Secret Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals Locations Guide

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is an activity-pending sandbox game created by Square Enix and Omega Force, with Square Enix distributing it. It is the continuation of Dragon Quest Builders and was delivered for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Japan in December 2018 and globally in July 2019, and for Microsoft Windows in December 2019. The game sent over 1,000,000 duplicates by August 2019 and got commonly useful surveys from pundits.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals are the special achievements that players earn after completing certain puzzles. These puzzles are hidden throughout the game and hard to find. In this post, we’ll look at all the available puzzle locations and their mini medals.

What are Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals?

In the game, Dragon Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals give you admittance to corrective things, melodic scores, and a few weapons and reinforcement Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals Maps

In other words, In Dragon Quest Builder 2 Mini Medals are such items or achievements, or you can say honorable achievement through which you can get additional rewards in the game. This means More medals you own, the more rewards you can get.

Now you might be thinking that how could you get those medals? Well, we have got an answer for you.

How to get Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals?

Here’s how to get them and what you get for handing them over.

There are plans and things in the game that you can get in the wake of turning in a specific number of Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals. A portion of these things is just corrective, while others will give you rewards, as expanded protection from craftable shield pieces.

There are two unique approaches to get these distinctions. One is by setting the game’s riddles. The other is by finishing Tablet Targets.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals Reward List

Numbers Rewards

1Geeky Specs
4Player lyres; Bustlin’ Streets musical score
10Bow tie
14Midenhall Garb
18Musical scores
26Dracky Cap
30Rabbit Ears
34Traveller’s Tunes
38Cannock Cloaks
42Bandito Bandana
50Songs of Paradise
54Witch’s Hat 
58Block Head
62Red Rose 
65Liquid Metal Shield Recipe
70Moonbrooke Frock Recipe
74Mystery Mask
78Castle Choruses
82Liquid Metal Armour Recipe
88Mystical Melodies
90Liquid Metal Sword Recipe

Dragon Quest Builder 2: Puzzles of Furrowfield

Dragon Quest Builder 2: Puzzles of Furrowfield

Ok, honestly, Furrowfield is the land that gave us Rosie, Saffron, and Clayton’s “little room.” You can discover ten Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals on the island, all things considered, which means you get ten Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals because you can have your cake and eat it, as well. 

Puzzle 1: Located quickly south of Furrowfield Farm. This puzzle expects you to take the two squares on the floor and spot them on the more limited block post, so it coordinates the contrary one’s stature. 

Puzzle 2: This is found only east of Furrowfield Farm. The most straightforward puzzle in the game up until this point, it just expects you to take out or crush the soil block that is obstructing the water. 

Puzzle 3: This one is found northwest of Puzzle 2. It very well may be somewhat interesting to discover as it’s wrapped up on a cliffside close to the waters yet is ludicrously simple to tackle. Get the wayward earth block close by and embed it in the unfilled space in the holy place: Presto, simple mini decoration. 

Puzzle 4: This is straightforwardly east of Puzzle 3 and is settled in green space by the ocean encompassed by a white mountain. The secret to tackling this Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals is unclogging its water supply, which is found high up on the mountain divider only behind it. Move up the mountain divider and take out the obstructing blocks. 

Puzzle 5: This is found somewhere inside a mountain northwest of Puzzle 3 in the guide’s northern piece. This is somewhat convoluted as it expects you to take out the blockage from the water source on the left half of the room, at that point, fabricate a way for the water to arrive at the pool. Manufacturing away isn’t sufficient, notwithstanding, as the water stream isn’t sufficiently able to come at the pool. This implies you should hoist the way by a couple or so squares to further press that water supply. It’s simpler to clarify outwardly, so try to look at the implanted video around the 10-minute imprint. 

Puzzle 6: This is situated in the southern piece of Furrowfield by the seashore southwest of the Hargon Church. Twist a precious stone. This one can be somewhat precarious and is seemingly the most challenging Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals to sort out in Furrowfield. Essentially, on the off chance you zoom out your guide, you’ll notice that the two squares have an example that copies a sludge beast.

Fundamentally, you need to tidy up the holy place of stones and other garbage at that point to ensure the left side matches the right side. To ensure they coordinate, utilize your mallet to burrow 1 square each on the left and right tip of the sludge’s “grin” or mouth. At that point, top it off with the two squares lying around next by. 

Puzzle 7: This is situated on the opposite side of the mountain, quickly north of Puzzle 6. It would help if you took out or obliterate a square that is obstructing the water by and by. Nonetheless, you’ll before long discover that the stream isn’t sufficiently able to arrive at the pool. Luckily, you presently approach your endless water pot, so utilize that to spill out water and add more H2O to the source. 

Puzzle 8: This is situated on the southeast corner of Furrowfield, only west of the annihilated church sphere entryway. It’s situated by a mountain range with these blue plants. It’s one of those Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals that look, indeed, perplexing from the outset yet ends up being, in reality, simple. Get a few of the blue plants close to the sanctum and thud them down the unfilled grass fixes, and you’re finished. 

