How To Farm Gunpowder In Far Cry 6?

Farm Gunpowder In Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6, Gun Powder is an essential component for upgrading the weapon arsenal throughout the game. In Far Cry 6 world, Gun Powder is one of the necessary and hard-to-find resources, and If you run out of it, you also may get into trouble and face difficulty. So you need to arrange it in any way possible.

There are different ways to get your hands on the Gun Powder in Far Cry 6. There are four ways which are

  • Finding FND crates
  • Capturing Military Supply Drops
  • Completing the Bandido Operations 
  • Farming of the Gun Powder

1. FND Crates

FND Crate in Far Cry 6

You can find the Gunpowder from FND crates. It is one of the most prolific ways to get the Gun Powders. At every FND crates location, you have to search for the crate signs at the checkpoints across the map.

If you are lucky enough, you will get your hands on the Gun Powder, but even if you don’t get Gun Powder, you can still get cool weapons like SMG Ammo, Shotgun Ammo, Sniper Rifle Ammo, etc. or a Supremo Band or a gear pieceOne FND crate contains one Gun Powder.

2. Military Supply Drops

Military Supply Drops in Far Cry 6

You can also get your hands on Gun Powder by stealing Military Drops. The Military Supplies Drops emit yellow smoke, so try to locate the source of the smoke, and you will find it.

You can find the locations of all 26 Military Supply Drops in a separate post here.

3. Bandido Operations

Bandido Operations in Far Cry 6

You can also complete the Bandido operations to get the Gunpowder as a reward. Every Bandido Operation is unique on its own and has different tasks to assign. It’s crucial to choose the correct Bandido leader to increase the chances of succeeding.

4. Farming

Apart from the above ways, you can also farm the Gunpowder. If you want to farm the Gun Powder, you need to start by capturing all the checkpoints as this is the only way to move freely.

The checkpoints must have a locked cabin. The locked cabins are bound to have a chest in them, which will have the Gun Powder. There are 60-80% chances that the chests will have Gun Powder.

You can also look for it at the Anti Aircraft sites. You need to destroy the site to fly over the restricted zones, or else you will be gunned down.

Capturing the checkpoints will give you a sufficient amount of Gun Powder to upgrade new weapons.

Other than the Gunpowder, you will find new mods, explosives, and other scarps using the resolver item found. Also, you can find meds and other relevant upgradable items in many places.

You can acquire each checkpoint by blowing it up using dynamite or grenade as each checkpoint has Anton’s propaganda hiring or something similar, which can be easily blown up.

While acquiring these checkpoints, make sure to check all the nooks and corners there. Also, watch out for the enemies as they tend to spawn at random places.

Looking around the Checkpoint in Far Cry 6 will get you many essential and valuable elements.

Uses of Gun Powder

Gunpowder is very much required for the modification and degradation of weapons. You can also get mods using it.

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