All 145 Roblox Wacky Wizards Potions and Recipes

All Roblox Wacky Wizards Potions and Recipes

Wacky Wizards is the new famous game in Roblox where players create new potions and explore the wizardry world. With a huge lobby of multiple players working together, you can easily exchange potions and recipes with your friends.

Roblox Wacky Wizards Potions and Recipes are the part of the game where you can drink them and get multiple effects. Every potion has a unique effect and has unique recipes. With tons of ingredients, you can mix them with other ingredients to create new potions.

In this post, we’ll go through all the potions and their effects.

How To Make A Potion In Roblox Wacky Wizards?

Make A Potion In Roblox Wacky Wizards

If you wish to make a potion in Roblox Wacky Wizards, you have to spend some time gathering a couple of different materials, and for some materials, you may not have access to them.

How To Drink A Potion In Wacky?

After getting all the ingredients, mix these ingredients in a Cauldron and make a drink. By drinking these, the Potion will turn you into an imposter from Roblox Among Us game.

Normal Roblox Wacky Wizards Potions and Recipes

Normal Roblox Wacky Wizards Potions and Recipes

Speedy Potion

  • Ingredients: Giraffe Hoof
  • Potion Effects: It will Speeds your character up

Squirting Potion

  • Ingredients Rotten Sandwich 
  • Potion Effects Makes you poop until you respawn

Noodley Potion

  • Ingredients Pool Noodle
  • Potion Effects Gives you long noodle arms

 Tiny Potion

  • Ingredients Fairy
  • Potion Effects Make your character smaller.

 Flounder Potion

  • Ingredients Fish
  • Potion Effects Lets you swim around in the water & air.

 Floating Potion

  • Ingredients Bird
  • Potion Effects Lets you jump higher in the air

 Explosive Potion

  • Ingredients Dynamite
  • Potion Effects Blows your character up after 3 seconds.

 Zombie Potion

  • Ingredients Brain
  • Potion Effects Turns you into a zombie

 Warty Potion

  • Ingredients Spiders
  • Potion Effects Slowly grows warts on your character.

 Camouflage Potion

  • Ingredients Chameleon
  • Potion Effects Changes your color based on your surroundings.

Giant Potion

  • Ingredients Giant’s Ear
  • Potion Effects Makes your character grow huge

 Hot Potion

  • Ingredients Chili Pepper
  • Potion Effects Sets you on fire and kills you

Beany Potion

  • Ingredients Beans
  • Potion Effects Turns you into a bean

Jandel Potion

  • Ingredients Jandel’s Head
  • Potion Effects Turns you into Jandel

Foryxe Potion

  • Ingredients Foryxe’s Head
  • Potion EffectsTurns you into Foryxe

Cleetus Potion

  • Ingredients Cleetus’s Hat
  • Potion Effects Turns you into Cleetus

 Identity Theft Potion

  • Ingredients You
  • Potion Effects Turn into the person who made the Potion.

 Unresolved Size Potion

  • Ingredients Fairy + Giant’s Ear
  • Potion Effects randomly make you bigger and smaller.

 Enlarged Head Potion

  • Ingredients Brain + Giant’s Ear
  • Potion Effects makes your head huge

Tiny Head Potion

  • Ingredients Brain + Fairy
  • Potion Effects makes your head huge

 Tall Potion

  • Ingredients Giraffe Hoof + Giant’s Ear
  • Potion Effects makes you grow tall and skinny

Shrink Ray Potion

  • Ingredients Chameleon + Fairy
  • Potion Effects shrinks you to death

Leg Day Potion

  • Ingredients Giraffe Hoof + Fairy
  • Potion Effects gives you tiny legs

Wide Load Potion

  • Ingredients Beans + Giant’s Ear
  • Potion Effects Makes your body-wide

Iron Potion

  • Ingredients Pool Noodle + Giant’s Ear
  • Potion Effects Gives you giant weightlifter arms

