DPS Overwatch | Best Characters To Destroy Your Enemies [2022]

DPS Overwatch

Overwatch is an excellent FPS game in which you have to capture and push the payload to win. Released in 2016, this game gained its popularity in mid-2017. Due to further advancements in GPU technologies and an increase in the player bases, this game was at its absolute peak. But soon later, many new FPS games flooded the market with a variety of different play styles.

In Overwatch, there are four main types of characters Offense, Defence, Support, and Tank. These characters make up the balance in-game and improve the game’s toughness. Among these characters, players mostly love to play the DPS characters. No, because they do a lot of DPS but also to experience the fast and action gameplays.

DPS overwatch

DPS Overwatch is a kind of character in the game which are highly capable of doing damages to your opponents. These characters have high damage output and also have some capability to destroy the entire enemy team. But as Spiderman says, “With great power, comes great responsibilities,” these characters are responsible for making you win or lose. Also, these characters have less maximum health to achieve balance in-game.

What does DPS mean in Overwatch?

DPS in gaming terms means doing damage to your enemy team. DPS Overwatch character implies a character that is responsible for killing the enemy team. In Overwatch, DPS characters are the characters that have high damage output. DPS stands for damage per second. Although DPS is meant to kill the enemies, it can also be used to flank the enemies and slaughter them.

Understanding the Overwatch Meta is extremely important in winning rounds. With counter champions, you can keep the enemy’s attacks easy to handle. Moreover, also ensure that you have a complete habit of playing your character before playing it.

How many DPS characters are present in Overwatch?

Till now, there are 32 total characters in Overwatch. Out of them, 17 heroes are DPS characters in-game. Yes, you read it right! More than 50% of the characters are DPS, and they are entertaining to play. Earlier, when Overwatch was released, the main motive of the game to provide the players with a bunch of DPS Overwatch characters to enjoy the game. But as the game developed and as the meta changed, they released many of the different characters in other classes.

List of all DPS Overwatch characters

all DPS from overwatch

There are more than half of the heroes capable of doing high DPS in Overwatch. Moreover, Overwatch recently released the “Echo” which is another DPS character in the game. During the live stream on Twitch, the devs addressed that the upcoming heroes will be tanks and supports as they are deficient in number. So, it’s hard to see any new DPS player till 2022. The list of all currently playable DPS Overwatch characters –

  • ASHE
  • ECHO
  • MEI
  • SOLDIER: 76

All of these characters are deal with great damage and can destroy the enemy differently. Some of these characters master in close combats while some are sure shot snipers. With varying styles of play, you can choose the DPS Overwatch which suits you the most.

DPS Overwatch Tier List [October 2020]

The following tier list is self-made and can be changed as the meta evolves. At every update, many characters receive many balance changes, which can affect the tier list. But we’ve got you, I’m keeping this their list updated every time Overwatch gets an update. Currently, there are five tiers in this list, namely, S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, C Tier, and D Tier. S Tier being the strongest and the D Tier being the weakest. The list goes as the following –

S Tier

overwatch mccree
  • McCree
  • Ashe
  • Echo

These three characters are always ruling the tier list, and many nerf failed to bring me down. Echo was released recently, and at the start, it was a game-breaking character. But the devs nerfed her later on, but still, she stands on the top of other DPS Overwatch characters. Ashe and McCree, both the cowboy buddies, are on the top of the list due to insane destructive power.

A Tier

Widowmaker overwatch
  • Torbjorn
  • Widowmaker
  • Tracer

All three of these characters are good to stay in A tier. With the pulse guns, Tracer is always considered a good DPS character. Widowmaker on the other hand is a good sniper DPS Overwatch with abilities to cover the flanks. Torbjorn also makes himself worthy of A tier by his gun and hammer.

B Tier

Genji Overwatch
  • Genji
  • Hanzo
  • Soldier: 76
  • Pharah

These heroes are powerful in their own but not as powerful as A Tier. These heroes work right in the low ranked matches, but as the meta develops and your rank increases, these heroes become weak. Genji is probably the top tier character in his playstyle, but different counters can make him vulnerable. Hanzo, with his bow and Pharah with her wings, make mighty DPS. But since they can be easily countered, it makes them fragile.

C Tier

Doomfist Overwatch
  • Doomfist
  • Mei
  • Reaper
  • Symmetra

These heroes are entertaining to play characters. Situationally, you can easily wreck the newbies with these characters, but as you develop your rank in Overwatch, these heroes will surely not help you to win. Moreover, the heroes in C Tier should only be picked if you are a one-trick master on them.

D Tier

Bastion Overwatch
  • Bastion
  • Junkrat
  • Sombra

These three heroes are probably the worst DPS in the Overwatch. If you pick any of these heroes, be ready to get trolled by the toxic community of Overwatch. You can choose these heroes to provide support to your support, but it’s tough to win with those. Despite having low health, they can’t even deal with severe damage. With such liabilities, your team will be doomed.

Tips to become best DPS Overwatch Player

There are certain tips and tricks to become a better DPS player. Each of these tips follows certain situational scenarios but all of these tips togetherly make improve your play style.

Tip 1: Understand importance of your survival

Many players if they frag, they start to push into enemies spawn. Now, it’s very important for you to survive in Overwatch. Unlike other games, the spawn system in Overwatch can make your team lose or win the game. One small mistake in extra pushing can cost you a round.

Tip 2: Use your ULT

Many players save their ULT thinking they can make a big play and never gets a chance to make a big play. Yes, saving your ult for a better situation will always help you but don’t overdo the saving and use it anyhow. Even if you miss to make a big play, you can always get another ULT chance!

Tip 3: Communicate with your team

Yes, the most important tip I would say is communication. Good communication will always help you to suppress an enemy or to survive. As a DPS Overwatch player, you can view the enemy’s health, ULT charge, and many more things, you can communicate this info with your team to make a better team plays and outsmart your opponents. Suppose you are playing Widowmaker, then make sure you call for help when some DPS jumps on you. These comms can not only save your life but can also kill the enemy flank.

Final Words

Overwatch is a very fast-paced FPS action game in which players love to play as a DPS hero. Almost everyone has tried once to become a DPS main. Moreover, becoming a good DPS player requires intense practice and enormous game sense. You cannot play DPS Overwatch by sitting on a couch and moving move everywhere. This post was meant to share the tips and knowledge on the DPS Overwatch meta along with some Tier List.

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