Best Halloween Animal Crossing Designs for 2022

Halloween Animal Crossing Designs

As the spooky month is coming soon, we’ve collected all the Halloween Animal Crossing Designs that you can use on your island to create a horror theme. These designs include wearable costumes, house designs, tiles, and image codes. With the help of these designs, you can easily create a perfect spooky/horror theme for your islands as well as your house.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a popular game that was released on 20 March 2020. This game was developed and launched by Nintendo. You can enjoy this game on Nintendo Switch, and it is the crucial fifth game from the Animal Crossing game series.

What are Halloween Animal Crossing Designs?

In the Animal Crossing game, you can select their costume, but there is a limitation on decorating the island on the Halloween theme. But don’t worry, the game developers authorize you to upload and distribute your designs globally. You can add multiple creepy things to your island. There is a vast number of custom designs available online, which you can choose.

Halloween Animal Crossing Designs

Here are some of the Halloween designs which you can use in the game –

Fairy Path

Animal Crossing Fairy Path

Creator ID: MA-2315-6172-3608

Fairy Path is especially suggested for the players who don’t feel the horror theme is much attractive. You will notice a fairy road that will clearly act in the dirty spots in the game. This great pattern is created with pretty shades of purple and with moons, minor planets, and leaves dispersed around the ground. It will provide a wholly realistic experience of lively vibes.

Fairy Path gets perfectly involved with the islands that consist of a withy theme, or it will be perfect for you if you wish to build a mystic forest.

Owl Statue

Animal Crossing Owl Statue

Creator ID: MA-9421-2929-3714
Design ID: MO-07VY-9SP5-DCJY

If you wish to add something creepy Halloween Animal Crossing Design to your forest, then you should indeed download and try out with this dark owl statue. This statue is built with tons of creativity, and it clearly indicates the hard work on the dress. Basically, this pattern perfectly imitates the stone owl. You can place the Owl Statue outside your forest. Simultaneously, it will look good if you put it inside the darkroom.

If you want your owl to look more ghostly, then you can surround the owl statue with some trees.

Trick-or-Treat Spot

Animal Crossing Trick-or-Treat Spot

Creator ID: MA-8376-7459-4596

Trick-or-Treat Spot is suggested for you if you are hosting a Halloween Animal Crossing Design party on your island. It will help the visitors and will indicate the directions. It is combined with the arches of the game, and this is a perfect location for you to stand while distributing the candies.

You can also apply this design if you don’t wish to distribute the candies, as it can also be used as a mysterious accent on the island.

Blood Trail

Animal Crossing Blood Trail

Creator ID: MA-8176-5403-7542

The Animal Crossing community team can sometimes be scary, especially when they create a mess with the horror designs. The designs mentioned above will allow you to build your own blood handprint series in your own game world. You can also get inspired by other players and make use of your own creative skills in several methods.

Basically, it is suggested that you scare your friends and make them run out of your island. Thus, the Blood Trail design is a perfectly horrifying solution.

Candy Corn Path

Creator ID: MA-2315-6172-3608

Candy Corn Path is suggested for you when you enjoy corn, bays, and jack-o-lantern, then you will surely enjoy this fun path design in the game. Basically, it is considered perfect for the players of Halloween Animal Crossing Design who are trying to keep the ideal amount of mysterious things. You will see there is no blood spatter or any ghostly elements in this path, but there are millions of candies for the guests to enjoy.

The best part of Candy Core Path is that it is effortless to develop multiple fun designing patterns by using these design tiles.

Halloween Stall

Animal Crossing Halloween Stall

Creator ID: MA-7443-4907-5658

Many players have already set up their stalls in the game. But this new holiday season, it’s time to update the appearance. The Halloween Stall design is perfect for updating an island and connecting with some of the latest items available in the game.

