Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity DLC: All 10 Chibis Locations

Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity DLC All 10 Chibis Locations

Chibis Locations are strewn across the map. Ubisoft‘s homage to its villain resurrects him. Do you know what’s better than an evil megalomaniac whose very name sounds dangerous? The same evil villain becomes worse and worse until he is irredeemable. Where does the clinical satisfaction of watching something worsen up come from?

The Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity DLC (source) shows us the very worst side of our beloved villain Vaas. Where is he? What is he planning to do? And what’s up with Citra? To gain trophies in Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity DLC you will have to hunt down Vaas Figurines. But where will you find them all?

In our Chibis Location Guide, we will be answering all these questions and more! Keep reading.

Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity DLC

“The FPS action is as big a highlight here as it was in Far Cry 6’s main campaign, although the rewards for ramping up the difficulty after the initial playthrough are few and far between. The mixture of swappable perks and permanent upgrades provides a good progression, and even those who just want to see the story beats will find Insanity to be a fun ride.”

Review from Screenrant

The Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity DLC takes you from one tropical location to another. The iconic evil Vaas returns with a new level of psychopathic abilities unlocked. In Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity DLC we delve deeper into the psychopath’s mind. The game occurs in the mind of the villain and the farther you go the more dangerous it becomes.

“Of course, given the nature of roguelites and permanent character upgrades that carry from run to run, Vaas’ power will inevitably outpace his fever-dream enemies. You can slowly but surely save enough cash to boost him up and shred foes. But early on, with a crappy pistol and hardly any HP (or healing syringes), any random shootout can be deadly.”

Review from Destructoid

All 10 Far Cry 6 Chibis Locations

The word Chibis most probably comes from the Japanese word Chibi which is a slang word used to describe a very short human, animal, or thing. Like the word itself suggests, Chibis are very small miniature statues that look just like bobbleheads.

These little statues are scattered across the map. These Chibis make continuous noise when you get close to them and they also represent the image of Vaas. Players will also be able to shoot or interact with them to collect them.

Finding out all 10 hidden Chibis will let you unlock a brand new cockpit decoration along with another achievement “Veni Vidi Vaas”. Finding all of them will be the difficult part of the game as all of them are perfectly hidden.

But fret not, we have all the Chibis and their locations mentioned below!

Where To Find Chibi 1

The first Vaas Chibis location statue can be found in the center of the map at The Compound Area. Leave the safe house and then turn right. You will find a storehouse with a zipline in the corner.

Now move as fast as you can to the top floor and move your head up to look at the small fellow waiting for you behind the grated ceiling. You can either shoot it down or collect it.

The first Chibi figurine will be found on the grille under the roof located in the southwest building present on the site.

Where To Find Chibi 2

The second Vaas Chibi statue can be found on the tip of a floating boat in the North-West. You can look it up on your map. It will be located in the left corner of the beach.

Now you will have to travel west from The Compound Area. Get to the beach and find your way to floating boats lined up. Your second Chibi figurine will be waiting for you on one of them.

Where To Find Chibi 3

The third Vaas Chibi statue can be found on the observation tower located in the southwest region of the site. Thus you will have to move towards the South from The Compound Area.

Keep trudging on your way to The Volcano area and you will soon spot a watchtower on the mountain. Climb on the watchtower to get your third Chibi figurine.

Where To Find Chibi 4

The fourth Vaas Chibi statue can be found in one of the buckets in the sand located on the north coast. This statue will be impossible to miss. It will be waiting for you in a bucket on the northern part of the beach. The bucket will be present next to a hill and a very large roundish rock.

Where To Find Chibi 5

The fifth Vaas Chibis location statue can be found inside the trunk of a big tree located in the southern region. Tread carefully though, this Chibi Statue is very well guarded as it’s close to a chest, and collecting it won’t be as easy.

You can now open the chest we just mentioned and look around a bit to find a large tree. You will have to go around the tree to find your fifth Chibi statue.

Where To Find Chibi 6

The sixth Vaas Chibi statue can be found on the plank present on top of the large stone arch in the Northwestern region. Move to the northern shore. It will be overlooking the bay from its place.

Where To Find Chibi 7

The seventh Vaas Chibi statue can be found on the praying hands of sister Citra’s statue located just southeast of the site. Move to the Southwestern region of the Compound and aim your gun to the top of the statue to clear the surrounding area.

Where To Find Chibi 8

The eighth Vaas Chibi statue can be found on the collapsed stone wall located in the south-eastern part of the site. Move to the Jungle Safehouse.

The eighth statue will be present on the top of a hill. You will have to follow the zipline and reach a ruin containing a chest. While facing the chest you will find the statue to your left.

Where To Find Chibi 9

The ninth Vaas Chibi statue can be found in the hands of the overhead corpse present in the South-eastern region. This is probably the most missable statue. It will be found in the hands of a corpse hanging near the red grass.

Where To Find Chibi 10

The tenth Vaas Chibis location statue can be found on the top of a rock in the bay present in the South-Eastern region. It is present near where you found the ninth statue.

You will find a hill overseeing the water just a few steps away. You can also look for a ruined temple wall. The tenth statue will be waiting for you on top of a vine-covered rock.

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