How To Make A Windmill In Minecraft

How To Make A Windmill In Minecraft

Windmill In Minecraft is awfully useful. These devices use the rotational force generated by the power and movement of the wind. Windmills (just as their name suggests) are made to harness electricity by using wind.

The structure of a windmill is scientifically created so to ensure a better harnessing of wind into electricity. This is exactly why creating a perfect windmill is necessary. Real or virtual, a windmill is handy. Building a Minecraft windmill will be easy once you get the hang of it.

Keep reading to know all about building one!

Minecraft Windmill Structure And How To Build It

Harness the power of wind!

Windmills are devices that use rotational force, generated by the power of wind, to generate electricity or power machines. Ever wanted to build your own? Use this model we’ve created and the construction materials given to you to see what you can create. To add complexity, give each block a price and see who can build the most incredible windmill with a limited budget.

Windmill Challenge, Minecraft Education Edition

What’s a farm without the beautiful smell of soil? What’s a farm without a herd of cows mooing and some chicken clucking nearby? The distant rumblings of the tractor, sunny days spent working, noisy barn and windmills are just a few things that make a place a farm. Windmills are a very vital part of farms. They can also help you run farms by generating enough electricity.

Minecraft is no different. It has a good old farm and windmill too. These windmills will also help you improve the scenery in front of you while providing it with a rustic look. But how do we build a Minecraft windmill? How do we build such a structure perfectly?

Worry not, our Minecraft Windmill guides you through all the steps you will need to take to build one.

Structure of Windmill In Minecraft

Just like cars, toys, or gifts, windmills come in different sizes too. The most common seems to be the round one. The round windmill has a wider base a narrower top that tapers off into the sky.

Although these round minecraft windmills can be a bit difficult to create, building them is still possible. You can start by building a strong bottom for the base. You can use stones for your base and as they look better than wood or logs. After you have a stable base you can start working your way to the top.

Windmill Structure in Minecraft

Now the platform can be made in a narrower way or you could build it wider than the base to make an overhang where people could just stand and enjoy their view or pass their time. Many windmills in the real world have them too!

Imagine hanging out on an overhang with a soft breeze blowing. The dying sun’s rays take down your stress away with them and you’re left feeling confused but content. If you can’t experience this in real, you can enjoy it in the minecraft version.

The tops of the windmills can be a bit difficult to build. They start off in a roundish way and then get narrowed while moving to the top. Build a few top layers and decrease their width and length every time. Create a roundish dome-like look on the top to finish off your minecraft windmill.

Blades of Windmill

The blades are the tough part of building these minecraft windmills. But if you stick to some basic tips you will be just fine. There are 3 types of blades you can work with – Straight, Diagonal, and Turning Blades.

Although the Turning blades look very attractive they are difficult to build. You can use white wool and fences to create smaller blades or you can try to add wooden planks on bigger blades.

Pay attention to how you add white wool and fences as it can have a huge impact on how windmills end up looking eventually. It will also determine the way your minecraft windmill spins.

Making blades wrong will make negatively affect the windmill and the way it turns up. You can make one side of the blades longer than the wool to make them look good.

Straight Blades

Although these blades are very plain, they are easy to build and quite simple. You can use two layers of wool supported by fences. Add a black wool block to mimic the place where the blades would go together.

Diagonal Blades

Diagonal Blades for Windmill

These Diagonal Blades look better than the straight ones. Giving a dynamic look to a windmill, these blades can be used on rows of windmills too.

Turning Blades

Turning Blades for Windmill

You can use Turning Blades to make your minecraft windmills look stand apart from the rest. You can start by building four quarter circles from the middle. Although these are tougher to build, it’s not impossible to make them.

Make the ends longer and less round. You can also add more layers of wool to give it a more dynamic look. Add or remove wool to make it look longer or shorter than the fences and wooden planks used with them.

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