Wired Beck, NukesakuD TierSBBNA262.5Depends on the user
Star Platinum (Stone Ocean)Jotaro KujoE TierAACNAUnknownNA

D Tier

Every player has to start from here, and it depends on your skills, how to strive through the combats using the D Tier and make your way to S Tier.

Combat NameUserRarityDestructive PowerSpeedDurabilityRangeHPMain Color
One More TimeTom CatC+ TierAAS+NAUnknownNA
The WorldDIOC+ (normal) B (shiny)AAACUnknownGold
Hierophant GreenNoriaki KakyoinE TierCBBNA120NA
Crazy DiamondJosuke HigashikataE TierAABDUnknownBaby Blue

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