How To Get Robux For Free Using These Simple 6 Methods

How To Get Robux For Free

In 2020-21, Roblox has set a new high for the player’s count in this year. With over 150 million new players every month, this game witnessed the most growth among other games. Roblox’s ability to provide a set of tools to create games and publish them over the platform makes it the most unique. There are over millions of games on Roblox, which you can play with one click.

How to get Robux for Free? There are many different ways through which you can earn free Robux. This post guides you to earn Robux step by step. Without Robux, life in Roblox is very hard. Several items in the library are worth more than a million Robux, and they are tempting as well. So, let’s dive right into some essential information regarding Robux and hot to obtain it for free.

What is a Robux in Roblox?

Robux is the custom currency of the platform Roblox. This currency is responsible for all the transactions on the platform. From buying shirts to buying game passes, every transaction is carried out with Robux. Moreover, you can cashout this Robux with the use of the Roblox Developer Exchange Withdraw portal. This feature allows you to convert the Robux into real cash.

Earlier, Robux was called Roblox Points. On May 14, 2007, these points were renamed to Robux. You get one Robux for one penny. According to this conversion, you can get up to 10,000 Robux using 100$.

Why is Robux Important in Roblox?

As we all know, in real life, it’s hard to survive without money. Similarly, Robux is the money of Roblox, and you cannot survive without it. You can buy skins, knives, guns, game passes, and other privileges by the Robux. From this tutorial, I’m sure you can get Robux for free, which you can use in any game to purchase skins.

Moreover, with the use of Robux, you can buy rare library items and scripts which are unique and sometimes very useful. Many developers like to sell Roblox plugins for some Robux.

How to Get Robux For Free? Here are 6 Methods!

Earning Robux is not that of a hard thing, but without a proper guide, you can easily fall into the trap of getting scammed. Using the following methods, I’m guaranteed that you can earn Robux absolutely for free!

Method 1: Roblox Affiliate Program

As every platform has an affiliate system from which users earn millions of dollars by just referring. Roblox also has a good affiliate program as good as Amazon’s. This affiliate program grants you Robux for free for every purchase the referrer makes. If you are a normal user in Roblox, you get a small commission in Robux for a valid player that signs up. Moreover, you get an additional commission for every new purchase the corresponding player makes.

Robux for free affiliate program
Affiliate Program

If you are a developer, then the affiliate program is straightforward for you. You can get a commission for every player that signs up for Roblox from your game’s homepage. This feature is used by multiple developers to create simple games and then sharing the games over multiple platforms to earn free Robux.

To start the Roblox affiliate process and start earning Robux for free, you need to sign up for the affiliate program. The next step is to share the affiliate links with your friends and on your social media. Please note that whenever you share a link, it should contain a referrer identity. Without referrer ID, you will not get any Robux. A referrer ID can be easily identified by the ?id=YOUR_SPECIAL_ID in the URL.

This method has proved to be the best method to earn Robux for free without any external work.

Method 2: Creating Your Own Game In Roblox

This method is the best way to earn a lot of Robux for free without spending any money. As good it is, it requires intense hard work for the creation of the game. If your game is excellent, then you’ll earn thousands of Robux in no time. But if your game is not that good to play, then you’ll not get any Robux.

Robux for free developer program
Developer Program

To create a game, you need to begin learning the basics of Lua programming and then move on to Roblox Studios to get started. After making a good idealogy for the game, you can start creating the game’s models and designs. Then release the game over the platform and share it among your friends. The more players play it, the more famous it becomes.

There are many different algorithms like pathfinding algorithm, Humanoid codes, and many more. By using these, you can directly start publishing the games. However, this method requires hard work and patience. But once set, you can earn thousands of Robux for free in no time.

Method 3: Getting Robux Stipend From Roblox Premium

From this method, all of the methods require some kind of small investment to get started. However, once invested, you can easily recover your investment in the form of Robux. You can use this method if you’re willing to purchase 5-10$ on Robux Premium. This method is kind of consistency as you get monthly Stipend in the form of Robux.

