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Roblox is a platform where gamers create games for gamers. Today, Roblox has over 150M+ new players every month. Roblox supports cross-platform which makes the players get connected easily. This feature of Roblox makes it unique among the gaming community. Roblox can prove as a basic building block in developing the skills of some children. It can help to develop coding skills, design skills, and management skills.

Roblox is a platform where you can build games. These games often require some tools and some utilities. There are already millions of utilities posted on Roblox’s special place. This place is called Roblox Library. Roblox Library is a free marketplace where people post their pieces of art that can be reused by any other player from Roblox. This huge market place has millions of items that are mainly categorized into Models, Decals, Audio, Video, Meshes, and Plugins. These separate categories are discussed later in the post.

What exactly is Roblox Library?

roblox library

Roblox Library is a place where players share their creations which they make in Roblox Studios. These creations can include models, decals, audio, video, and much more. Roblox Library has become a huge place for the Roblox game creators because some tools are already available on it. This library is accessible and free for everyone. There are over 1M+ items shared over the library. Although most of these items are not that useful, still there are some items that can save your time in Roblox Studios.

The items from Roblox Libraries are not wearable. That means these are the tools that are helpful in developing the game in Roblox Studios. You cannot wear those clothes or gear. There is another section called Avatar Shop, that contains all the cosmetic items in Roblox.

Where can I find Roblox Library?

my library

Roblox Library is located within the Library Tab in your account. When you log in to your account, there is a Create tab at the top of your profile navigation. In this Create tab, there is a Library Tab which opens Roblox Library.

How do I find my library on Roblox?

my library

You can create your own sets of utilities and share them over the Roblox Library. This can be shared over my library (My Creations) page. You can find all the creations that you published from Roblox Studios on this page.

Categories in Roblox Library

roblox library categories

Roblox Library is a huge place of innumerable items and utilities. It’s often hard to find the item which we need. But the developers of this game have made this much easier for the users. They have categorized the library into six categories. Every category has different tools and utilities. This helps the users to find the exact tool they need. Those categories are listed as follows –


models library

Game modeling is an art that creates 3D objects of in-game items. Everything which you play and interact in the game has its own specific model. These models are very useful to design the shape of the characters. There are more than 300k+ published models in Roblox Library. Some of these models are really good looking and worth your time.


decals library

Decals are the objects on which images or pictures are printed over them to give a specific texture. These decals very useful if you want to create an object which has to be of specific texture. These decals can be used to decorate a room, for commercial use as a sign to promote a business, a service, or a brand on a vehicle, a sandwich board, or in a shop window. There are more than 87k+ decals published on Roblox Library so far.


audio library

Any game can’t be a fun game, without a proper sound. Sounds add a good user experience in the game. These audio files are very important in delivering the best experience of your game. There are more than 450k+ music files published over Roblox Library. You can freely use these sounds to add a good vibe to your game.


video library

Roblox Library also contains some video files. These files can be used as a texture on any models or on walls. As of now, there are only 18 video files in the library. These video files include many good video animations such as particle effect, Retro Disco ball, Clouds, and many more.


meshes library

Meshes are one of the properties of the 3D material. Meshes are the collection of imaginary surface which makes up the skin of any 3D material. These meshes are really important if you want to create well detailed 3D models in your game. It can be used to apply animation data or some game interactions. There are more then 4.5k+ meshes over the Roblox Library. Some of these meshes make up beautiful characters such as teddy bear, Pickachu, Hair Models, Sonic, and many more.


plugins library

Plugins are the part of Roblox Library which helps you to automate certain tasks. For example, the tree generator plugin will help you to generate a tree in your game within seconds. There are more than 6k+ plugins that help you to develop the game in Roblox Studios easily. Some of the most useful plugins are Light Editor, Rain Plugin, Grass Grower, Tree Generator, Smooth Cam, etc.

Roblox Audio Library

Roblox audio library is located under the Create tab on the Roblox website. This tab contains all the user-generated audio files which can be played in the game. As of now, there are 400k+ audio files published on Roblox. With the increasing popularity of the audio library due to the release of Boombox, the players start searching for their favorite songs on the library.

Genres in Roblox Library’s Models

The Roblox Models are further classified into different genres. As of now, there are 15 different genres in the library. These genres help you to find the specific models in an easy way. This feature was added a little later in the library when the library was flooded with many items. These genres are listed as below –

Town and City

Town and City have some basic buildings which you observe in your surroundings. For example, apartments, signboards, mansion, helicopter, etc


Medieval genre contains all middle-aged items like wells, bow, and arrows, spears, helmets, etc.


Sci-Fi contains all futuristic items like laser guns, darksaber, robots, etc.


Fighting contains all the fighting materials in the game. This includes guns, swords, knives, etc.


Horror contains models that are scary. Famous models in this genre are Grim Reaper, Player.exe, Criminal, etc


Naval contains all sea related items such as ships, ports, treasures, etc.


Adventure contains all cool items like Porche, Emerald, Cola, etc.


Sports contain all the sports models and scripts. Some of these items are the Soccer field, Billiards Table, Formula 1 car, etc.


Comedy contains all meme made models and audios.


Western contains all cowboy related items such as Pistol, Horse, Cowboy Hat, etc.


Military contains all the military items like jets, rifles, helicopters, etc.

Skate Park

Skate Park contains all skateboard related items and areas.


Building contains all building-related models. This genre also contains some good plugins which help a lot to build instantly.


FPS means First Person Shooter. So, this genre contains all the rifles, special forces models, guns, etc.


RPG stands for Role-Playing Games. This genre contains all the famous character models like Spiderman, Sonic, Spongebob, and many more.

Start Building

Roblox Library has proved a boon to all of the users who make a game in Roblox Studios. This library provides many useful tools which can reduce your work drastically. There are many models, decals, meshes, audios, and plugins which makes you like a whole lot easier if you use them. So, start using this library and start building your game in Roblox Studios ASAP!

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