Persona 5 Best Weapons For Gamers

Persona 5 Best Weapons

You have so many choices in whatever you do, but at the same time, there is the best factor kicking out all those choices. Similarly, in a video game, you have many options and features to use, but using the best ones will help you reach the next level and secure high points. In this article, you get to know about the best weapons and the ways to get them.

Persona 5 Best Weapons are the weapons that are used by different characters in the game. Each weapon can be got through unique methods and mostly by executing certain Personas. The Persona 5 Best Weapons are categorized based on their attack and accuracy ratio and their usage among the players.

Persona 5 is a role-playing game that was created and developed by Atlus. The player is given the role of a male school character named Joker, and the game is also governed by a day-night cycle and weather systems. The virtual character can do part-time jobs or other works to earn their money, and you can choose your favorite characters.

What are the Persona 5 Best Weapons?

Persona 5 Best Weapons are the best choices among hundreds and hundreds of weapons out there in the game. A player of this game usually gets confused about what to select and how to get them, but all they have in mind is to choose the best one. If you are one among them, then don’t stop reading this article. Some players may feel hard to get these weapons, but the truth is if you are well planned in this game, then you can get any number of Persona 5 Best Weapons.

1. Judge of the Dead

Persona 5 Judge of the dead

The topmost Persona 5 Best Weapons added to our list is the Judge of the Dead weapon. It is a modern gun that is named as an honor to the God of Death. It is the highest stat raiser and Makoto’s strongest ranged weapon in the game. If you plan to have Makoto on their front line for battle, then this weapon is for you.

It has attack 380 points, and its accuracy level is 92. Its price is not applicable and has a drastic effect on the enemy. Its high attack and accuracy level make it rank first. It has the highest stat raiser in the game; that is, you will be able to get +10 to every stat. You can acquire this weapon by Electric Chair Execution. And the main fact is the Persona needed for this weapon has a simple recipe and doesn’t require the maximization of any Confidants.

You can get this weapon easily if you are having Model Gun and Michael Persona. It can be obtained by fusing the Personas like Raphael (Lovers), Uriel (Justice), and Gabriel (Temperance).

2. Nataraja

It is obviously true that White Nataraja is technically weaker than Tyrant’s Pistol. Yet, its second position in Persona 5 Best Weapons is because of its attack and accuracy. Their attack and accuracy level is top-notch, and an extraordinary fact is its stat-raiser is a total game-changer. It increases the protagonist’s potential in the battle by adding 5 points to every stat value.

It has an attack of 360 points, and its accuracy level is 94. Its price is not applicable and has extra five points on all stats. It can be acquired by Electric Chair Execution done by the Persona Metatron. It has a high attack, and its accuracy values are outstanding. It allows the wildcard players to enjoy the increase in abilities.

If you wish to get Nataraja, you must require a Model Gun and maximum Justice Confidant, which increases the game’s progression. You can get Metatron by fusing other characters like Principality, Power, Sandalphon, Dominion, and Melchizedek.

3. Tyrant Pistol

Persona 5 Tyrant Pistol

It is described as the Model Gun that has been imbued with the power of the Demon King. If you are searching for a powerful ranged weapon in attack inaccuracy, this weapon is for you among the Persona 5 Best Weapons. It permits the protagonist to get a hefty boost in magic power.

It has attack 390 points, and its accuracy level is 98. You can get this Persona 5 Best Weapons through the Persona Lucifer. It has the effect of adding 10+ Magic. It has the highest accuracy ratio for the Protagonist. After increasing the magic points, the protagonist becomes the powerhouse with the correct buffs.

You can get this item by having a Model Gun and Max Confidants for Judgement and Justice, and both the characters are story-based Confidants, so they get completed as the game progresses.

4. Sabazios

Persona 5 Sabazios

These Persona 5 Best Weapons make Makoto’s strongest melee weapon, and it is created by executing the Persona Cybele. It becomes the deadly force against the enemies who have no weaknesses. Though it has fewer attack points, its effect leaves a tremendous effect.

It has attack 280 points, and its accuracy level is 90. It affects the highest critical rate up and can be acquired by executing the Cybele Persona. It is of great use to the Personas who may not have any weaknesses. It has multiple fusion recipes and grants multiple ways for fusions. To get Sabazios, you must require Black Kogatana and max Priestess Confidant.

5. Claíomh Solais

Persona 5 Claiomh Solais

It is described as a sword with a luminous blade, also known as the Sword of Light. It is the strongest weapon among Persona 5 Best Weapons and is available to Mona. It is originally wielded by Nuadha and grants extra SP for spells. It is considered one of the four sacred treasures of Tuatha Dé Danann.

It has attack 280 points, and its accuracy level is 90. If you wish to get to a weapon, you must execute Mother Harlot and grant Mona a 50 SP boost that helps perform a variety of extra spells. To get this item, you must require Black Kogatana and Empress Confidant.

6. Heaven’s Gate

Persona 5 Heavens Gate

These Persona 5 Best Weapons have a powerful attack on the opponents. It doesn’t require the maximization of social links and a second playthrough of the game. It is one of the easier weapons to acquire and had different recipes for itemization.

It has attack 378 points, and its accuracy level is 88. Its effect is to add Agility +10 for every attack. It has the highest attack that is available for Yusuke’s ranged weapons. It can be acquired by having Uriel, who has multiple fusing recipes. You can get this weapon by having Model Gun and Uriel, which can be obtained by fusing by Melchizedek and Koh-i-Noor.

7. Megido Fire

Persona 5 Megido Fire

It is Ryuji’s ultimate ranged weapon and is an important weapon among Persona 5 Best Weapons. It shares the almighty power named Megido. Most players prefer Megido Fire because it is a viable option for early domination on the battlefield. It is described as a Model Gun based with one incendiary power.

It has attack 380 points, and its accuracy level is 98. This weapon creates great damage and has high accuracy points. It increases the Ryuji’s ability to land critical blows. To get this weapon, you need to fuse with Shiva, and they can be got by fusing with Rangda and Barong.

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