[Updated] Paladins Tier List To Reach Grand Master Rank

Paladins Tier List

Paladins is an awesome fast-paced game that is a big rival of Overwatch. With 48 characters with different abilities, you can choose the best character that suits your plat style. Ranking up the game is one of the biggest challenges in the game, provided that you constantly face toxic teammates, AFK members, and smurfs. As a result, Tier List becomes very important to have a track of the current meta.

Paladins Tier List is divided into 6 Tiers. Each character is diagnosed with its pick rates, impact factor, and overall strength before placing it in the tier. Although, the tier list might change depending on the players playing the character. Let’s jump right into it.

Number of Tiers in Paladins Tier List

In the game, the Paladins provide a massive variety of choices to the player. Below is the Paladins tier list that can sort the players from zero to hero in the gameplay. As of now, we’ve segregated the characters into 6 tiers, where Tier 1 is the best tier and Tier 6 is the worst.

Paladins Tier List

Tier 1

Paladins Androxus

Androxus:  Androxus is on the top Paladins tier list, and the reason is because of his ability and excellent flank. In the game, he has exceptional mobility and creating extensive damage as an output. It has everything that a player wishes and this character is very safe for the player if they are unsure about their choice in the gameplay.

Cassie: Cassie is the next character and also a good option for the players. She carries a fantastic DPS and excellent for searching enemies and informing the team members, and for nearly everything. It is a perfect choice for the players to take the lead rather than hanging back in the game.

Dredge: Dredge will splash out damage with his basic attacking skills, and his abilities reflect in the gameplay. He does have a brilliant control zone and can lay the damage. He set’s a fantastic example as a crowd control character in the game.

Drogoz: Drogoz is counted in the best-ranged class for dealing out massive damage. He can also hide and escape from trouble because of his vertical mobility feature. Drogoz is a dragon who has run from a giant dragon by using mechanical wings in the gameplay.

Barik: Barik is currently the top-rated tank with the capacity to deal more damage than your teammates. The constant self heals and shields to protect you from the cauterizing effect. All these abilities make him a powerful character.

Tier 2

Bomb King: Bomb King is famous for scaring and blasting the kinds of stuff and for zoning and clearing a point. He is also a fantastic choice for the player to control the battle and damage the area’s players.

Furia: Furia is fantastic support for the players in the game. She can also stun with Pyre Strike that will boost the team’s damage. If a player was thinking and worried about their aim, then Furia is suggested as a great choice and guarantee for contributing to the team.

Inara: Inara is a strong zoner in the game with her ultimate stuns, and she also can bypass the shield that deals out with the damage. An important point to be noted a player should note that Inara should be backed up to be brilliant in the game.

Khan: In the Paladins, Khan is the first tank on the list. He can absorb the damage and help the friends to revive the friends. He is a significant threat in the game as long he is a DPS character.

Koga: In the game, Koga is a colossal damage dealer and good at avoiding damage because of his abilities. He can also take out the enemies from the shadows according to the player’s wish.

Lian: Lian is a medium-range who is excellent and picked mainly by the players. He can isolate the enemy targets, protect the friends in a closed space of the game, and deal with the monstrous damage. He is a good pair with the squisher because of his abilities.   

Strix: It is the strong character in the game as it has a perfect aim. He can also escape in the game because of his stealth ability while getting cornered. So, the players have to keep and strong eye on the surroundings.

Willo: Willo has an excellent position to go up and down at the moment because of the AoE and significant splash damage.

Tier 3

Buck: He is a strong flank and deals very well with close-range damage. He also has a fantastic survival ability and mobility. So, it is a solid and balanced choice for the player.

Evie: Evie is also a goof flank in the list of Paladins tier. The character is suitable for AoE to stay alive and getaway.

Fernando: In the game, Fernando has come amazing over-time damage effects that can get down the people once they are out off. He also carries and broad shields, which is lovely to defend.

Kinessa: Kinssa is required with good sightlines, and she can recover when she gets flanked. The Oppressor Mine is a bit weak, but she can create massive damage with her Sniper mode.

Paladins Lex

Lex: It is a balanced damage dealer. Lex can focus on a single target with his magnums or can clear the room with the help of The Law.

Mal’damba: This character will surely stun and shut down a flank. He is also known for his great punishing tight-knit enemies along with Dread Serpent.

Seris: It is similar to Mal’damba and also can get heal. She has fantastic survivability but not significant in damage.

Sha Lin: Sha Lin is famous for his damage potential stealth and also for his speedy attacks.

Talus: Talus is suggested for hit and run tactics. The player should predict the enemy’s movement perfectly and use his skills with full potential.

Torvald: Torvald will kill the enemies silently with Nullify and has a perfect range. He will not have enough speed to go forward on his own, but it is also a good part of the unit.

Tyra: Tyra will punish the healers with her abilities. She will have a surprising range, and the player will mess up if they underestimate her.

Viktor: He is the perfect jack-of-all-trades and is a good choice for the players in the initial phases to learn the game.

Ying: Ying is fantastic, but it is very tricky for the payer to use. She is a tremendous healer, but it is not the best around in the game.

Zhin: In the game, Zhin is a tricky flank. He carries some good mobility options and also has some fantastic AoE attacks.

Tier 4

Ash: Ash has a minimal range of attacks and can be easily punishable in the game. He is not a bad character but is not impressive as compared with others.

Maeve: Maeve was once the powerhouse, but it has been brought down in tier 4 hero, and the credit goes to patches and some other heroes.

Pip: Pip is very disappointing in healing and cannot compete with the better healers in the above list.

Terminus: Terminus lacks power and needs to be brought into the front line but has nothing necessary for any other role.

Vivian: A huge issue with her is that she is being slowed while firing, which is why she is not a great choice.

Tier 5

Grohk: Unfortunately, in the game, Grohk is declined into oblivion.

Grover: Grover carries out some decent damage and healing abilities, but it is bordered out because there are better supporters in the game.

Moji: Moji is a very average Paladins list and not good enough for the game players.

Ruckus: Ruckus is somewhat good at dealing with the damage and has a shield which is okay. But there are heroes on the list who are better than Ruckus.

Tier 6 

Skye: Skye can pick the target off but gets behind in the damage potentials. The players are suggested to avoid the bottom paladins to enjoy the game. Enemies quickly stack illuminate to counter your stealth and it makes her worse in flanking.

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