16 Amazing uses of the Green Dye in Minecraft

Green Dye in Minecraft

Is your world in Minecraft feeling colorless? Well, make use of some dyes and make it come alive. Minecraft encourages the player’s creativity, it has provided 16 different dyes to color the fictional world.

The Green Dye has several uses in Minecraft; all ranging from coloring wool to customize banners, create colorful beds, armor, and fireworks. This guide will particularly focus on green dye, how to craft it, its uses, and so on. To start with, here is a list of 16 Minecraft dyes available in the game.

  • Black Dye
  • Red Dye
  • Green Dye
  • Brown Dye
  • Blue Dye
  • Purple Dye
  • Cyan Dye
  • Light Gray Dye
  • White Dye
  • Orange Dye
  • Magenta Dye
  • Light Blue Dye
  • Yellow Dye
  • Lime Dye
  • Pink Dye
  • Gray Dye

Now, let’s get to the point.

What Is Green Dye In Minecraft?

A green dye is a primary color dye. It was formerly called ‘cactus green‘ Even though most of the dyes in Minecraft are easier to make, this one is a bit trickier. It is not made with a crafting table but with a Furnace. Green dye has various uses which are explained in detail in the latter part of this article.

How To Obtain Green Dye?

There are three ways of obtaining the green dye.

Green Dye Using Cactus in Minecraft
  1. Chest Loot: In dessert village house chest
  2. Trading: Wandering traders sell 3 green dyes for an emerald.
  3. Smelting: That is by making your own dye.

To craft your own green dye you need the following materials:

  • A furnace
  • A fuel source (wooden materials, coal, charcoal, or bucket of lava)
  • A cactus

Start by finding a cactus in the desert. Cacti, dead bushes sugarcane are found in large numbers in the desert. However, finding a desert is the hardest part, but once you have a hold on the cactus the next steps are easier. A furnace is essential to create the green dye in Minecraft. The Furnace works as a primary smelting or cooking device that the players can use to turn their mined ores into ingots, cook food collected from animals, etc. To build a Furnance, the players required the following equipment: 1) Crafting table, 2) Eight cobblestones. After crafting the furnace, use it to create other things.
In order to craft the green dye, follow this step-by-step guide:

Green Dye using Furnace in Minecraft
  • Open your Furnace menu: The furnace GUI will open by right clicking on the menu.
  • Add fuel to the Furnace: Add some fuel to the lower box. Coal or wood can also be used as fuel.
  • Add Material to make green dye: Next, add the block of cactus in the top box of the furnace. In few seconds, one sees the flames cooking the material together. Once, the cactus is fully cooked Green dye is ready inbox to the right.

What Are The Uses Of Green Dye?

Like other dyes, the green dye can be used for crafting other things. Following things can be crafted using Green Dye in Minecraft –

  • Apply to the sheep to obtain green wool.
  • Use it on tamed wolves to dye the color of their collars.
  • Dye other items such as leather terracotta, armor, beds, glass, and Shulker boxes.
  • Combine it with gunpowder to form a firework star.
  • Combine it with a firework star to create a fade-to-color effect.
  • Use it to add patterns to banners
  • Use it to dye Shulkers in Bedrock and education editions
  • Combine it with sand and gravel to create a concrete powder.
  • Combine it with compounds to make ballons and glow sticks in Bedrock and Education editions
  • Craft the following ingredients:

Green Dye can be used to craft following ingredients –

  1. Cyan Dye – Lapis Lazulli+ Green dye
  2. Cyan Dye – Blue dye + green dye
  3. Green Ballon – Latex+ Green dye+ Helium + Lead
  4. Green Bed – White/Any bed + Green dye
  5. Green candle – Candle + Green dye
  6. Green carpet – White carpet + Green dye
  7. Green powder concrete – Sand+ Green dye + Gravel
  8. Green firework star – Gunpowder+ Green dye + Head/ gold nugget/ feather/ Fire charge +
    glowstone dust + diamond
  9. Green Glow stick – Green dye + Polyethene + hydrogen + peroxide + Luminol
  10. Green Shulker box – Green dye + Shulker box
  11. Green stained glass – Glass + Green dye
  12. Green stained glass plane – Glass plane + Green dye
  13. Green Terracotta – Terracotta+Green dye
  14. Green wool – Green dye + wool
  15. Lime dye – Green dye + white dye
  16. Green banner pattern – Banner + Green dye

TRADING – Expert level shepherd villagers have a 16 chance to buy 12 green dyes for an emerald.‌ Expert level shepherds have a 27 chance to buy 12 green dye for 1 emerald.

What Achievements Are Earned With Dyes?

Achievements are challenges for the player to improve their game skills and knowledge. You can
earn the following achievements with dyes –

Rainbow Collection

This achievement will unlock when the player gathers all the 16 colors of wool on the bedrock
edition. This achievement is very easy to get.

Tie-Dye Outfit

Dye all the four unique pieces of leather armor. One can get this with any colored dye.

That’s all you need to know about the green dye. Now, go and create your own colorful Minecraft world.

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