Create Beautiful Minecraft Dock With 13 Simple Steps!

Minecraft Dock

Mojang Studios create Minecraft on Sandbox construction, and the founder of this game is Markus “Notch” PerssonIt supports a three-dimensional surrounding where a player can interact with almost everything around him/her or even create and break various things. Minecraft allows players to show their creativity, construct building and artwork on a multiplayer server, and choose to play as a single-player mode with multiple game modes.

Minecraft Dock is a building required to house several boats and travel through the game’s watery areas. A player needs to collect the items needed for building a Dock; this is the only way to enable yourself to travel across the map by passing the water. Docks are easy to assemble and not even time taking; to travel from one point to another, you need to create a dock on both ends; otherwise, you may wreck it badly while stopping the boat.

Minecraft was officially released on 18th November 2011 and received 35 million copies until 19th April 2020; this made the Minecraft second best-selling PC game. This game is currently available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, Android, Windows, and Nintendo Switch.

What is the Dock?

Minecraft Dock

The Minecraft Dock is a parking area for a BoatShips, Motorboat, or any other water vehicle. It is similar to parking for Cars known as Car Parking, Helicopter parking is known as Helipad, Airplane Parking called Hanger, so the Boat parking is said to be a Dock. At the Dock, it is used not only for parking the water vehicles but also for carrying out loading and unloading shipments, and it is the most used transport worldwide for sending items across the oceans.

If you are creating your own city, you might need some basic items like Dock, Lighthouse, Clock Tower, etc. This post will guide you through creating a dock and ways to decorate it.

Items required to build Minecraft Dock

Before building a Minecraft Dock, you need to collect all the necessary things to start the construction. So, down below, I am listing all required items you need to gather before moving towards the seashore:

  1. Axe: This item will help you to dig the ground. They can be crafted by using 3 Building blocks and 2 Sticks.
  2. Redstone: You need this stone to fill the blocks. It powers all the adjacent blocks to 15 levels. In our construction, we need it to have basic construction to make it look good. You can use any other item other than Redstone, but it’ll look good if you use Redstone.
  3. Wooden Sheet: It is required to provide a base to the Minecraft Dock. Wood serves as the best material for overwater construction in Minecraft.
  4. Dispenser: This equipment will help to hold the boat at the Dock. If you don’t hold your boat, it’ll automatically move due to water movement.
  5. Plants: You need to add these plants at the Dock’s edges to prevent the Dock from breaking while stopping. Easily plant to acquire would by Kelp from seawater.
  6. Wooden Pillars: It is required to provide support to Minecraft Dock’s roof, and you can also use it in creating the top.
  7. Water: It is needed to level the walking area along with the seashore.
  8. Boat: To complete the full setup of Dock, you need a boat.
  9. Glass: If you want to cover the sides of the Dock. You can use stained glasses of your favorite color to add a personal touch to the Dock.
  10. Glow stones: To lit up the Minecraft Dock during the night time. These Glow Stone will serve as a source of light for our Dock at nighttime.

Step by step process to build Minecraft Dock

Out of all Dock ideas, I’ll mention the best idea which guarantees the construction of the best dock.

Let’s get started with the creation of the Dock. I will list the process in small blocks which you can follow to complete the Minecraft Dock building:

Step 1: Search for the favorite seashore where you want to build a Dock. Ensure you select the proper location for your dock because you cannot change its location after building.

Step 2: Start digging from the edge for the appropriate size. I’m using a 4×4 space to do it. If you want to create a bigger Dock, you can do it too. Just remember that making big structures will require more items, and you’ll need to spend more time.

Place for a Dock

Step 3: Make a hole for two blocks, and add the Redstone beneath. This Redstone activates the block surrounding it.

Holes for dock

Step 4: Now make a wooden frame or the Dock base, as per the required size. You can create two-layered wooden frames too. In this tutorial, I’ve used single layer.

Wooden Frame for Minecraft Dock

Step 5: Place the dispenser in the middle, followed by hoppers. This dispenser will allow your boat to be attached to it. Your basic Minecraft dock is almost ready, now you have to work on its surroundings.

Dispenser in the middle of dock
Hoppers around dispenser in dock

Step 6: Add plants (specifically cactus) at the Dock’s edges to avoid a boat’s breaking. You can use any plant for this purpose. You can place the plant in all three slots to create extra protection for your boat.

Plant covering for Minecraft Dock

Step 7: Build a slope sideways of the Dock for character movement. Along with the slope, make pillars for your roof by using Birch Wood. You can use any material to create pillars, but Birch Wood looks better, and it suits your theme of the wooden dock.

Pillars for Dock

Step 8: Build a shelter or the roof to provide a good scenario. You can use Wooden Blocks as well as Planks to build the roof.

The roof of the Minecraft Dock

Step 9: Fill the ground with water to level up the things and make them accessible for the boat. This will ensure the perfect movement of the boat in the dock area.

Water leveling in the dock

Step 10: Now, it is done with the dock building, and put the boat on the dispenser. Your boat will automatically halt at the dispenser, and you can park it.

Dock docking in Minecraft

Step 11: Travel by boat and return to the Dock to check if parking the boat is comfortable or not.

Note- While Parking, To Stop The Boat Hit The Plants At The Edges of Minecraft Dock For Landing. Secondly, you can use multiple boats but do not get the dispenser full.

Step 12: To decorate the Dock, you can use various items like lamps and glasses. Check out the Minecraft Chandelier to create an awesome wall hanger.

Step 13: If you want to use the Dock during the night time, you can add some Glow stone at the roof of Minecraft Dock. Glow Stone emits light, which can be a great resource for our Dock. Especially in shaders, the night light looks perfectdo.

Minecraft Dock Glowing at Night

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Final Words

Minecraft Dock is the most required structure for traveling across the watery areas. And to do so, a player needs to construct a Dock at the source and destination of travel. Docks are easy to build with the least equipment, and it does not even consume much time for providing a structure. The Dock can also be used for night time as scenery if you add some lighting stones at the Dock roof.

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