Minecraft Kelp With Awesome Farming

minecraft kelp

Minecraft kelp is an underwater seaweed found in oceans. It’s naturally originated in oceans. Along with other aquatic items, kelp can be easily found underwater. Minecraft Kelp is easy to mine with any of the tools or with a fist.

Most of the people play Minecraft to farm the mysterious items and build a lot of interesting things. But apart from that, survival from hostile mobs is also equally important. So, it’s very important to have food in your inventory to keep your hunger away and survive longer. This is exactly the main advantage of farming Kelp as it can be used to decrease your hunger.

What is Minecraft Kelp Farm?

Minecraft Kelp farm is an automated farming system that generates Kelp for you. Kelp is an essential sea item that helps you to create dried kelp. Dried Kelp can be further used to satisfy your hunger, make dried kelp block, and use in composting. Creating a farm ensures that you have an unlimited source of kelp all time, whenever you need it.

How To Make A Minecraft Kelp Farm –

Minecraft Kelp Farm
Farm credits – OMGcraft

With every new thing in Minecraft that is possible to be farmed, can be farmed. Here are the steps to build a Kelp Farm –

1. Create a sand base

Kelp needs sand blocks below them to be able to grow. So first, you need to create a sand base as shown below. It can be in a straight line or any shape depending on your choice.

kelp farm minecraft base

2. Place blocks

Plane any space occupying block on the one side of the sand base as shown below.

kelp farm blocks

3. Piston layer

Now place the Piston blocks above them. Piston block is to make sure that we dont destroy the growing Kelp.

felp farm pistons

4. Block layer

kelp farm blocks 2

Add another layer of any space-occupying block above the piston layer.

5. Observatory Layer

Now make an observatory layer by using glass. Please leave the empty space shown in the image to place your hoppers.

Glass blocks in kelp farm

6. Place Hoppers

Now place the hoppers below the empty area we left in the above step. These hoppers will collect the Kelp automatically.

Hoppers kelp farm minecraft

7. Place Chest

Now place the chest below the first hopper. This chest will collect all the Kelp from hopper.

kelp farm chest

8. Place Observer

Next, place the Observer as shown in the image. Make sure that the face side of observer should be inside of the structure.

kelp farm observer

9. Use Water

Now fill the water infront of observer block as shown below.

kelp farm water

10. Redstone Platform

Now create a platform of width two blocks as shown below. This will be used to place Redstone dust and Redstone repeaters.

kelp farm redtone platform

11. Redstone Circuit

Now make a Redstone circuit into the piston as shown below to make a working farm. After making this circuit complete, just add a temporary sand block in water to start water flow.

kelp farm redtone circuit

12. Place Kelp

Now, place the Kelp directly on the sand blocks to grow them.

mother kelp in minecraft kelp farm

12. Understand the working

Now, we’ve finished all of the setups for the farm, and it’s time to understand how this farm will work. So firstly, these Kelp which we sowed on the sand, will grow. When it reaches the height of 3 blocks the observer block will fire a trigger to the pistons. Then these pistons will break the kelp and the kelp will flow to the hoppers. Then from hoppers, it will eventually get collected in the chest.

That’s it, now you have your own Minecraft Kelp farm which generates Kelp automatically. You can even make it bigger by using more space.

Dried Kelp Minecraft –

dried minecraft kelp

Dried Kelp is a food item that can be obtained from Kelp. It can be consumed to restore one hunger value. As a matter of fact, only eating Dried Kelp for 3 days unlocks Castaway’s achievement!

How to make Dried Kelp –

Crafting Dried Kelp is one of the easiest tasks in the game. Its not exactly crafting but its more of cooking.

1. Find Minecraft Kelp

minecraft kelp

First of all, go to the ocean where Kelp is grown naturally. Now mine the Kelp (underwater plant) to get Kelp item. Now collect that item and return it to your home.

2. Find Coal

Coal is a very important item for fuel, crafting torches, and campfires. To make a Kelp dry you definitely need Coal.

3. Go to furnace

minecraft furnace

Now to start the process of drying the Kelp, go to the furnace. If you don’t have a furnace, you can craft it by using Cobblestone and Blackstone.

4. Smelting

Now open the smelting menu and add the ingredients as shown below.

smelting minecraft

5. Dried Kelp

Now drag the Dried Kelp from the right side to your inventory.

Dried Kelp Uses –

1. Hunger

Dried Kelp can be devoured to replenish one hunger point. The time taken to consume Dried Kelp is almost half of the time taken by any other food item in the game.

2. Craft Dried Kelp Block

You can craft Dried Kelp Block using nine Dried Kelps. Dried Kelp Blocks are used as fuel for furnaces and smokers.

3. Composting

Dried Kelp can serve as a good composting material. It has a 30% chance to raise the compost level by 1. Whereas, Dried Kelp Block has a 50% chance to raise the compost level by 1.

Final Words

To summarize, Minecraft Kelp is very easy to farm. It’s a good source of food as well as fuel. So, it’s very important to have knowledge of Kelp farming. Let us know about your farming ideas in the comments.

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