How To Change Your Group Name On Roblox [Easy]

How To Change Your Group Name On Roblox

There is no direct way to Change Your Group Name on Roblox easily. As there is no automated service enabled by Roblox that’ll get you to change your group name, you might have to contact Roblox support. By stating appropriate reasons, they’ll surely do change it. But make sure that you write your email professionally.

While playing the games on Roblox, you might have created groups in it or join in the groups. Roblox provides you and your friends a platform where you can create a small community. You can develop a community of similar mindset of players and enjoy the 3D game you wish. You are also able to assist in building, battling, and taking part in the discussion forums. 

Change Your Group Name on Roblox

1. Make Use Of A Name That Is Based On A Brand

In the previous times, people were able to change the group name in Roblox after many issues raised on copyright issues. A famous example is Frappe. Frappe was the last name of the renowned brand Starbucks. The name had changed after Starbucks filed a complaint against Roblox in 2015 because of copyright issues. Roblox forced the Admin to change the title and use a different title for their group. 

The second most famous incident took place in previous years. Let us see one more example for the group names such as “Target Workers” or “Jon Snows,” who might get complaints related to copyrights. 

Unfortunately, you have only this option available with you. You have to use the brand name by having the hopes that a copyright claim might get filed against it. It is illegal and is against the terms of use, but it will permit you to make changes. 

2. Contact The Team Of Roblox

Contact Email To Change the Group Name On Roblox

If you wish to Change Your Group Name on Roblox platform, you can contact its team directly. But sometimes this method might work with you, but primarily many people have received success by doing this process. Perhaps the second-best option to change or edit the group name on Roblox is to contact the team of developers. You have to send an email to [email protected].

In your mail, it is suggested to mention why you want to edit or make changes in the title of your small community on Roblox. It is preferred to change the name of the group but remember to keep it for some purpose. If your reason to edit both the team of Roblox may allow you to have a presentable new title of your group. 

While there is also a possibility of getting any name on Roblox and making use of it to attract many other like-minded players towards yourself. But remember, you are not lucky enough to make changes in the name after making it.

You must contact the team of Roblox to get more detailed information on whether if you can make changes to your group name. But remember, the group owner can only contact the team of Roblox and get more detailed information on whether they can Change Your Group Name on Roblox. It is depended upon the customer service agent who receives your issue ticket.

If you do not get what you wish, you may have to wait for few weeks and then try again. Remember an essential point in most cases, you cannot make changes in the group name once you have created unless you try any of the methods listed above in the article.

New Group Rename Feature In Roblox

New Group Rename Feature In Roblox

Currently, the developers of Roblox platforms are working on a new feature to change your group name on Roblox. As many players have to spend an additional 100 Robux just to create a new group of their desired name, this new feature will get you peace of mind. It’s expected that this update is bound to release in Closed Beta in few months.

Many players have created a group when they were small kids, or many of them gave a random name hoping they’ll change it later. This update will give great relief to you everyone especially group admins.

Change Group Description 

The ability to change the name of the group and its owner is being an interesting topic. You can change the owner of the group by following these steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Go towards Groups
  • Step 2: Click on the group you wish to change the owner
  • Step 3: Click on the Admin of the group
  • Step 4: Click on Members
  • Step 5: Search for the user you want to remove
  • Step 6: Click on the drop-down box that appeared below under their specific picture.
  • Step 7: Select on another role to assign the player

You can also change the group’s description by clicking on the red-colored X button available on the right side.


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