Halloween Tablecloth

Animal Crossing Halloween Tablecloth

Creator ID: MA-3858-3664-5049
Design ID: MO-BFV4-2NTK-155T

Halloween Animal Crossing Design Tablecloth is suggested for you if you wish to update your tables, begs, and rugs. Sometimes it can be challenging to select the appropriate design or pattern. Fortunately, Phi has developed a pattern filled with Halloween colors for you. The pattern consists of black cats and jack-o-lanterns, which will provide the natural vibes of the Halloween theme.

Halloween Tablecloth is mainly used to decorate the outdoor restaurant in the game by maintaining the Halloween Theme.

Candy Bowl

Animal Crossing Candy Bowl

Creator ID: MA-5869-8180-9210
Design ID: MO-DB7H-216Y-493V

Halloween cannot be completed without candies. Thus, a candy bowl will provide a method for you to treat the visitors without getting them home. It is a creative design and takes advantage of the brimmed hat for building a unique design that can be comfortably kept outside the island doors.

It is suggested for you if you wish to add a slight touch of updates to your island.

Lava Rocks

Animal Crossing Lava Rocks

Creator ID: MA-4929-5324-1073

Lava Rocks are suggested if you are looking for some additional horror-themed design to add a threatening touch to the island. If you apply it with appropriate props, this path will make a comfortless wasteland or an arid forest. It will make the visitors think twice and be brave before entering. As a tip, it is good to use Lava Rocks with other rocks for special effects.

Spooky Designs

Animal Crossing Spooky Designs

Creator ID: MA-4351-8185-0928

Whether you wish to decorate the islands with lanterns, stalls, or chairs, a design is available for you to fulfill the requirements. From scary pumpkins to ghostly dripping blood, everything is available here. 

Skull Face Paint

Animal Crossing Skull Face Paint

Creator ID: MA-5384-4849-2930
Design ID: MO-4NLD-0XV9-20S5

If you wish to add some splash on your face, you can try applying creepy face paint.

Fall Leaves

Are you excited to see some magical leaves which change the colors? Then you can add this Fall leaves pattern to every section of your island.

Spooky Tiles

Animal Crossing Spooky Tiles

Creator ID: MA-8545-9990-4136

No Doubt these unique bricks will surely add a swash of ghostly colors to your island.

Halloween Path

Animal Crossing Halloween Path

Creator ID: MA-7547-1269-5647
Design ID: MO-L15K-XSNT-P69Y

If you wish to decorate your entire island decently, you are suggested to replace all your current paths with these fantastic black and orange paths.

Hogwarts Robes

Animal Crossing Hogwarts Robes

Creator ID: MA-0036-0586-5552
Design ID: MO-393C-N4QN-M6PC

If you wish to get decorated as Hermione on Halloween Animal Crossing Designs, these robes will help you design yourself.

Twilight vs. Midnight

Animal Crossing Twilight vs. Midnight

Creator ID: MA-8454-4791-2041

The following starry designer attire will surely add a magical touch to your October fashion wardrobe.

Punkin Sweater

Animal Crossing Punkin Sweater

Creator ID: MA-5597-3387-1772

If you are searching for some casual shirt to wear and celebrate October Month, then gourd-genus is an ideal long-sleeve solution for you.

Party Dress

By wearing the Party dress, you are ready for the party and break down the floor.

Skull Attire

If you want to wish for death or wish to have something like skill. Then this attire is with a hat is a perfect solution for you.

Spectral Sweaters & Frightening Frocks

Animal Crossing Spectral Sweaters & Frightening Frocks

Creator ID: MA-1999-7301-9863
Creator ID: MA-4559-9715-9645

If you are looking for some best Halloween Designs, we highly suggest you check out these spooky shirts and dresses in the Halloween Animal Crossing.

Pokemon Chandelure

Animal Crossing Pokemon Chandelure

Design ID: MO-BS98-0BRD-13XC

This is a purple-colored scary-themed dress. Along with black vertical stripes, it has unique yellow spots on the lower half of the dress. As purple and yellow colors are almost opposite, the yellow dots stand out on Halloween Animal Crossing Designs. If you’re hoping to become a scary Hermoine, then you should definitely go for it!

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