Persona 5 vs Final Fantasy XV – Compared With 6 Points

Persona 5 vs Final Fantasy XV

A few years ago, Square Enix conducted a poll, where the players had to choose between Persona 5 and Final Fantasy XV. Since then, this debate has been going on. Final Fantasy XV, the fifteenth installment of one of the most successful franchises, and Persona 5, a modified version of its previous games, have now been competing for a long time.

Persona 5 vs Final Fantasy XV is one of the hot topics among players who love playing Japanese Role-Playing games. Both the games are fantastic in their storyline but FFXV is poorly narrated. Both the games have unique playstyle and combat systems. Let us see which game is better than the other and in what ways.

What is Persona 5?

Persona 5 is a role-playing video game released in September 2016 in Japan and in April 2017 worldwide. It was developed by P-Studio and published by JP Atlus. Persona 5 is the sixth part of the Persona series. The story takes place in modern-day Tokyo, where a new high school student known as pseudonym Joker is on probation. Unfortunately, he was falsely accused of assault.

Persona 5 Gameplay

Over the course of time, this new student and few other students awaken to a special power. They form into a group of social vigilantes known as Phantom Thieves of Hearth. The players fight their enemies using the physical manifestations of their psyche known as Persona. A modified version of this game called Persona 5 Royal was released in 2019 in Japan and in March 2020.

As of now, Persona 5 is available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Persona 5 Royal is only available on PlayStation 4.

What is Fantasy Final XV?

This fifteenth part of the Fantasy Final series is a role-playing video game that was released in November 2016. It is developed and published by Square Enix. Fantasy Final XV is set in the fictional world of Eos; which is majorly ruled by the Empire of Niflheim.

Final Fantasy XV Gameplay

The protagonist Noctis Lucis Caelyn is the heir to the Lucian throne, the kingdom that owned the magical crystal. However, this magical crystal is now captured by Niflheim and Noctis Lucis, who is often described as the ‘True King’ who is out on the quest to get back the magical Crystal.

He is accompanied by Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto. There are 94 different games in the Fantasy Final series; however, there are 15 core games that are all named in serial order starting Fantasy Final to Fantasy Final XV.

Currently, Fantasy Final XV is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia.

Persona 5 vs Final Fantasy XV – Differences


Final Fantasy XV offers the players an open world for exploration with an action-based combat system. The main character in Final Fantasy XV can perform four actions, namely: standard attacking and defending, using different items in the game, and warping, which enables the players to go to a targeted area.

Whereas, Persona five has more have a turn-based combat system. The gameplay of Persona 5 has two different types, namely: Metaverse (that has story-specific dungeon) and Mementos (that has randomly generated, multilayered Dungeon).

The combat of Final Fantasy XV is simple compared to that of Persona 5. Every move of the player character in Persona 5 has to be calculated. At times this makes it a bit complicated.

Persona 5 vs Final Fantasy XV – Story

The Final Fantasy XV offers the players to explore the open world while controlling the main character famously known as Noctis Lucis Caelyn. The player character is accompanied by three other characters, namely: Gladius, Ignis, and Prompto.

This group of four brave warriors is out on the journey to save the world of Eos from eternal darkness. In Persona 5, the players control the character infamously named Joker by other people. In the course of the high school time period, the player character realizes his special power. Joker then uses this special power to discover the supernatural realm.

The players have to raise the attributes of the character, build a good relationship with other characters, perform side tasks so as to increase ranks. These ranks will then help the player character to win the battle against the monsters.

Even though the plot of the final Fantasy XV has an interesting story, the poor narration takes away the fun. Minor events and incidents are have been omitted, assuming that the players will join the dots.

On the other hand, Persona 5 has an amazing Story narration, that covers even minor events. The skillful story narration in the game at the right places and at the right time has done justice to the engaging plot of Persona 5.

Persona 5 vs Final Fantasy XV – Characters

The protagonist in Final Fantasy XV is accompanied by other major characters, who play an equally important role in the game. Whereas, the main character in Persona 5 is all by himself. However, the characters of Final Fantasy XV do not have major character development, as compared to the characters in Persona 5.

The characters in Persona 5 are diverse and show a positive development throughout the game, an important aspect that seems to be missing in the Final Fantasy XV. The fact that the players have to build their characters not only physically strong but also society competent, gives Persona 5 an edge over the Final Fantasy XV in this department.

Persona 5 vs Final Fantasy XV – Similarities

  • JRPGs: Both games belong to the Japanese Role-Playing Games.
  • Soundtrack: Both games have an amazing soundtrack that makes the game more engaging.
  • Stand-alone: Although both games are a part of a grant video game series, they can be played as stand-alone games.

This means it is not necessary for the players to play previous games in the series to play these two respective games.

Persona 5 vs Final Fantasy XV – Which Game Is Better?

Well, even after analyzing the above points, the answer to this question can be very subjective. It all boils down to what type of game you prefer; if you like turn-based combat systems, then you would enjoy Persona 5 more. Whereas, if you are a fan of an action-based combat system, Final Fantasy XV is your game.

Even though both games have their own issues, they are really amazing. However, compared to their previous parts in their respective game series, Persona 5 has impressed most players. It has overcome most of the drawbacks of its preceding game, which has definitely made the Persona fans happy than ever!

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