Best 13 Halloween Roblox Games To Play in 2022

Halloween Roblox Games

Halloween is coming in few weeks and we’re all doing our best to ensure that this would be our best Halloween ever. Thanks to last year’s condition, Halloween was not celebrated the way it’s done every year. Many gamers love to enjoy spooky, scary games to play on Halloween, and why not its the best time to play them.

Halloween Roblox Games will make you enjoy the spooky and scary experience on the platform. Some of these games are single-player, whereas some of them are multiplayer.

Make sure you make your Halloween right with this exciting list.

Halloween Roblox Games

  1. Alone in a Dark House
  2. Bear Alpha
  3. Insane Elevator
  4. Dead Silence
  5. The Mirror
  6. A Wolf or Other
  7. Mur*er Mystery 2
  8. Zombie Attack
  9. Nightmare Mines
  10. Project Lazarus: Zombies
  11. Piggy
  12. The Haunted Imperial Hotel
  13. School History

Alone in a Dark House

Roblox Alone in a Dark House

Roblox Alone in a Dark House is one of the horror setups, and here you will find yourself trapped inside a Dark house. You have to search and get the clues, solve the killer mystery and get the culprit. You must complete with several endings, several secrets, and the appropriate atmospheric lighting for giving a horror vibe.

It is considered one of the top-ranking and most played Halloween Roblox Game with complete effect; alternatively, you can play this game with your friends. But remember, only 20 players are allowed in a single game.

Alone in a Dark House is considered the best game among teenagers because of its unsettling sound effects. But it is not recommended for children or pre-teenagers because of its graphics.

Bear Alpha

Bear Alpha is one decent and straightforward premise. In this Halloween Roblox Game, you will act like a killer bear, and your responsibility is to take down the other players within the time frame of five minutes. Make a note that the Bear can move around slightly faster, but survivors can also make use of their weapons to combat. Thus, this factor makes the game well-balanced.

Bear Alpha is never recommended for children as they are still fond of the Teddy bears, and in the game, as your role will be to take down the Bear, it will cause adverse effects on them.

Insane Elevator

Insane Elevator will keep you in the lift and stop randomly at multiple floors, and each floor will offer a different horror scenario.

Again Insane Elevator is not suggested for children as the horror monster scenes, sounds will lead to the adverse effect on them.

Dead Silence

The dead Silence game was developed by taking inspiration from the 2007 film. In this game, you have to hunt a body that is found near a ventriloquist doll.

Here, you will get only a single note as a clue. In this note, Mary Shaw will be written. He is considered as the initial few persons scary games on the list.

Dead Silence provides a theatrical level of experience as you move on with the story and reveal the mystery.

It is also not suitable for kids because of its shooting story.

The Mirror

Roblox Halloween Games The Mirror

Roblox the Mirror is a single-player-based Halloween Roblox Game. But no doubt it is also one of the scariest games. While playing The Mirror game, you have to successfully complete the obstacle course with the help of your own reflection.

You have to constantly ask this question to you “Is your mind playing tricks with you, or it is simply just a mirror?” We would suggest that The Mirror is acceptable for all age groups.

A Wolf or Other

In Roblox, A Wolf or the Other is similarly popular to the Werewolf Party game. In this game, a Wolf or something other will spy on you from one of the three camps. They are as follows:

  • An Innocent
  • Hunter
  • Werewolf

The story is based on the innocents who must identify the werewolf so the hunter can take him down. But make sure taking him down must be done before the whole moon night and before it’s too late. A Wolf or Other is suitable for young players.

Mur*er Mystery 2

Mur*er Mystery is almost similar to A Wolf or Other Halloween Roblox Game. But moving for the decent old-fashioned mur*erer rather than a Werewolf. Mur*er Mystery is considered a classic dinner party mafia game. You can think of Mur*er Mystery 2 like Among Us, here the mur*erer should be identified with the help of innocents.

In this game, you will find 3 modes. They are as follows:

  • Casual
  • Hard-core
  • Assassin

Assassin mode is always recommended for the players who like to face challenges in-game.

Mur*er Mystery 2 consists of no supernatural materials, and thus it makes one of the suitable games for a bit younger players.

Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack is considered as a PG version of Call of Duty: Zombies. In Zombie Attack, you fight with the Zombies. You will find the challenging waves of Zombies, and you must also unlock the weapons as you move forward. But there are some addons in the Halloween Roblox Game, such as you will get respawn if you get killed by a zombie.

Zombie Attacks is a fun game but does not have excellent graphics, so we recommend this game for younger children.

Nightmare Mines

In Roblox, Nightmare Mines will combine the zombie waves along with the puzzles, and thus. As a result, it will provide an exceptional spooky experience to you. It is not scary, and you can categorize it as a family game that you can play with your family.

Project Lazarus: Zombies

Roblox Project Lazarus: Zombies

Project Lazarus: Zombies is a clear copy of Call of Duty Zombies. It consists of a level-based survival mode thoroughly with the barricades, power-ups, and points that can be used to purchase weapons and clear the obstacles in the game.

Project Lazarus: Zombies consist of some blood animations. Thus it is slightly not recommended to the younger players.

Piggy Traitor Mode

In Roblox, you will find one more game similar to the Among Us game, known as Piggy Traitor Mode. But there is a slight twist. In this game, you will see the Traitor is coupled with the pig, which you can control with the computer.

In this game, when a player is taken down, they will be updated to pigs, and as a result, Traitor will win the game. As the popularity of Piggy Traitor Mode is increasing, many players suggest that it is one of the scariest Halloween Roblox Games available on Roblox.

The Haunted Imperial Hotel

The Haunted Imperial Hotel is also considered one of the scariest games available in Roblox. Many players have said that the entrance of Imperial Hotel is hell. Imperial Hotel was shut down in 2009 on Halloween day when a mysterious and suspicious shift was taken place on the earth.

As a result, there were massive cracks on the walls of the building, and some sections of the building were also collapsed. Guests were walking on the corridor, and the rooms were also swallowed.  Some facts also say that few people were fallen down deep inside the earth and died.

After this scary incident, no one focused on this hotel, and today slowly, slowly, it is dissolving inside the ground, waiting for it to completely collapse.

The Haunted Imperial Hotel is not recommended for the young players as they have to explore Haunted hotels filled with weird enemies and creepy traps.

School History

Roblox School History

The School History is also considered a scary-themed Halloween Roblox Game. You can enjoy this game with your friends. Your role in the game is to explore the game and search for the keys and various tools required for unlocking the doors and search for the surprises behind the doors.

Exploring the history of the school is the scariest section in the game.

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