Long Neck Potion

  • Ingredients Giraffe Hoof + Pool Noodle
  • Potion Effects Makes your neck super long

Centipede Potion

  • Ingredients Pool Noodle + Spider 
  • Potion Effects Turns you into a long centipede

Digging Potion

  • Ingredients Pool Noodle + Beans
  • Potion Effects Become a worm

Rocket Potion

  • Ingredients Dynamite + Bird
  • Potion Effects Turns you into a flying rocket

Bald Potion

  • Ingredients Brain + Chili Pepper
  • Potion Effects Sets your head on fire & burns your accessories.

 Fire Walking Potion

  • Ingredients Bird + Chili Pepper
  • Potion Effects Lets you walk on fire

 Fire Breathing Potion

  • Ingredients Rotten Sandwich + Chili Pepper
  • Potion Effects Your character will breathe fire

Swim Potion

  • Ingredients Bird + Fish
  • Potion Effects Allows you to swim in the air

Mermaid Potion

  • Ingredients Fairy + Fish
  • Potion Effects Become a mermaid

 Puffed Potion

  • Ingredients Beans + Fish
  • Potion Effects Become a pufferfish wish spikes

 Octo Potion

  • Ingredients Giraffe Hoof + Spider + Fish
  • Potion Effects Turns you into a flying octopus

 Air Jumper Potion

  • Ingredients Bird + Giraffe Hoof
  • Potion Effects Gives you the ability to double jump.

Bang Potion

  • Ingredients Brain + Giant’s Ear + Dynamite
  • Potion Effects Makes your head grow big and explode.

Ticking Potion

  • Ingredients Brain + Dynamite
  • Potion Effects makes your head smoke and explode

Bouncy Potion

  • Ingredients Giraffe Hoof + Dynamite
  • Potion Effects Causes your feet to explode

Firework Potion 

  • Ingredients Pool Noodle + Dynamite
  • Potion Effects Sends you into the sky like a firework.

 Exploding Squirts Potion

  • Ingredients Rotten Sandwich + Dynamite
  • Potion Effects Drop poop that explodes

Popping Potion 

  • Ingredients Beans + Dynamite
  • Potion Effects Makes you grow and pop like a bubble.

Speckled Potion

  • Ingredients Spider + Chameleon
  • Potion Effects Gives you rainbow colored warts

Ragdoll Potion

  • Ingredients Brain + Rotten Sandwich
  • Potion Effects Makes you fall over like a ragdoll.

Limp Potion

  • Ingredients Pool Noodle + Rotten Sandwich
  • Potion Effects Slide stiffly around the map

 Slowing Hoof Potion

  • Ingredients Giraffe Hoof + Rotten Sandwich
  • Potion Effects Makes you walk slower

Giant Squirts Wacky Wizards Potion

  • Ingredients Giant’s Ear + Rotten Sandwich 
  • Potion Effects Drop a huge poop

Buirts Potion

  • Ingredients Beans + Rotten Sandwich
  • Potion Effects Makes you fart out beans

Invisible Potion

  • Ingredients Brain + Chameleon
  • Potion Effects Your character becomes see-through.

 Invisible Head Potion

  • Ingredients Brain + Chameleon + Brain
  • Potion Effects Makes your head invisible

 Legged Potion

  • Ingredients Giraffe Hoof + Spider
  • Potion Effects Grow spider legs from your body

Minions Wacky Wizards Potion

  • Ingredients Fairy + Spider
  • Potion Effects Spawn spider minions that follow you.

Ghostly Potion

  • Ingredients Bird + Spider
  • Potion Effects Become a classic movie ghost

 Banana Potion

Ingredients Beans + Giant’s Ear + Giraffe Hoof + Fairy

Potion Effects Become a giant gorilla

 Loong Head Potion

  • Ingredients Brain + Beans 
  • Potion Effects Gives you a long pinhead

High-Heel Potion

  • Ingredients Giraffe Hoof + Giant’s Ear + Giraffe Hoof
  • Potion Effects High-heels on your feet

 Doppelgänger Wacky Wizards Potion

  • Ingredients You + Chameleon
  • Potion Effects Copy other players by touching them.

