Far Cry 6 Stay Cool Trophy Guide

Far Cry 6 Stay Cool Trophy

The Stay Cool Trophy is one of the bronze leveled trophies. This is one of the other Special operations in Far Cry 6 that earn a trophy. This is the Special Operation trophy that can be earned online only.

But despite the team challenge, this mission can be completed in solo mode also. This guide will help you to complete the mission which is required to get the trophy.

Stay Cool Trophy’s Special Operation Location

The special mission for this trophy can be started from the quest board at one of the three main camps present in either Madrugada, Valle De Oro, or El Este.

Far Cry 6 Stay Cool Trophy Location

In the camps, you have to go to the black market to meet Lola and interact with her, which will provide you with a special operation map. It is also one of the two tasks required to complete the mission and get the trophy.

The second operation is to enter the map of Maceo, where you will have to steal the PG-240X from the airbase near Maceo. After choosing the map of Maceo, you have to select the difficulty level where you have to choose the Standard.

Here you will also get an option to play in a team or play as a single-player; you can choose whatever you like to play.

Completing The Mission

Upon entering the Maceo, you have to reach the apartment northwest of the evacuation area of the Militar Omaja Airbase after stealing the PG-240X battery and then completing the mission.

Far Cry 6 Stay Cool Trophy Walkthrough 1

Throughout the way, you will be in contact with Lola, who will be guiding and helping you when required. Lola will also help you in finding the dead drop by marking it on the map.

On your way to the airbase, you will also have to kill a few enemies, which can also earn you some Yaran pesos. Upon reaching the airbase, you must eliminate all the guards before finding and killing Captain Ramon Gallegos.

Far Cry 6 Stay Cool Trophy Walkthrough 2

This act will earn you some rifle ammo also. After killing Captain Ramon Gallegos collects the cooler key from him. Enter the cooler and get the PG-240X from there and head to the military Omaja airbase evacuation area.

Far Cry 6 Stay Cool Trophy Walkthrough 3

Make sure to keep the PG-240X cool by standing under the water or being in the shed. And also, try avoiding the sun as it can heat that real quick.

Far Cry 6 Stay Cool Trophy Walkthrough 4

Once you reach the apartment near the evacuation area, you must secure it by discarding all the militaries until Lola comes to your rescue. Upon securing the site, you will complete the operation, which will earn you the Stay cool trophy.

Completing this special Operation for the Stay Cool Trophy will require a lot of bloodshed and brutality as you have to face many military forces alone on your way to and while securing the airbase evacuation area.


Completing this special operation will earn you the Stay Cool Trophy along with the 150 Yaran pesos. Apart from this, you will also earn some extra Yaran pesos and rifle ammo by killing the military.

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