Hero Cantare Tier List – Best Characters To Play With

Hero Cantare Tier List

Hero Cantare Tier List helps players to identify the strong characters and current meta in the game. We’ve segregated the tier list into 5 different tiers according to their strengths.

Hero cantare is a Korean-based mobile rocket-propelled grenade game published by NGEL games. It allows the player to have charge over any character from the comic of Naver Webtoon and released on 26 May 2020 for android platform users. The game concept is the same as the famous Marvel Series that have groups of unique characters with their impactful individualities worldwide.

Hero Cantare Tier List

Following are the heroes segregated according to their strength and impacts –

SS Tier

Hero Cantare SS Tier

Following are the heroes which are currently strongest in the game. Make sure you pick these in your matches to maximize your chances of winning.

Hero nameCategoriesAscribeSeries
ElaineWeaponIceTower of god webtoon forces
KaiserSkillNatureTower of god webtoon forces
King darkElementDarknessHardcore leveling warrior webtoon forces
Queen no-nameGodDarknessHardcore leveling warrior webtoon forces

S Tier

All the heroes in this list are powerful but not as SS tier in Hero Cantare Tier List –

Hero nameCategoriesAscribeSeries
ArgyllWeaponNatureTetra forces
Black-march bamEvilLightTower of god of Webtoon forces
Chi chiMartial artFireTetra forces
Chi pongWeaponIceTetra forces
ChlorisElementNatureTetra forces
Choco bibiElementNatureHardcore leveling warrior webtoon forces
ClaudeSkillNatureTetra forces
Crusade mira yooGodLightThe god of high school forces
CurtisSkillNatureTetra forces
D.khun edahnSkillLightTower of god webtoon forces
Daewi hanMartial artIceThe god of high school webtoon forces
DarkEvilIceHardcore leveling warrior webtoon forces
God-killer zeroEvilFireHardcore leveling warrior webtoon forces
Greatsword warrior soraSkillDarknessHardcore leveling warrior webtoon forces
Green-april yuri haWeaponDarknessTower of god webtoon forces
Heart heaterMartial artFireHardcore leveling warrior webtoon forces
HildaElementDarknessTetra forces
Idol rockcrawlerSkillLightTetra forces
Manjin sangSkillNatureThe god of high school webtoon forces
No-nameSkillDarknessHardcore leveling warrior webtoon forces
RaskreiaEvilLightNoblesse forces
RockcrawlerWeaponsIceTetra forces
RozariaElementFireNoblesse forces
Sujin leeMartial artNatureThe god of high school webtoon forces
Taek jegalEvilFireThe god of high school webtoon forces
The kingSkillFireThe god of high school webtoon forces
Unleashed raizelGodDarknessNoblesse forces
White albeldaEvilFireTetra forces
Yeon’s flame khunElementFireTower of god webtoon forces
Yuri haWeaponFireTower of god webtoon forces

A Tier

Hero nameCategoriesAscribeSeries
BamElementIceTower of god of Webtoon forces
CharlotteSkillDarknessTetra forces
Clan leader seiraSkillIceNoblesse forces
D.maschennyWeaponFireTower of god webtoon forces
DaisyWeaponNatureTetra forces
EndorsiMartial artLightTower of god webtoon forces
Hardcore leveling warriorSkillFireHardcore leveling warrior webtoon forces
Heavenly warloadGodLightThe god of high school webtoon forces
HwaryunSkillFireThe god of high school webtoon forces
JackSkillIceTetra forces
King umaGodNatureThe god of high school webtoon forces
LiddieMartial artFireTetra forces
LightElementFireHardcore leveling warrior webtoon forces
LunarkMartial artDarknessNoblesse forces
MaschennyElementFireTower of god webtoon forces
Mira yooWeaponNatureThe god of high school webtoon forces
Mori jinMartial artFireThe god of high school webtoon forces
Nine-tailed iiplyo parkElementFireThe god of high school webtoon forces
OdetteElementIceTetra forces
Phantom thief liddieMartial artDarknessTetra forces
Pooh upoohElementiceHardcore leveling warrior webtoon forces
Rak wrathraiserGodNatureTower of god webtoon forces
SoraWeaponsNatureHardcore leveling warrior webtoon forces
Urek mazinoSkilliceTower of god webtoon forces
ValkyrieGodfireHardcore leveling warrior webtoon forces
WhiteWeaponlightTower of god webtoon forces

B Tier

Hero nameCategoriesAscribeSeries
ArmesElementIceHardcore leveling warrior of Webtoon forces
D.JahadGodLightTower of god webtoon forces
FloraElementNatureTetra forces
HaetaeGodLightThe god of high school webtoon forces
Iipyo parkGodFireThe god of high school webtoon forces
LimeElementNatureHardcore leveling warrior webtoon forces
Master pooh upoohElementiceHardcore leveling warrior webtoon forces
MuzakaMartial artNatureNoblesse forces
SeiraWeaponsNatureNoblesse forces
Witch of the west mira yooWeaponDarkenThe god of high school webtoon forces

C Tier

Hero Cantare C Tier
Hero nameCategoriesAscribeSeries
ArinElementIceTetra forces
CaseySkillFireTetra forces
FrankensteinElementFireNoblesse forces
Khun agueroSkillIceTower of god webtoon forces
M-21SkillNatureNoblesse forces
ZeroEvilDarknessHardcore leveling warrior webtoon forces

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