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Majima Everywhere

It is OKAY to get some rest in your busy schedule. In this fast-moving world, we spend half of our lives in work, earning, commitments and responsibilities. So take some time to know what your entertainment is and go for it. And this video game will give you the pleasure of resting.

Majima Everywhere is an extraordinary feature that is added to the game Yakuza. It helps to make your virtual character stronger than before and has more advantages of using this feature.

Yazuka is a Japanese video game series created and published by Sega. It is the cluster of action role-playing, action-adventure, and turn-based strategy games. The games are all about crime drama and there is a unique plot that revolves around every game. Million and millions of game lovers have shown interest in buying these games and it has been a great success.

What is Majima Everywhere?

Majima Everywhere First Encounter

Majima Everywhere is an additional feature that is added to the Yakuza Kiwami. The intention of having this feature in this feature is to make Kiryu stronger and, at the same time to make Majima stronger by extension than before. Kiryu has the chance to learn all of the Dragon Style tricks and techniques after spending Ten years in prison.

After completing Chapter-2, you will probably be able to see Majima Everywhere, and you have to fight with him, and you will lose badly but, Majima will be a presence throughout the game, and you will get various points. Whenever you encounter him, you must fight with him and try to defeat them.

What are the Disguises of Majima Everywhere?

In the events, of Kiwami, Majima Everywhere has different characters to play. They come in either one of these forms, and every player should be cautious about the disguises before encountering Majima Everywhere.

Officer Majima

In this character, the game can go in two different flows. One is in engaging with a fight, and another is playing without any fight or quarrel. It starts with a phone call from Nishida to Kiryu and gives a piece of information that Majima is standing in front of Millenium Tower and, as an added information, warns Kiryu not to bring any weapons with him. This is the point where the game has the two possibilities to move on.

Kiryu starts to go to that place and passes by the Millenium Tower, and he is stopped by the character Officer Majima. If Kiryu has the weapons, they both engaged in a fight, and Officer Majima is defeated and starts to patrol the streets. In case if Kiryu has not any weapons with him, he expresses his disappointment and leaves Kiryu alone.


Majima Everywhere Goromi

Goromi is another main virtual character that is featured in the Yakuza game and also the main protagonist of The Butterfly That Dances in the Night event. She is working as the host in the Club Shine and in Goro Majima’s position. He strongly believes this, saying, “a man’s not a man at all if he ain’t strong,” and act accordingly. She cares more about appearance and money.

Zombie Majima

The name itself shows us that now Majima Everywhere is not the normal one rather the one who is changed to a zombie. It starts with the same phone call and acts accordingly. Nishida calls Kiryu and conveys the message that something terrible has already happened to Kiryu and asks him to head over to Senryo Avenue

As soon as he finds Majima, he finds out that now Majima is a Zombie shambling down an alleyway. The moment Majima sees Kiryu, he tries to bite and attack him, but Kiryu manages to give him a counterattack and knock off him. There is another call Nishida, and she says that the entire Majima Everywhere family is been affected and finally they have turned into Zombies.

A fight is started between Zombie Majima and Kiryu, and Kiryu fights really hard and defeats Majima Everywhere and then steps into the infected Majima Zombi family and makes sure to flood them in the streets. After completing this task he goes to Taihei Boulevard East and encounters Zombie Majima again and he defeats him for the second time.

After this mission is completed he gets another call from Nishida and the call is all about congratulating him for taking down all the zombies. But the sarcastic fact follows only after the call. After everything is completed Majima Everywhere informs Kiryu that there isn’t anything called zombies, all these were set up to make Kiryu fight harder and in reality, there are no Zombies. After the events, Zombie Majima starts to wander the streets.

Bartender Majima

Majima Everywhere Bartender

Kiryu walks in front of Bantam, and a worker from the building invites him for a drink. In the beginning, Kiryu refuses to have but then due to the continuous request from Barker, he will accept the drink. And if the drink is not good as he expected he will leave the bar without drinking.

After getting inside Kiryu finds out that the bartender is no one but the Majima Everywhere and he insists to leave. But Majima pressures him to stay and offers him a bunch of drinks. And the twists are waiting at this point, after few drinks Majima will charge Kiryu 560,000 yen. So Kiryu will either pay him or fight with him.

Everyone’s Idol Goro

This starts after reaching the end of Rank B and Nishida will call for Kiryu and ask him to go to  Deborah as Majima is waiting for him for a long period of time. After entering the place, Kiryu finds out reflective Majima dubbed “Everyone’s Idol Goro” breakdancing and a huge crowd around him watching his dance.

And the fight starts as soon as Majima Everywhere invites Kiryu for a Breaker Battle by using his unique signature Breaker fighting style. Kiryu will be congratulated for defeating Majima and he will increase to Rank A. After this fight, other Majima can be found in the streets wandering about to attack Kiryu again.

Taxi Driver Majima

After your Kiryu reaches S Rank you should travel a certain number of times in a taxi and he gets into a taxi on Shichifuku Street West. Majima will be Kiryu’s driver and he drives Kiryu to the Fishing Pier. And at the Pier, he must encounter Majima with no choice left otherwise he will have to walk back to kamurocho. After the fight is over and after Majima Everywhere being defeated will take Kiryu to Kamurocho for free of cost.


He is also denoted as the Mysterious Man in Black and Majima is dressed in suits and wears a Hannya Mask. And as earlier Nishida calls Kiryu and informs them about the man who is wandering in the Westside and says, there is a mystery around him. As opposed to his other incarnations, even after Kiryu defeats Majima he still stays completely in the character.

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