Solve GTA 5 Online Not Loading Error With Easy Steps

GTA 5 Online Not Loading

The fiction and fantasy world enriches us with new entertaining gestures always. They often keep reminding us about the pleasure of using them. Action role play games screen the enjoyment of ultimate fun and happiness. It has never lost its object of making people forget where they are. In action role-play games, selective ideas encounter the minds of people.

GTA 5 online not loading is a frequent error that every player faces when playing Grand Theft Auto V. It annoys and irritates the players when disturbing their theft. Sometimes it fails to go online mode. When GTA 5 online not loading error occurs, the game gets stuck indefinitely. Or you will get an error message on your screen, and that will force you to exit from the game.

GTA 5 online is an action-adventure game that Rockstar Games published. It sets with a single-player story, and three protagonists follow it. They attempt for heists under pressure and roam around the city.

It can be played either from a first-person perspective or a third-person perspective. The player can travel the world on foot or by vehicle. This game has shooting and driving sequences. It became the fastest-selling entertaining product in History. It has won many accolades, including Game of the Year.

Every player can jump, swim, run, use firearms and explosives to fight enemies. They should take care of their health meter to continue in the game. If they commit any mistakes they come under the “WANTED” list and law enforcement officers will start to search for them. Some levels are accomplished by one character and some with two or three characters. They have a set of eight skills and the eighth skill determines the player’s effectiveness. The players have a smartphone and can also trade in Stock Market.

Why Is My GTA 5 Online Not Loading?

My GTA 5 Online Not Loading

GTA 5 online not loading error is something that 6 out of 10 players face. This has become the reason for some player’s low scores. This error occurs due to the Identity Cloaker Software. Experts suggest that installing it will fix this error. This can be uninstalled through the programs and feature tab. If the GTA 5 online, not loading occurs then, it might be your game Cloaker device might be corrupted.

This error occurs because there might be an issue with the local game settings available inside your console. The game stops abruptly with the message as “GTA 5 has stopped working”. This content pops up for some GTA players, and as a result, GTA doesn’t run for them.

Sometimes this error also occurs due to crashing issues in the games and PS4 firmware. Sometimes GTA crashing also happens, and a Graphics card issue causes that. If it is unstable or corrupted, then your game starts to crash up. Another reason might be using GTA 5 outdated version.

How To Skip GTA 5 Online Not Loading Screens?

Our patience capacity is tested if ice cream is kept in front of us. Even that could be controlled but not this. When your game is so exciting and adventurous, you won’t wait to go through its logging screens. It is as similar as to GTA 5 online not loading error. And for that, many game experts have created a shortcut to skip those screens. They use a certain trick that helps them to land in the game.

Though it is 10 years old, its specialty has not outdated. If you would have played, you realize how much time it demands loading. A Reddit user commented on using the trick and entering the solo public session to skip the online loading screen.

Another method is to disconnect yourself from the Internet as soon as the search begins. You can do it either by stopping the connection of your router or the MTU value being changed. Every problem has a solution, and the same as GTA 5 online not loading error, this boring loading process can also be stopped by using certain steps.

  1. Search for GTA 5 online session.
  2. As soon as the search begins, disconnect yourself from being connected to the Internet.
  3. Don’t make much time to connect again to the Internet. Make sure that the game should not register that you are offline.
  4. You must cut through the long loading time and wait for a few seconds.
  5. This can be an easy trick that requires minimum effort and time, and it makes you reach close to your favorite game.

Solution For GTA 5 Online Not Loading Error?

Your mood gets upset when you see GTA 5 online not loading. But Don’t Worry when you have so many ways to solve it easily and quickly. Go through all the ways and choose the one that suits you.

Run as administrator

Some players who have used this method feel this to be the proper way to solve GTA 5 online not loading. Certain game files that one has might be locked that can result in stop working. So, how to do this process? Come, follow us.

  • STEP-1: Rockstar Launcher, Steam, and GTA should be completely shut down.
  • STEP-2: Right-click on Stream and select the option run as administrator.
  • STEP-3: Next, Rockstar Launcher must be launched as an administrator.
  • STEP-4: The final step is to re-launch GTA V and check the working process.

Disable NVIDIA Device

Disable NVIDIA Device

Sometimes, this error happens due to your computer’s compatibility with NVIDIA cards. So, try to disable it. To proceed further on, the steps are,

  • STEP-1: Hold the right key and Windows logo key together, then type devmgmt.msc and click enter key to open device manager.
  • STEP-2: Search for your NVIDIA device and give a right-click on it and select Disable Device.
  • STEP-3: The final step is to re-launch the game and go to the device manager to re-enable the NVIDIA device.

Re-install the program

This error occurs if your app is corrupted so uninstalling the social club will solve the keyboard problem.

  • Step-1: Go to the search bar and type control panel, and click to open.
  • Step-2: You could see View by at the right corner of your screen. Select a category and click uninstall a program.
  • Step-3: You can uninstall both the programs Rockstar games launcher and social club application.
  • Step-4: Go to the folder and delete if there are any remaining files and folders.
  • Step-5: After deleting all the files and reinstall the Rockstar Games Launcher and Social Club Application.
  • Step-6: Reinstall GTA V to check the error has been solved or not.

Verify Intergrity of Game Files

The GTA 5 online not loading might occur due to corrupted game files, and you can solve it with this. Through this method, you will check whether the files are correct or not. If anything is corrupted, it will check and repair it by itself.

  • STEP-1: Search for Steam client and go to the Library tab. Then give a right-click on GTA 5 and choose properties.
  • STEP-2: You could find some folders like Local files, Updates, General, Betas, etc. Select the local files from them and click verify Integrity of Game Cache, and after completing it click the close icon.

Update Graphics Card Driver

Nvidia Drivers Update

Graphic Card Driver can also be a reason for GTA 5 online not loading. Having a wrong drive or an outdated one will result in GTA 5 online not loading. So make sure to keep your drivers updated, and that can increase your gaming experience. You can update your Card Driver in two ways Manually and Automatically,


If this is done manually, then you should need some computer skills and patience to update. You have to find the right driver online and install it in a step-wise manner.


To solve your GTA 5 online not loading error, this method is highly recommended. You can do it with a couple of mouse clicks. It can be done automatically and easily with Driver Easy. This will help to recognize your system and the correct drivers. However, you won’t have to worry about installing the wrong drivers. Your driver can be updated easily with the Free and Pro version of Driver Easy.

How long is the GTA 5 online not loading screen?

The loading time of the screen is irritating in comparison with the GTA 5 online not loading. It might take full six minutes to watch a loading screen or might also take 4 hours which annoys the player. A player hesitates to use this game because of this issue. Normally a loading time should be within 35 sec and not more than that. But this game demands a lot from the player.

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