 Edwards Potion

  • Ingredients You + Brain
  • Potion Effects Turns your head upside down

 Upside Down Potion

  • Ingredients You + Brain + You
  • Potion Effects Walk on your head

 Wizard Potion

  • Ingredients Jandel’s Head + Foryxe’s Head
  • Potion Effects Turns you into a Wizard

Heat-seeking Potion

  • Ingredients Dynamite + Bird + Dynamite
  • Potion Effects Become a heat-seeking missile

Sally Potion

  • Ingredients Pool Noodle + Cleetus’s Hat
  • Potion Effects Gives you the pink Sally head

 Nuclear Wacky Wizards Potion

  • Ingredients Dynamite + Giant’s Ear
  • Potion Effects Become a nuclear bomb

Levitate Potion 

  • Ingredients Bird + Fairy
  • Potion Effects Float and levitate around the map

Skinny Potion

  • Ingredients Giraffe Hoof + Giant’s Ear + Fairy
  • Potion Effects Squeezes you into a thin person

 Rolling Potion

  • Ingredients You + Pool Noodle
  • Potion Effects Roll around the map inside of a ball.

 Bouncy Potion

  • Ingredients Giraffe Hoof + Dynamite + Beans
  • Potion Effects Bounce around inside of a ball

Crumbly Potion

  • Ingredients Chameleon + Beans
  • Potion Effects Crumble into a pile of beans

Robux Potion 

  • Ingredients Robux
  • Potion Effects Click to throw Robux

Empyreus Potion

  • Ingredients Robux + Brain
  • Potion Effects Spawns a dominus

Link Potion

  • Ingredients Robux + You 
  • Potion Effects Turn into Linkman

Hat-Grower Potion

  • Ingredients Robux + Giant’s Ear
  • Potion Effects Grows your head accessory

 Buxly Potion

  • Ingredients Robux + Chameleon
  • Potion Effects Turn into a pile of Robux

Korblox Potion

  • Ingredients Robux + Giraffe Hoof
  • Potion Effects Removes your right leg

Sketch Potion

  • Ingredients Sketch
  • Potion Effects Become Sketch

Jayingee Wacky Wizards Potion

  • Ingredients Jayingee
  • Potion Effects Become Jayingee

Flybux Potion

Ingredients Robux + Bird

Potion Effects Become a flying Robux

Poor Potion

  • Ingredients Robux + Rotten Sandwich
  • Potion Effects Turns you into a homeless guy

Square Potion

  • Ingredients Robux + Fish
  • Potion Effects Turn into Mr. Krabs

Mr. Rich Potion

  • Ingredients Cyclops Eye
  • Potion Effects Turns you into Mr. Rich

Golden Potion

  • Ingredients Robux + Fairy
  • Potion Effects Covers you in solid gold

Premium Roblox Wacky Wizards Potions and Recipes

Premium Roblox Wacky Wizards Potions and Recipes

Frozen Wacky Wizards Potion

  • Ingredients Frozen Egg
  • Potion Effects Slowly freeze into a block of ice

God Potion

  • Ingredients Zeus’s Beard
  • Potion Effects Summon lightning strikes by clicking.

Rotation Potion

  • Ingredients Hat of Gears
  • Potion Effects Makes your body rotate in circles

Leafy Potion

  • Ingredients Magic Seed
  • Potion Effects Turns you into a tree

 60’s Potion

  • Ingredients Magic Seed + Fairy
  • Potion Effects Grow flowers wherever you walk

 Accelerating Potion

  • Ingredients Zeus’s Beard + Giraffe Hoof
  • Potion Effects Increase speed the longer you run

Air Walk Wacky Wizards Potion

  • Ingredients Bird + frozen Egg
  • Potion Effects Spawn blocks under you as you walk and jump.