Puzzle 9: This is on the furthest edge of Puzzle 8 toward the west, only south of the tomato-adoring orc. Scale as far as possible up to the highest point of the white, pale mountain, and you will see a Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals sanctuary with block blocks masterminded in a square. Get the dispersed yards on the floor and utilize soil squares or something like arrive at the top and fill the holes with the block blocks you got close by. 

Puzzle 10: Pobably the last puzzle you will get to, as you can’t get to it until you’re ready to skim noticeable all around. To arrive at it:

  1. Go to the mountain range close to that southwest seashore where you can found the monster for crab.
  2. Move up to the highest point of the mountain.
  3. At that point, face west and hop off to float to a little island with a transcending chalk mountain with a tree on top.
  4. Face west from the signup top and hop again to skim to another island.

This island is where you discover the Coraline blossom seeds for the Deitree, coincidentally. You will find the altar on the northwestern side of the mountain confronting the ocean. To settle it, take out the soiled square and utilize your unlimited water container to fill the pool with water from the top.

Dragon Quest Builder 2: Puzzles of Khrumble Dun

Dragon Quest Builder 2: Puzzles of Khrumble Dun

Puzzle 1: In this puzzle, you can get to this puzzle when you show up in Khrumble Dun. From the boat moor, head east and climb the close-by mountain. When you get to the top, begin traveling south until you arrive at the edge. At that point, hop and skim to cross the waters. You should see a puzzle place of worship with four desert plants, including one feeling the loss of several pieces.

Utilize your gloves to catch the center bit of an arbitrary prickly plant close to the altar and spot that on the deficient desert flora. At that point, get the highest point of close-by desert flora and add that to the fragmented prickly plant’s highest point to complete the puzzle.

Puzzle 2: From your town, head east, then north, and experience the gorge. Go past the mini desert spring at that point, balance an option to arrive at a puzzle with a few shaded squares. Place the green square on the vacant front opening, the yellow square as an afterthought opening, and the top opening’s red square.

Puzzle 3: In this Puzzle 3, head east and climb the close-by mountain. Continue to travel east until you arrive at the edge, and you will see a goliath structure overshadowing the desert just as a wrecked arrangement of rail tracks at a neglected system before it. Fix the rails and afterward utilize the mine truck to go on the ways and later shoot up into the altar (make a point to press toward the sanctum before the haul takes off, so you don’t miss the mark).

Puzzle 4: From Puzzle 3, head towards south and above up the mountain. From the mountain top, head east, then south for a spot, and afterward embrace the edge’s western edge. You will arrive at a sanctuary with an attractive Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals. The objective is to get the red twofold box to the ground’s blue square. To do that, press the magnet changes to move the twofold box; however, try to thud down a courtyard between the blue square and the close by a divider (between the two secret elements) around the end, so the twofold box doesn’t overshoot its objective.

Puzzle 5: I presumably should’ve made this the second puzzle since it’s privilege close to Puzzle 1. From the desert flora puzzle, head south until you see two mini islands in the water. Hop and float to the first and observe the bloom design. At that point, bounce and float to the subsequent island and get a close by milk blossom bloom and lay it down on the vacant spot in the blossom bed.

Puzzle 6: From the dock indeed, move up a similar spot, you did to will Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals one; however, head west once you get to the top and begin going south before the western edge. You will see another attractive puzzle. Adjust the red boxes with the blue squares on the floor. The one with the mini cascade should arrange effectively once you hit the magnet switch. The subsequent one will expect you to put a square right close to the blue square, so the red square doesn’t overshoot the objective when you press the attractive switch.

Puzzle 7: From Puzzle 6, head straightforwardly north and bounce off the edge. Skim down to the puzzle sanctuary that houses a graveyard. Snatch the soil block close to the goddess sculpture and spot it in the vacant spot before the correct headstone.

Puzzle 8: This features the first of 3 underground Puzzle rooms. Transport toward the upper east twist circle (the one north of the underground lake). At that point, head west while focusing on your right side. You will see a puzzle sanctum with 3 rooms. Adjust the furthest fitting room by putting the shelf on the upper left corner, the dresser on the upper right corner, and the bed in the middle of both. Spot the table 2 squares to south of the dresser and the seat quickly south of the table.

Puzzle 9: Starting at the mushroom teleporter room, head south and follow the way until you arrive at a junction. Head west then north then west once more, north and afterward one last push west. You should see a few excavators chipping away at this piece of the mine and some Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals ruins. Go up the sanctum steps, and you will see a magnet switch in an opening underneath the correct divider light. Snap that to call a red flight of stairs of squares. Snatch the close by candelabra and take that with you higher up and place it on the blue square on the floor close to the two different candelabras.

Puzzle 10: You can find this on the underground magma territory that you visit late into the Khrumble Dun mission. From the magma level’s north teleporter circle, head south for somewhat, head west. From that point onward, head northwest, and you should see some rail tracks. Fix the ways and afterward go through the mine truck to shoot and arrive at the Dragon Quest Builders 2 Mini Medals holy place. Get the other consuming urn and spot it on the blue square on the floor one the right corner of the mini-steps.

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Final Words

We have explained everything regarding the Dragon Quest Builder 2 Mini Medals. You can follow our guides and instructions, and we assure you that you will get those Mini Medals in the game. Keep Visiting us for more content like this.

Happy Gaming!

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