Genshin Impact Negative Reviews: miHoyo To Tread Carefully

Genshin Impact Anniversary Rewards Disappoints Players

Genshin Impact negative reviews are piling up. Enraged fan base review bombed the mobile version of the game and struck Genshin Impact with a shameful two stars on its face. Read on to find out more about the anniversary, miHoyo’s silence, and fan outcries!

Genshin Impact’s Anniversary & miHoyo


Genshin Impact’s negative reviews started here. The one-year anniversary was supposed to be a celebratory event; something that encourages the players and rewards its hardcore fans, but that was not the way Genshin Impact’s anniversary played out.

MiHoyo unveiled the anniversary rewards to a slightly disappointed fan community on 20th September. Most of these rewards were locked and were simply beyond the player’s reach and understanding. Following the mysterious and frustrating unveiling, fans found themselves getting only a whiff of premium currency, equalling to a fourth of the cost of a single gacha roll.

1 year aniversary team message

Well, these were enough to top off the already infuriated lids of players. Genshin Impact’s and miHoyo’s twitter tags are filled to the brim with complaints about the stingy anniversary offerings. Adding fuel to the already raging fire, miHoyo deleted complaint threads about the anniversary from their official forum.

MiHoyo went as far as limiting threads on the official Reddit subforum. But miHoyo’s childish behavior was further proved by their action of banning players from the official Discord. These actions were bound to get under the player’s skin.

Genshin Impact Negative Reviews

Genshin Impact Negative Reviews

The mobile version of the game got review bombed and someone should definitely get miHoyo to a hospital because the wound is here to last. Flooded with 1-star reviews, Genshin Impact’s fan community is not just disappointed, they are apparently livid. Genshin Impact negative reviews are a blotch on both the company and the community.

“An awesome game with lots of stuff to do. I would love to give this a better review, but it’s pretty clear that Mihoyo is ignoring its fan base. With the release of half build characters that shouldn’t have been let out of testing, the mediocre fishing system, and cherry on top, an absolute ridiculous anniversary event, it’s obvious that they care only about money”

Emily Price,

Games like Honkai Impact, ArknightsTears of ThemisClash of ClansCookie Run Kingdom, Fate/Grand OrderEpic SevenPunishing Grey RavenDragalia Lost, and League of Legends: Wild Rift was affected in the process too. Some reviews rated 4-5 stars only to complain about Genshin in their review.

Dragging other games and voice actors (Kokomi) into a fight with miHoyo is very wrong and just earns the community a toxic label.

“Playing this game for 317 days and after seeing the anniversary web event, I feel like I just wasted my time in this game. I love genshin. I love the game. It saved me when I was down. But the web anniversary award feels like only Mihoyo will enjoy it. And to get the reward, you need luck because its gacha. It doesn’t even make sense”


Genshin Impact’s rating has toppled over with around 3,400 negative reviews per day. With 400,000 tweets bombarding on miHoyo, the silence of the Chinese company is concerning.

Quitting the successful Gacha game, many players have hopped over the limits to make their disappointment known. The distasteful behavior of the company does no good to calm their fanbase either.

With such a gigantic negative response from their community, we still await miHoyo’s response. The mishandling of this situation might end up being costlier than they thought. Save the boat before it crashes in its course.

“I have spent so much time and money on this game, and as a late AR player, there is almost nothing to do. I run out of daily content in 30 minutes. At least give me something to do, and I could start to build my neglected characters”

Sandy Barras

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