Genshin Impact Lisa – All Abilities and Best Builds

Genshin Impact Lisa

Genshin Impact is an open source-world action RPG with numerous mechanical implementations. Since the recent launch, the multi-player free-to-play game has been played by millions and continues to enter the internet gaming world. Besides, the video game features stirring plot campaigns, characters, and battle mechanics that differentiate it from other popular games in the category.

Genshin Impact Lisa is a brilliant librarian who has immense knowledge of the game. Lisa can be obtained as a playable character as you progress in the game. Along with a brilliant mind, she is flirty and quite talkative. To the surprise, no matter how many naps she takes, she is always sleepy. But the charming nature of her doesn’t make it quite visible.

Lisa is one of your early players in the Genshin Impact. Move on to find out the character’s most potent artifact and weapon in Genshin Impact Lisa.

Genshin Impact Lisa – Introduction

Lisa Minci is a Genshin Impact playable character. The outlander who caught the wind during sparks among the pages quest is obtained for free in Prolog Act I: Sparks.

She’s a woman who never has enough sleeves. As the Librarian for Favonius’s Knights, Lisa is brilliant, and she knows just what she wants. She somehow tries to keep things under check in a calm and balanced way, as much as she enjoys her sleep.

Lisa is also well-trained, in addition to her beauty and appeal. In the last two centuries, she was said to have been the most brilliant wizard training in the Sumeru Arcademia. After two years of advanced studies in Sumeru, it is well known that Lisa chose to move to Mondstadt, but the decision does not occur. Lisa is now a librarian in the Favonius Knights.

Genshin Impact Lisa – Bio

  • Name: Lisa Minci
  • Sex: Female
  • Region: Mondstadt
  • Rarity: 4 Stars
  • Weapon: Catalyst
  • Vision: Electro
  • Constellation: Tempus Fugit
  • Affiliation: Knights of Favonius
  • Special Dish: Mysterious Bolognese
  • Birth Date: 9th June
  • Voice Actor (English): Mara Junot
  • Voice Actor (Japanese): Rie Tanaka
  • Voice Actor (Chinese): Ke Zhong

Genshin Impact Lisa – Appearance

Lisa has curly, dark-brown, dark features, green eyes, and a light skin curvy structure. She is wearing an open dress of purple and white, with gold split, black gloves, a huge hat, and black lacquer. Her hair has a tiny purple rose attached back. With the great witch look and purple color, you can get a good idea of her Electro vision.

Lisa Appearance
Lisa Appearance

Her accessories are a gold necklace with a purple stone, and a belt with a large gold rose. She often wears a bluebell with her accessories.

Genshin Impact Lisa – Personality

Genshin Impact Lisa, the dreamy but very well-informed librarian of the Favonius, a distinguished graduate in the last two centuries, is Sumeru Arcademia. Her language might be off, but her knowledge is excellent. She can find a solution to every problem she faces. Moreover, her calm and mind are always stable while finding a solution.

Lisa tends to be very flirty and friendly and always refers to her friends as ‘Cuties‘ and occasionally as ‘honey.’

Genshin Impact Lisa – Talent

Lisa Talents
Lisa Talents

Lightning Touch

  1. Normal Attack: Carries out up to 4 attacks by electro DMG.
  2. Charged Attack: Use some stamina to send Electro DMGs to all enemies after a brief casting period.
  3. Plunging Attack: Lisa drops into the ground from the middle of the air, collects the force of Electro, and kills all rivals. Deals with the effect of AoE Electro DMG with the soil.

Violet Arc

Lisa Attacking
Lisa Attacking
  1. Press: Activates a homing orb. As struck, Electro DMG is treated, and enemies in a small AoE use the Conducting State Stack.
  2. Hold: After a longer set time, lights from the sky call all the surrounding enemies to handle Electro DMG massively.
  3. Dealing with the number of conductive pillars added and clearing the conducting piles, the opponent would be harmed tremendously.

Lightning Rose

  • Invoke lightning rose that emits concrete lightning bolts, begins round enemies, and distributes Electro DMG.
  • The Rose Flash can emit flashbacks continuously to knock enemies down to Electro DMG as long as they last.

Induced Aftershock

  • The first attack is defined as Passive Talent 1. The Violet Arc’s conductive status is extended to enemies by charged assaults.

Static Electricity Field

  • The next attack is defined as Passive Talent 2. Lightning Rose struck enemies have their DEF dropped by 15 percent over ten years.

General Pharmaceutics

  • The final attack is defined as Passive Talent 3. Genshin Impact Lisa has a 20 percent chance of repaying a share of the products used as she makes a formula.

Genshin Impact Lisa – Constellations

Lisa Constellations
Lisa Constellations

Infinite Circuit

Lisa starts to recover two energy for each opponent hit while holding Violet Arc.

Electromagnetic Field

Violet Arc holding would have the following effects: DEF raises by 25%. Enhances Lisa’s interference denial.

Resonant Thunder

The Lightning Rose levels rise by three, and an upgrade to 15 is the limit.

Plasma Eruption

Increases Lightning Rose’s number of lightning bolts by 1-3.


The degree of Violet Arc is raised by three, and an upgrade to 15 is the limit.

Pulsating Witch

Lisa uses three Violet Arc Conductive Stacks on opposing rivals as Lisa takes the ground. This result happens just once in 5s.

Genshin Impact Lisa Builds

Genshin Impact Lisa Builds
Genshin Impact Lisa Builds

Builds can be used to enhance the powers of characters in a specific way. For Genshin Impact Lisa, Electro Support Build is the best option because of her abilities and constellations. With a good combination of weapons and artifact sets, you can build a good support character with Lisa.

Electro Support Build

Electro Support Build is dependent on the Elemental Burst ability of Lisa. With a good knockback, this can be very significant against bosses. After using Elemental Burst, you can switch to other DPS characters to deal with further damage.


Followings are the list of weapons you can use to build support Lisa build –

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

Increases SPD motion by 10%. Win an 8% simple DMG bonus per 4s in combat. It has a max of four stacks. The character lives until it drops or exits the battle.

Sacrificial Fragments

After a competitor with an elementary competence has been impaired, the talent has a 40% chance of finishing a CD. It will happen once in 30 seconds.

The Widsith

When a player takes the floor, the character gets a random 10s theme tune. Only about in the 30s will it happen. Recital: 60 percent rise in ATK. Aria: Elemental DMG rise by 48%. Interlude: The Mastery of the elements is raised to 240.


Thundering Fury

Bonus of Electro DMG + 15%. The overloaded, electromagnetic, and superconduct damage raises by 40 percent. Elemental Ability CD decreases by 1s when those results are triggered. It will happen once in every 0.8s.

Wanderer’s Troupe

Elementary Mastery improves by 80. Improves charged DMG assault by 35 percent if the character uses a Catalyst or Bow.


Elementary Mastery improves by 80. After Elemental Ability, Elemental Mastery is Increased by 120 for 8s for all members of the team.

Final Words

The RPG also features a host of characters that players can unlock on the entire ride. In the early part of the game, you make three real personalities that will aid you in your quests. The game will also switch between these familiar characters if you choose to perform a specific attack and use their abilities to succeed.

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