 Boombox Potion

  • Ingredients Hat of Gears + Zeus’s Beard
  • Potion Effects Play music codes from a boombox

Bushy Potion

  • Ingredients Magic Seed + Chameleon
  • Potion Effects Become a green leafy bush

Dizzy Potion

  • Ingredients Hat of Gears + Brain
  • Potion Effects Spins your head in circles

Fuse Potion

  • Ingredients Hat of Gears + Dynamite
  • Potion Effects Become a ticking bomb with a fuse

Hard As Wacky Wizards Potion

  • Ingredients Magic Seed + Chameleon + Hat of Gears
  • Potion Effects Become a pile of rocks

Heddle Potion

  • Ingredients Hat of Gears + Giraffe Hoof + Brain
  • Potion Effects Friends can ride on your head

Human Flight Potion

  • Ingredients Zeus’s Beard + Bird
  • Potion Effects Fly around like superman

Ice Potion

  • Ingredients Frozen Egg + Chameleon
  • Potion Effects Your character becomes clear and icy.

Infectious Potion

  • Ingredients Zeus’s Beard + Rotten Sandwich
  • Potion Effects Infect other players with warts

 Jetpack Potion

  • Ingredients Hat of Gears + Bird
  • Potion Effects Fly around with a jetpack

Saddle Wacky Wizards Potion

  • Ingredients Hat of Gears + Giraffe Hoof
  • Potion Effects Friends can ride on your back

Shroom Potion

  • IngredientsMagic Seed + Rotten Sandwich
  • Potion Effects Grow mushrooms where you walk

Statue Potion 

  • Ingredients Chemelon + Bird
  • Potion Effects Turn other players into a statue

Slip Potion

  • Ingredients Giraffe Hoof + Frozen Egg
  • Potion Effects Makes it slippery and hard to walk.

Stumped Potion

  • Ingredients Magic Seed + Giraffe Hoof
  • Potion Effects Grow giant tree legs

Sus Potion

  • Ingredients Hat of Gears + Beans
  • Potion Effects Turn into a red sus among us crewmates.

Unlucky Potion

  • Ingredients Zeus’s Beard + Dynamite
  • Potion Effects You will randomly get struck by lightning.

Waterwalking Potion

  • Ingredients Fish + Frozen Egg 
  • Potion Effects Ability to walk on water

Rock Bender Potion

  • Ingredients Magic Seed + Zeus’s Beard
  • Potion Effects Spawn rocks by clicking on the map.

Teleportation Potion

  • Ingredients Zeus’s Beard + Fairy
  • Potion Effects Teleport anywhere on the map

 Meteorite Potion

  • Ingredients Zeus’s Beard + Beans
  • Potion Effects Drop giant beans from the sky by clicking.

Flying Poo Potion

  • Ingredients Hat of Gears + Bird + Rotten Sandwich
  • Potion Effects Fly around with farts

 Clone Army Potion

  • Ingredients You + Magic Seed
  • Potion Effects Creates clones of your character

Caveman Wacky Wizards Potion

  • Ingredients You + Frozen Egg
  • Potion Effects Turns you into a caveman

Size Controller Potion

  • Ingredients Fairy + Giant’s Ear + Zeus’s Beard
  • Potion Effects Let’s you control your size

 Golden Tree Potion

  • Ingredients Robux + Magic Seed
  • Potion Effects Turn into a golden tree

Bux-Walk Potion

  • Ingredients Robux + Frozen Egg
  • Potion Effects Walk on Robux

Throbux Potion

  • Ingredients Robux + Hat of Gears
  • Potion Effects Throw Robux on people

Goldify Wacky Wizards Potion

  • Ingredients Robux + Fairy + Chameleon + Zeus’s Beard
  • Potion Effects Turn other players into gold

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