My Hero Mania Codes: Get Free Spins [July 2022]

My Hero Mania Codes

My hero mania has generated a buzz among the players already. But you are yet to try out all the powers in My Hero Mania because you are running out of free spins? That is understandable. Want access to the spins? Then redeem them by using the codes! This article has an up-to-date list of the OP that you can redeem for free spins.

My Hero Mania Codes are the free codes that are shared by the developers on their Twitter handle. These codes are used to redeem free spins in the game. Spins are the in-game item that allows you to purchase other items. In this post, we’ve mentioned all the working and expired codes.

What Is My Hero Mania?

My Hero Mania is a famous Roblox game that was developed in 2020. Even though the game is in its early development stages, it has gained popularity immensely. Here players can use spins to get different types of powers. They are as follows:

  • Common powers: Ice, Invisibility, Shock absorption, Super Regeneration, Super strength.
  • Rare powers: Engine, Zero Gravity, Air Cannon
  • Epic: Explosion, Dark Shadow, Phoenix.
  • Legendary: OFA, Hell Flame, HHHC, Cremation, Fierce Wings.

Roblox is an online platform that brings people from all over the world to play various games. The purpose is for the players to interact and make friends. The players can wander around the virtual world and chat with other players. The platform provides an unmoderated chat feature for the same. It can be played for free on all smartphones, tablets, computers, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Xbox One. The members of the Roblox community build all online games on Roblox for the members of the community. The gameplays are flexible to the creator’s imagination.

Active My Hero Mania Codes

Active My Hero Mania Codes

Here is a list of active My Hero Mania Codes which can be used to redeem free spins.

  • plus120k! – Redeem code for four free spins! (NEW)
  • 110kcodeyay – Redeem code for five spins!
  • the100k – Redeem code for ten spins!
  • its90k! – Redeem code for six spins!
  • 80kcode! – Redeem code for five spins!
  • 70kalready – Redeem code for two spins!
  • likereward1 – Redeem code for two spins!
  • FirstCode! – Redeem code for five spins!

Expired My Hero Mania Codes

As of now, there are no My Hero Mania Codes that are expired. But we never know when they are valid, so use them before they expire.

How To Redeem My Hero Mania Codes?

Redeem My Hero Mania Codes

Well, it is easy; just press M to open the Menu and paste the code in the box. Press Enter key to claim your reward. You can either type or copy-paste the My Hero Mania Codes from our list. If you are typing them, make sure they are correct; otherwise, they won’t work! In case if you can’t redeem the code, then it means that the code has expired.

Other Controls Of My Hero Mania?

The game doesn’t have any complicated controls.

  • M: To open the Menu
  • Q: to dash
  • F: to block
  • Shift: to run
  • Click: to punch


What is the fastest way to get money in My Hero Mania?

There is no easy way to earn money. But there are a few methods in MyHero Mania to earn Experience and Cash. one of them is solving the Quest. Given below is the list of Quest in My Hero Mania:
Defeat The Five Thugs: Talk to Greenku to receive this Quest. No minimum level required. The players will be rewarded 250 EXP+100$+2 Rank.
Defeat The Five Weak Villans: Talk to the terrified civilians. The minimum level required is 15. the players will earn rewards like 2000EXP +200$ + 10 Rank.
Defeat Mr. Cool: Mr. Cool is the final boss in Blackstreet Raid. Talk to Water Hero to receive this Quest. The minimum level required is level 20. The players will be rewarded with: 4000EXP + 350$ + 20 Rank.
Defeat Proteinman (Hero And Villain Quest): Talk to Darco for the Hero Quest. The minimum level required is level 3. After solving the hero quest the players will be rewarded with 8500EXP + 700$ + 30 Rank. For the Villain Quest

How to level up quickly in My Hero Mania?

To level up quickly, try solving as many quests as you can and avoid wandering aimlessly. These Quests get more complicated as one reaches higher levels. But they are essential not only to gain EXP and cash but also to gain rank to prove oneself as Hero or Villain.

The game is still in its early stages, so we expect some updates and new codes. The website has promised to release the new code at 120k likes. Don’t worry; we will keep you updated!

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