Genshin Impact Liyue – Everything About This Beautiful Country

Genshin Impact Liyue

Genshin Impact demands players to collect local specialties from Liyue. Genshin’s popularity continues to grow after it was published late last month. The online role-play game is packed with many Gacha mechanics implementations and features fantastic in-game mechanics. It also features an intriguing history campaign that encourages players to take part in various challenges and hunts.

Genshin Impact Liyue is one of the seven Teyvat countries. It is also the city-state that adores the Geo Archon, Rex Lapis. As you move through the game, you can experience lots of exciting challenges. If you reach Adventure Rank 20, one of the challenges will be to gather local specialties from Liyue.

The easiest way to achieve Combat Pass EXP and a host of other prizes is to fulfil these obstacles. Let us take a brief peek at some of the leading Genshin Impact Liyue.

Genshin Impact Liyue – Appearance

Genshin Impact Liyue
Genshin Impact Liyue

A rich harbour to the east of Teyvat. Huge, proud mountains stand beside the stone trees, which, along with open plains and vivid rivers, are the rich scenery of Liyue which in all four seasons, reveals its unique beauty.

Genshin Impact Liyue – Lore

Liyue Experience of a Businessman:

When I got the invitation to write a piece about Liyue Harbor from the Liyue Merchants and Adventurers Guilds, I paused for an extended period before actually taking on a mission. Sure, for as long as I can recall, I was running a caravan around Teyvat with my dad. There is no-one in Teyvat, who knows any route both in and out of Liyue including me. Having said that on the way, I have met my share of excellent poets and authors and never thought of myself as a writer of their talent level. Therefore, I fear that I have to justify my lack of the opportunity to write a true page-turner in advance. Well, bear with me, please.

Even when I was young, Genshin Impact Liyue Harbor, the biggest trade port in Teyvat, was to all in our caravan riches and prosperity. Any time the kids saw the caravan going to Liyue, I recall, they would ask for a caravan spot. Though it was long back on the store shelves, I recall even the mysterious and attractive scents from the snack shops calling at me.

When I was old, I had a family company assigned to me. I led the caravan through Teyvat with all the major towns. Liyue also became something more than the port in which I used to travel barefoot as a child before the world opened to me.

Reference: miHoYo

Genshin Impact Liyue – Areas

Liyue Harbor

Liyue Harbour
Liyue Harbour

Genshin Impact Liyue’s shipping industry began with the establishment of the port. The significant number of goods streaming from and to Teyvat’s main market port is unprecedented for other ports.

You will see thousands of lamps rising into the sky every year during the Lantern Ritual, a Liyue experience that you can not afford to skip.

Mt. Tianheng

Liyue Mt. Tianheng
Mt. Tianheng

The pride of the mountains that defend Genshin Impact Liyue Harbor from the West as a natural barrier against enemies.

The battles are both complete and small and enemies blocked by this shield have been numerous. As such, historic remains of city walls, fortresses, and defensive buildings are still evident.

Dihua Marsh

Liyue Dihua Marsh
Dihua Marsh

A wetland region north of Genshin Impact Liyue is named “dihua” from the silver grass which grows in the lowlands of the marsh. The network of rivers has become a vibrant and broad-based ecosystem of plants and animals – a stunning vision for local visitors.

The place is also the route from Mondstadt to Liyue, and many caravans prefer to stop here to relax. The Wangshu Inn is a symbolic building in the surrounding area from any perspective.

Wangshu Inn

Liyue Wangshu Inn
Wangshu Inn

A memorial built upon a massive pillar of stone in the Marsh of Dihua. When most wandering traders stop here, the Inn gives them an area for trading and stall construction. The look from the top of the Inn is drifting – the wind helps you to see in the distance Mt. Qingce and Jueyunjian.

The tradition between the stalls mentions that the Inn’s tower hides a dark secret, but that’s to the point of the legend because nobody has ever confirmed the allegations.

Qingce Village

Liyue Qingce Village
Qingce Village

Qingce village is situated at the northern-most of Genshin Impact Liyue between the mountains and the bamboo forests.

Waves of crescent-moon paddles of water intensify white rolling seas between the mountains in the valleys. If the wind blows, a variety of shades emerges in the water.

Jueyun Karst

Liyue Jueyun Karst
Jueyun Karst

Tremendous peaks in the northwest of Genshin Impact Liyue covered in mist and clouds. This zone includes many spectacular views, but the legend that the cached Adepti’s house lies in the neighborhood has been founded on the stony paths leading up to the peaks.

At the same time, the expectations of those who are pursuing the Adepts are yet another aspect. Owing to its risks, the environment is not adapted to externals. The Wangshu Inn is better seen from afar.

Genshin Impact Liyue – Characters

Playable Characters of Liyue


Genshin Impact Beidou

Beidou is the playable character in Genshin’s Impact. She’s the Crux Fleet’s Commander. Apart from her capabilities as a fleet captain and her tremendous courage in Genshin Impact Liyue, many know her because she has no fear of the Liyue Qixing Tianquan in Ningguang – an attribute that the other woman is aware of and is annoying.


Genshin Impact Chongyun

Chongyun is a playable character from Genshin Impact. A Liyue exorcist, Chongyun came to life with unnecessary optimistic energies and proved to be both an encouragement and a challenge.

It makes him an exorcistic that is highly successful but also means that you never saw a ghost for yourself – you run before it can even set your eyes on you. It has also made him particularly sensitive to some heat or intense emotion that contributes to some very…unforeseen discoveries.


Genshin Impact Ningguang

Ningguang is a Genshin Impact playable character. She is Liyue Qixing’s Tianquan, the seven merchants in charge of Liyue’s affairs.


Genshin Impact Qiqi

Qiqi is a Genshin Impact playable character. Risen by the warriors as Zombie, she finished the care of Baizhu and is now working at Bubu pharmacy in the harbour of Liyue.


Genshin Impact Xiangling

Xiangling is the playable character of Genshin’s Impact. The Chamber 3 of Spiral Abyss is readily obtained at the Spiral Abyss Case – People’s choice to clear Floor 3.

She is the head of the restaurant Wanmin and runs this along with her dad’s Chef Mao. Xiangling is not afraid to try various recipes and unusual ingredients as a cook.


Genshin Impact Xingui

Xinqui is a playable character in Genshin’s Impact. He was the second son of the Feiyun Trade Guild, a powerful Liyue party, and self-proclaimed Guhua Clan arts practitioner.

Familiar Characters of Liyue


Baizhu is a forthcoming Genshin Impact playable character. It was first used in the 3rd Closed beta but could not be played as a character. Like Fischl, Changsheng, the white snake resting on his shoulders, has a talk-themed pet character.


The next playable character in Genshin Impact is Ganyu. She acts as the Liyue Qixing emissary and secretary.

Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a forthcoming Genshin Impact playable character. She is Wangsheng’s seventy-seventh master.


Yaoyao is a future plausible character. Under the same master chef, she was Xiangling’s youngest student but has since become a Ganyu assistant.


Yunjin, a future playable character in Genshin Impact, is a new one. Yunjin is in the Chinese version. She is a famous dancer, singer, and brush head working in the Tea House of Heyu.

Genshin Impact Liyue – Important Locations

  • Bishui Plain – Bishui Plain is one location in the northern Liyue region.
  • Minlin – Minlin is the location of the Liyue nation in the Wesr.
  • Qiongji Estuary – Qiongji Island is an area in the east part of the Liyue country.
  • Lisha – Lisha is a district of the Liyue country in the Southwest.
  • Sea of Clouds – The Sea of Clouds is an area in the south-east part of Liyue.
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