Far Cry 6 Top of the Pecking Order Trophy (Cockfighting Minigame Location)

Far Cry 6 Top of the Pecking Order Trophy

The Top of the Pecking Order Trophy in Far Cry 6 is a bronze-level trophy won in the Montero Farm Guerrilla Camp in Costa Del Mar. This Top of the Pecking Order Trophy is one of the level three trophies in Far Cry 6. It can be won by winning a minigame, unlike the treasure hunt trophy or mission trophies.

The Top of the Pecking Order Trophy requires you to win the cockfighting minigame in Montero farm. The Top of the Pecking Order Trophy can only be won by using an easy but impactful strategy against the opponent rooster to win the cockfight.

Cockfighting in the Montero Farm

Far Cry 6 Top of the Pecking Order Trophy Location

The cockfight requires a rooster to start with, so you will find one upon reaching the Montero Farm in the Madrugada region if you don’t have one.

Choosing The Rooster

Upon reaching there, you will find a crate containing a rooster. In the crate, you will find a rooster named El Rato, a fierce white-feathered rooster to help you win the game of cockfighting in Far Cry 6.

After collecting the cock you will find a man named Ivan near the cockfighting ring who will be your opponent in the cockfighting game. A square button will appear on the screen with written cockfighting underneath it; press that to enter the game.

Select the difficulty level as civilian and press continue.

After selecting continue, a screen will appear with a manual for the cockfighting game. Read the instructions carefully to understand how to attackdodge, and information regarding the range bar.

After reading and reminding that press, continue to choose a rooster if you have any other rooster besides the recently collected rooster. You can have different roosters from different missions. After selecting the rooster, select fight to start the game.

This will take you to the cockfighting ring to start your match. During the fight, make sure to keep up with the range bar.

Top of the Pecking Order Trophy – Cockfight

Far Cry 6 Cockfighting Minigame Walkthrough 1

The range bar will show the impact of the damages on your rooster. Taking the damages or missing it will affect the range bar, which also has an effect on your chances of winning or losing the game.

So keeping that in mind, try not to decrease the range bar much by dodging the attack by using the circle and left stick together.

For attacking, you can use the square or triangle with X as it all has different attacking styles like Close-range attack, Long-range attack, and Jump attack, respectively. On the full range bar, you can also use Gallo Super.

Far Cry 6 Cockfighting Minigame Walkthrough 2

To win the game, you must win two rounds. Choose your every move statistically to win the game. You have to dodge the attack of the opponent and attack when you find a chance. This will increase your chance a lot to win easily.


After winning two rounds, you will be announced as the winner, winning the Top of the Pecking Order Trophy. You will also win a reward of 100 Yaran pesos.

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