Christmas Roblox ID Codes To Play Winter Songs [2022]

Christmas Roblox ID Codes

When you hear the word Christmas all you can dream of having cakes and carols. Yes, songs and music is important element when it comes to Christmas. Your celebration and decoration aren’t completed until you use songs or background music to it.

Christmas Roblox Id codes are the special code that is exclusively created and released for the players who wish to add a musical element to their game. You will definitely have a variety of Christmas songs available on the Internet. You can get them using codes and Robux.

Roblox is a wide area of entertainment where you will able be to play different games using different elements. Some might involve shooting and others in decorating the place or your virtual character. You can purely choose according to your favorite.

Christmas Roblox ID Codes

Christmas Roblox Id Codes are the codes that are specially designed for the songs that can be played during the Christmas season.

Many players though dream to have a pleasing carol they struggle in using the correct code for that activity and hence, we have created you the top best Christmas Roblox Id Codes that are active.

Following are the ID Codes which you can use in the game to play corresponding song/music –

Christmas SongRoblox ID Code
Oh Santa – Mariah Carey6042935040
A Roblox Rap – Merry Christmas1259050178
Jingle Oof1243143051
All I Want for Christmas is OOF4470882561
Wham – Last Christmas4471003063
FnaF Christmas Song1175747409
Jingle Bell Rock Remix1190746274
TF2 Christmas Song865512485

Oh Santa – Mariah Carey

ID Code: 6042935040

The ID Code for this song is 6042935040 and is considered as one of the best songs that are written for Christmas events. This song is sung by Mariah Carey featuring Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson.

This song has captured nearly one million people’s hearts and still rocking when it comes to Christmas.

It has nearly 36 million views and the count is still in increase day by day. This song was released on December 4th, 2020. You can give the responsibility of celebration to this song, it just makes everyone move on their own.

A Roblox Rap – Merry Christmas

ID Code: 1259050178

The ID Code for this song is 1259050178 and is created especially for Roblox players. This song was released on December 22, 2017, and has a rocking 1lakh views and it fits for every Roblox player.

Though the beat is slow it gives a hoppy feel and the beat for Christmas seems to be perfect in this song.

The visuals of this song are also eye-catching and the character goes around all the winter regions in the game. This game was created by Roblox Rapper who is very famous for creating kinds of stuff that are related to the Roblox game.

Jingle Oof

Jingle Off Christmas Roblox ID

ID Code: 1243143051

Among all the Christmas Roblox ID Codes from this post, this song has the funniest and troll time. These are the original Christmas song music but one thing that differs is that the music is created using each of the instruments is the Roblox death sound.

Though it might sound like a crazy one you should definitely try hearing it at least for once and for sure your gonna get these songs.

It was exclusively released on the Christmas Day of the year 2016 created by one of the huge players of the Roblox game. As soon as the song was released many of the players tried this song and commented to use them for all their Christmas and that shows the worth of the song.

All I Want for Christmas is OOF

ID Code: 4470882561

Its Christmas Roblox Id Code is 4470882561 and it is similar to the above song but the only difference is, the Christmas song is tuned using the barking sound of a puppy and that looks really great.

This song was created by a player who wanted to do something for the game and it was released on November 30, 2019.

It grabbed the attention of nearly 2 lakh views and nearly 8k likes for the song that was uniquely and creatively created.

Do have the patience to listen to all the music that is added there. Hear till the end because there are a variety of hippy hoppy songs in one single video. So better take no chance to miss the best one.

Wham – Last Christmas

ID Code: 4471003063

Its Christmas Roblox Id Code is 4471003063 and it is the most popular song of all years though it was released on October 6, 2009. This song has owned nearly 62 million views and more than 3 million likes.

From then, till now many of the Roblox players prefer to use this song for their game and never hesitated for selecting this song.

The beat is not so bouncy and not so soft to make you sleep but is been used at a correct pace to allow the listeners to hear their full song.

The mood of the song is cool and it is mainly played for celebration. The addition of the bell sound along with the song makes it more perfect to use for Christmas.

FnaF Christmas Song

ID Code: 1175747409

Its Christmas Roblox Id Code is 1175747409 which was written by JT Machinima. This song was released on December 23, 2016, and it crossed more than 26 million views and has backed up more than 180k likes.

The song begins with the soft and melody music of Christmas and then roars with the rocky and bouncy beat of the song.

The words of this song are very unique and merely change the mood of the person who hears them. Trust my words, it nearly worked out.

The combination of the song music along with the bells sound and the hoppy beat makes the song’s output to be perfect and stunning.

Jingle Bell Rock Remix

ID Code: 1190746274

Its Christmas Roblox Id Code is 1190746274 and it is for the players who prefer to have a rocky Christmas. This song was released on December 5, 2016, by the famous singers under the name Trap music. This song has nearly more than 17 million views and is backed up to 244 k likes.

It is the remix of a song with the perfect beat and background music. Many of the players have commented on this song to be the provider of joy that is exactly needed during the Christmas season.

TF2 Christmas Song

ID Code: 865512485

It’s Christmas Roblox Id Code is 865512485 and this song is for all the players who have a tough Christmas. It is purely a Roblox Christmas song and it was released on December 21, 2016, and has captured many views and likes.

It is the remix of the original Christmas song with the characters in the game Roblox. There is also an addition of the character’s sound like laughing, giggling, etc, without disturbing the flow of the music or song.


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