Escape From Tarkov Flash Drive Guide

Tarkov Flash Drive

Video games are the most entertaining factor that rules the youngster’s world. Many started to be more active in the digital world than in their real life. They started to find solace in the pleasure of winning against monsters and other opponents. They feel a sense of freedom and power among themselves.

Tarkov Flash Drive is an Electronic item that the players use to play a smoother game. The main aim of using the items in a game is to get more points and get more powers. It may also be known as a USB stick that all players frequently use.

Escape From Tarkov is a first-person shooter game that Battlestate Games for Windows developed. Each and every player will have to undergo matches like raids, and if you win a raid, you will get the opponent’s loot items, and those will be yours. The main aim of this game is to survive and escape from your enemies.

What is Tarkov Flash Drive?

Escape From Tarkov Flash Drive

Secure Tarkov Flash Drive is an exclusive item that is found in the game. It is also described as a USB stick that TerraGroup employees frequently use. It says that a USB Stick will definitely hold sensitive data. It comes under the type Info Item. The weight of this USB is very less as 0.08 kg, and the Grid size of this item is 1×1.

It has a Generic loot item in the category of effects and holds great experiences in the experience category. It has Thirty points in Looting experience and Ten points in Examine Experience.

What are the Quests of Tarkov Flash Drive?

Every item has its own quests, and a player following that will get that item. In similar to that, there are two quests for this item Tarkov Flash Drive.

  • The first quests can be found in the raid for the questsWhat’s on the Flash Drive?”. You will be able to get two from this quests.
  • The second is no lesser than the first one. Three more are nedded to be found in the raid of the quests “Shady Business

What Are The Quests Rewards In Tarkov Flash Drive?

Every success is celebrated, every victory is rewarded. In the same way, every quest, when completed, will gift the players with its remarking rewards. Sometimes, the quests may be easy, but their grant will be mighty and effectual. The reward for Tarkov Flash Drive is two more drives that can be obtained as a reward for the Huntsman Path- Evil Watchman.

What Is The Hideout For Flash Drive?

Three more Tarkov Flash Drive have to found for the intelligence center level-2. With the help of all these hideouts and quests, a player would get more Flash Drive. Every feature in this game is one the favor of the player to profit and enjoy the game.

What Is The Location Of Secure Tarkov Flash Drive?

Tarkov Flash Drive Location

It is important that a player should know the location of an item before going ahead to search for it. Only when you know the location you are able to get that item without getting defeated or wasting your time. Many players don’t get this fact and spend most of their time searching for an item everywhere. The locations for Flash drive are given below.

  • The first location that a player must search for is in the PC Blocks. They are plugged into the front of the blocks.
  • You can also find them easily in the Bags and Pockets of scavengers.
  • If you missed out the two locations, Don’t worry you still can find it in the Safes. Safe is a loot contanier in this game that can hold spawns currency and jewellery items. It looks like a large black safe that share the small safes on top of the blue weapon safe spawn in the Dorm Room 204.
  • If not in Safe search for the item in the Drawers. It is also the loot container that are interacted with in the process of filing cabinets. Most of the filing cabinets have four drawers and you have the freedom to search in each drawer individually. Each drawer is of 2×2 Grid.
  • You still have the chance to get this item in the location of Ground Caches. It is also a loot container that is described as a Ground Cache and you can find the Flash Drive in this location.
  • The last location that is pinned down to find Flash drive is the Buried Barrel Cache. It is a loot container that is buried in the ground. It has the ability to possess various items such as currency, provisions, and uncommon loot.

What Are The Crafting Items?

Tarkov Flash Drive Crafting

Every item can be obtained in two ways. One is getting it in the exact place, and if you find it hard to figure out where it is, you can also get the particular item by crafting other materials. The same happens for this item Tarkov Flash Drive.

  • One way to get this item is by crafting One Broken GPhone+ One Broken GPhone X+ One SSD Drive. With all these materials craft it in the Intelligence Center Level-2 and get the item Tarkov Flash Drive. It approximately takes 34 Hours and 13 Minutes to complete this process. As a result, you can get Three Flash drive items.
  • With the help of this item you have the possibility to get other items too. But to this you must to know thw value of an item to be added. By crafting, one UHF RFID Reader + Three Secure Flash drive+ One VPX Flash StorageModule+ One Object 21WS Keycard in the Intelligence Center Level-2 will give you One Object 11SR Keycard. It takes merely Sixty-Five Hours and Thrity Three minutes to complete this process.
  • If you find the above crafting method to be more hard then you can try out htis method. Use Three Secure Flas Drive + One Printed Paper in the Intelligence Center Level-3 to get One Folder With Intelligence. With the time period of Thirty- One Hours and Fourty minutes this process will come to an end and you get that the item.

How Much Is A Flash Drive Worth In Tarkov?

Every item is either got through strenuous effects, or you can get it by buying. So if you are expecting to buy Tarkov Flash Drive, then this is for you. In the current state, the Flash Drive costs around 700,000 to 900,000 rubles.

Can You Make Flash Drives In Hideout?

The Flash Drive is an Electronic – Barter Item. It is found sticking out of PC Blocks and also as a loose loot at selected locations or can also be crafted in the Hideout. They are also prized because five Flash Drives are needed to be found in Raid for quests given by Skier and Jaeger.

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