Genshin Impact Jean – One Of The Best Master Of Knights

Genshin Impact Jean

Genshin Impact is a new but massive game that attracted over 10 million players across all the platforms. Moreover, the cross-platform support makes the game more interesting. With 23 characters and several new craftable items, this game has the perfect grinding journey for the old gamers. With different talents and constellations, every character has a unique role in the game. Also, there is a backstory attached to every character along with its Manga.

Genshin Impact Jean is a powerful character from the game which specializes in the Anemo vision. She has devoted her life to maintaining peace throughout the Mondstadt. With a 5 star rarity, she can be hard to get but once obtained, and you can easily win your fights with her incredible abilities. Every character has lore attached to him/her. With this lore, you can get an idea of the origin and playstyle of the character.

Genshin Impact Jean – Introduction

Jean is known to be the Grand Master in Acting, and the Knights consider her the Grand Master for their kingdom. She belongs to the kingdom of Mondstadt, where she sacrifices herself to maintain peace and achieve peace; she is always devoted to her duties and completing them within time. The achievement due to which she is honored in Genshin’s Impact was defeating Stormterror’s assault; she took precautions before the onset and guarded the kingdom.

Genshin Impact Jean Banner
Genshin Impact Jean Banner

Jean is a female personality that attracts the player to obtain her desperately. Her full name is Jean Gunnhildr, and was born on 14th March, followed by the constellation of Leo Minor and belongs to the kingdom of Mondstadt. She loves to treat her to Invigorating Pizza.

Genshin Impact Jean – Bio

Full Name: Jean Gunnhildr
Sex: Female
Constellation: Leo Minor
Affiliation: Knights of Favonius
Special Dishes: Invigorating Pizza
Region: Mondstadt
Birthday: 14 March
Voice Actor (English): Stephanie Southerland
Voice Actor (Japanese): Chiwa Saitō
Voice Actor (Chinese): Su Lin

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Genshin Impact Jean – Appearance

Genshin Impact Jean has the athletic build body along with the advantage of being tall. She has fair skin with short hair colored in gold-blonde, tied at the back in the form of a ponytail. Her grey-blue eyes are the most attractive to which one may fall in love with.

Jean Appearance
Jean Appearance

She loves to wear skinny clothes, owns a cloak of golden color whose inner lining is of blue color; this coat is combined with a tailcoat in blue to make the matching. On the top, she wears a white color jumpsuit, which has the embroidery work done with a diamond dot design and gold symbols along the legs.

The sword she holds is in silver and blue color combined with a golden grip resembling bird wings wide open. And to make it look like a treasure sword, it has the sky blue color gem engraved in the handle.

Genshin Impact Jean – Personality

Genshin Impact Jean is the most appraised knight because her attitude towards protecting the kingdom of Mondstadt has won the hearts, which makes her the Grand Master of knights.

She has won many titles like – Grand Master of Acting, Dandelion Knight, and Lionfang Knight. All these titles won by Jean just because of her loyalty and actively protecting the kingdom. Jean always won her kingdom’s hearts as she is devoted to her duties and always keeping herself busy serving the kingdom.

She is considered to be self-centered, which makes her formal and loyal while performing the task. She has the capability to do things perfectly because she remains serious about her duties.

The kingdom has high expectations from her because Genshin Impact Jean handles all the missions with elegance and has the capability to end the task with a 100% success rate. She is never demotivated by the obstacles or worries, whichever interrupts her mission, making her a tough and strong personality.

Genshin Impact Jean – Talents

Jean Talents
Jean Talents

Favonius Blade work Attack

This attack is categorized under the normal and charged attack type. The normal attack of Jean can perform 5 consecutive strikes. The charged attack launches the enemies high in the sky, and they fall back on the ground slowly; this attack consumes stamina to generate the wind power.

Gale Blade Attack

Genshin Impact Jean Attacking
Jean Gale Blade

It is the elemental skill type of attack. This attack generates a small storm of wind around Jean’s blade, which can be focused in a specific direction for attacking the enemy and dealing massive Anemo Damage.

You can continue this attack while compromising with Jean’s stamina. This attack can continue to pull the enemies towards herself, but she cannot move around (the direction can be adjusted).

Dandelion Breeze Attack

Dandelion Breeze attack is categorized under the Elemental Burst type. It causes Anemo Damage by creating wind’s protection and makes the effect of swirling Dandelion around her field. Along with damaging the enemies around her, this attack instantly regenerates a huge amount of Hit Points (HP) of her allied units and the party members.

The Dandelion Field is capable of regenerating the HP for one allied unit and providing them the attributes of Anemo Damage. This attribute hit enemies while entering and exiting the field.

Wind Companion Attack

This attack works combinedly with the Normal Attack; this provides a 50% chance of regenerating HP and increases Jean and her party members’ attack by 15%.

Let the Wind Lead Attack

If you use the attack Dandelion Breeze, it regenerates its Energy by 20%. This attack cannot be performed alone; to use this ability, you need to use the Dandelion Breeze attack first then the Let the Wind Lead attack.

Guiding Breeze Attack

When Genshin Impact Jean cooks a perfect dish with restorative effects, it creates a 12% chance to get the double product.

The Passive Talent attacks are the after-effects of Combat Talent, which means all the passive attacks are followed after performing any major attacks. Passive Talent type attacks are less powerful as compared to Elemental and Charged attack.

Genshin Impact Jean – Constellations

Jean Constellations
Jean Constellations

Genshin Impact Jean has six levels in her constellations. The constellation features a Leo Minor arc in space. With every level, you get a buff listed as below –

Spiraling Tempest

Increases the damage dealt of Gale Blade by 40% and increases the pulling speed if hold for more than 1 second. This is useful if you are a fan of Gale Blade.

People’s Aegis

Increases the movement speed of party members by 15% after picking up the Elemental Orb. This speed also applies to attack speed for all party members.

When The West Wind Arises

Increase the level of Dandelion Breeze by 3. By using such upgrades, you can maximize the level up to 15.

Lands of Dandelion

This increases the power of the Dandelion Breeze, giving 40% less resilience for the enemies. This level is significant in increasing crowd control.

Outbursting Gust

Gale Blade’s level is increased by 3. By using such upgrades, you can maximize the level up to 15.

Lion’s Fang

Using your Dandelion Breeze will grant you a 35% decrease in incoming damage. This effect lasts for 3 attacks or 10 seconds.

Genshin Impact Jean Builds

Builds are essential to make your character more impactful. Following are the builds available for Jean –

Anemo Support Build

This is the Anemo Support Build for Jean, which can be used to provide assists for your teammates. In your build, your Weapon must be either Skyward Blade or Favonious Sword. And your Artifact Sets must include Noblesse Oblige or Viridescent Venerer.

Physical DPS Build

You can have a good DPS build with Jean to provide help to your team. Your weapons must include either Aquila Favonia or Prototype Rancour. The Artifact Sets must include Gladiator’s Finale or Bloodstained Chivalry + Gladiator’s Finale.

Final Words

To summarize, Jean is a compelling character capable of providing both support as well as damage. With this flexibility, any team can be picked and can adapt the change easily by changing the build. Moreover, there are many other characters in the game, which you must study to master Genshin Impact.

Happy Gaming!

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