Far Cry 6 One Ping Only Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 One Ping Only Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

One Ping Only is a rank 3 unique rifle in Far Cry 6. The world of Far Cry 6 is founded on the pillars of ruination, destruction, damage and devastation. To triumph over the evil and powerful Castillo’s forces will be no small feat.

And to turn the tables on him while staying alive will be an even greater task. To aid you in these adrenaline-thumping adventures you will have weapons blowing up things for you (both unique and non-unique).

In fact, Far Cry 6 provides you with a vast array of 98 weapons in total to amp up the game. Read on to find all about One Ping Only!

Far Cry 6 One Ping Only Stats

Far Cry 6 One Ping Only Stats
Weapon NameOne Ping Only
Rate of Fire900

The One Ping Only will be perfectly strapped with velocity stats and the built-in suppressor in it will make it your first choice if you need stealth.

As the One Ping Only is a unique weapon you will not be able to make any improvements to it at the workbench. The One Ping Only is capable of a lot of damage but is a bit below average at handling.

With 900 Rate of Fire and 20 Magazine, the One Ping Only is a bit better at accuracy than it is at handling.

Where To Find One Ping Only

Players will be able to find One Ping Only after completing The Lion’s Den Operation as a mission reward. The Lion’s Den Operation will require you to infiltrate Antón Castillo’s private mansion to rescue Clara.

You will find heavy patrolling from his forces around the area. After an important cutscene, you will have to meet Juan in order to conclude the mission.

Remember that you need to wipe out every sign of Castillo’s forces from the face of Yara before you do so. This mission will also help you unlock the P226 pistol.

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