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25 Help Me Help You Roblox ID Codes To Brighten Your Day

Roblox is a platform where several items are uploaded over the library. These items include audios, videos, models, decals, and meshes. There are over 450K audio files uploaded to the library. All the famous songs are uploaded to this library, but the copyright violation policy takes them down. That’s why famous songs are hard to find in the library.

Help Me Help You Roblox ID is the ID of the famous song by Logan Paul. This song is uploaded on Roblox, and its ID is used to listen to the song in the game. ID is essential to listen to any song in Roblox. Moreover, you use the same song in your game to add some more effects.

Help me help you Roblox id

Logan Paul is a famous American YouTuber known for his Vines videos. Over 22 million subscribers on Youtube, he released a song named “Help Me Help You” in May 2017. This song received more than 275 million views on Roblox and is already loved by the Roblox community.

What is Help Me Help You Roblox ID?

In Roblox, an ID code is assigned to every item in Library. Since there are more than thousands of search results if you search Help Me Help You in Roblox, you need to have the song’s ID to play it in your game. By using this ID, you can open the exact page of the Roblox song.

How to use Help Me Help You Roblox ID?

To listen to the Help Me Help You song in Roblox, you need to tap on your Radio. Your character model will then pick up the radio on his shoulder, and a window will appear asking for your ID of the song. Now paste the ID 833322858 and press Enter to listen to the song.

Help Me Help You Roblox ID Codes

I’ve made a curated list of all ID codes of the song and sorted according to their relevance. Following are the list of IDs –

Help Me Help You Logan Paul

Shared by – onlymorgan
Favorites – 9295
Added On – Nov 24, 2019
Help Me Help You Roblox ID – 833322858

Help Me Help You

Shared by – DiamondCreeperPlayz
Favorites – 235
Added On – Jun 02, 2017
ID – 845709185

Help Me Help You

Shared by – Breloum
Favorites – 190
Added On – May 27, 2017
ID – 822657795

Help Me Help YOU

Shared by – jojolucy
Favorites – 147
Added On – Aug 25, 2017
Help Me Help You Roblox ID – 854614033

Help Me Help You (Remix)🔥

Shared by – defls
Favorites – 157
Added On – Jul 05, 2017
ID – 849289801

Help Me Help You (Remix!)

Shared by – aIuxi
Favorites – 149
Added On – Jul 12, 2020
ID – 955054861

Help Me Help You – AvastarPlays

Shared by – AvastarPlays
Favorites – 3
Added On – Apr 14, 2018
Help Me Help You Roblox ID – 1616915108

Help me help you 2

Logan Paul – Help Me Help You

Shared by – IoItom1
Favorites – 136
Added On – Dec 08, 2017
Help Me Help You Roblox ID – 1230152591

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Shared by – Sonic904056
Favorites – 11
Added On – Feb 10, 2018
ID – 1405211513

Help Me Help You drop loop

Shared by – Zhacrey
Favorites – 18
Added On – Jun 18, 2017
ID – 872683124

Help Me Help You. (Fire Music)

Shared by – GqcciBoi
Favorites – 53
Added On – May 28, 2017
ID – 840423661

Help Me Help You (GARABATTO Remix)

Shared by – LeonThePardsFAN
Favorites – 116
Added On – Oct 29, 2019
ID – 1878934639

Help Me Help You (GARABATTO Remix)

Shared by – GlitchPhantom
Favorites – 87
Added On – Jun 14, 2017
ID – 865504847

Help me help you 3

Help me Help You (Garabatto Remix)

Shared by – g7thboy
Favorites – 28
Added On – Jul 23, 2017
ID – 934437993

Help Me Help You – Instrumental Version

Shared by – SomeoneNerdy
Favorites – 3
Added On – Dec 29, 2017
Help Me Help You Roblox ID – 1281323645


Shared by – FuyukiAce
Favorites – 93
Added On – Mar 11, 2017
ID – 689807436

Logan Paul – Help Me Help You (GARABATTO Remix)

Shared by – carltheraveyt
Favorites – 15
Added On – Nov 06, 2017
Help Me Help You Roblox ID – 1159539141

Lost the name, help me!

Shared by – JamesKitchener
Favorites – 4
Added On – Jul 06, 2016
ID – 229623968

Help me Help you why don’t we

Shared by – BluwNija
Favorites – 1
Added On – May 30, 2017
ID – 843190785

Help Me Help You- Logan Paul f.t. Why Don’t We

Shared by – Or_ochii
Favorites – 18
Added On – Jun 30, 2020
ID – 874750836

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Help Me Help You – Why Don’t We

Shared by – xOmikamiWolf
Favorites – 41
Added On – May 21, 2017
ID – 825692090

L. Paul – Help Me Help You ft. Why Dont We Remix

Shared by – MattyGamin
Favorites – 14
Added On – Jun 04, 2017
ID – 849475580

Logan P – Help Me Help You ft. Why Don’t We

Shared by – Liamtigerclaw
Favorites – 161
Added On – Jun 25, 2017
ID – 883007082

Can You Hear Me? (Loud)

Shared by – Versaix
Favorites – 670
Added On – Aug 04, 2020
ID – 4769589095

Help me help you 4

Logan Paul – No Handlebars

Shared by – gpzv
Favorites – 286
Added On – Nov 25, 2017
ID – 1201547378

Help Me Help You Lyrics

What do I wear?
I only told you twelve times
The first dress that you put on is still your best find
We’ve been sitting in this dressing room for hours
I need a break baby I don’t have the brainpower

When you ask me my opinion
I’m always sure to be your minion
Girl, you’re kinda like long division
Everything is difficult
Help me help you

Girl what you trying to do
‘Cause I don’t got a clue
No, I ain’t no Scooby Doo
(Help me help you)
‘Cause I’m hungrier than you
I just wanna get some food and you about to kill my mood
(Help me help you)
“Do these jeans make me look fat?”
Yeah I know you want the answer, but I’m smart and that’s a trap
(Help me help you)
Oh, and here’s a random fact
You still got my favorite hoodie and you need to give it back

Source: LyricFind

Final Words

Even in Roblox, Help Me Help You is a famous song that has a huge fan base. That’s why the player search ID of the song to make their day good. This list is guaranteed to get you a good version of the song. Share this post with your friends who want to listen to this song!

Happy Robloxing!

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