Robux Stipend
Robux Stipend

Following is the table of how much Robux you can earn on each type of Premium –

TypePriceMonthly Robux Stipend
Basic4.99 USD450
Medium9.99 USD1000
Elite19.99 USD2200

This method is guaranteed to provide you with a consistent Robux for free without even paying for it. The only downside is that you have to get the Roblox Premium for it. Moreover, you can get 10% more Robux for free while purchasing the Robux from your Premium account. You can use this method to get additional Robux for your friends and charge a little cut for them.

Method 4: Trading Library Items

There are thousands of antique items in the Library that you can buy and sell to earn Robux. The only problem with this technique is a Pending Sales cooldown on your trades and the commission cut. But if you manage to maintain the ratio of good buy price and sell price, you can easily earn Robux for free by trading items in the library. The library contains some unique items which players love to own every time.

Trading items in Roblox
Trading items in Roblox

Please have a look at those items and snipe them when they are at the lowest price. Every item is sold at a lower price than the Roblox RAP. You need to have proper attention to those items and then buy them. After buying the item, you can list it again in the library at a high price. Use extensions like Roblox Plus to get notifications of every item’s price.

Method 5: Selling In Game Items

After developing your game in Roblox, you need to have an in-game item or Game Passes to carry an economy in the game. With skins and other perks, the players playing your game will be tempted to buy the pass. This will generate a good Robux for free in your account. Game passes can include multiple advantages, such as super-speed, super jump, extra stamina, extra skins, VIP badge, and many more things. With the help of this game pass, players can enjoy the game more properly.

In-game items Robux for free
In-game items

Creating an insane rare item in your game will increase the demand of players to earn it. Just as Dragon Lore in CSGO, the extra rare items can generate a good free Robux in your game.

Method 6: Selling Rare Library Items

In the Library, some items become rare over time. Items like Dominus Empyreus, Fedora, Crown, and other items are ultimately rare in the game and costs insanely high. If you purchased a Dominus Empyrus in 2010 for 70k Robux, you would have made more than 10 Million Robux for absolutely free. Such items become rare over time and worth investing your money. These items are guaranteed to generate Robux for free over time.

Selling rare library items
Selling rare library items

The only drawback of this method is it requires intense patience and some investment. You can try this method on other normally rare items that cost around 3-4k Robux and are about to become rare in the coming days. Due to the increasing player base and demand for the skins, you’ll always earn Robux for free in such cases.

Which Of The Above Method Is Easiest Robux For Free?

The easiest method from the above list is the first one. By sharing your affiliate links, you can easily earn commission and earn some Robux for free without spending any penny. But from method 3, all other methods require a little investment from our side and require little patience. But all of these methods will grant your free Robux every time.

Some Bonus Tips To Protect Your Free Robux

As we’ve covered all of the methods which can get you Robux for free, here are some tips you must follow to avoid falling into traps –

  • Stay away from scammers: While earning free Robux, you may encounter many scammers in your path. These scammers will provide you with an interesting offer that’ll tempt you. Stay away from such scammers and stay safe.
  • Stay away from Hacks: According to Roblox, there is no single script that grants you free Robux in your game. Please don’t use and install scripts that promise your free Robux.
  • Don’t Cheat: If you have multiple items in your inventory, don’t cheat from that account. Roblox takes good measures against cheaters and can result in a permanent ban. After getting banned, you can say bye-bye to all of the items in your inventory.

Final Words

All of the methods listed in this post are the features given by the Roblox platform itself to promote them. Make good use of them to earn a Robux for free. Also, share this post with your friends to inform them regarding Robux and its tips.

Roblox has bloomed a lot due to its unique playstyle and permission to publish games. With these games, many devs have managed to earn millions of dollars!
Will you be the next millionaire in Roblox?

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