How To Change Tick Speed In Minecraft

How To Change Tick Speed In Minecraft

We live in the action-packed adrenaline-thumping world of video games. And who wouldn’t? Aren’t they better? You’re no longer restricted to this world and doesn’t that make it better? Like it or not, everyone loves to let their hair down once in a while with a video game.

Tick Speed In Minecraft determines how fast the ingame clock will work. By default, here are 20 game ticks per second in the game. Changing this ticks speed will change the whole time cycle in the game and make you do as you please. If you set a higher tick speed, then your plants will grow faster than normal and vice versa.

In this post, we’ll go through the process to change the tick speed in Minecraft.

All of these video games use a program loop through. These program loops use ticks.

Every tick changes gaming actions like moving objects change their position, update the behavior, hunger, and health affected by the player’s circumstances. Then how shall one change something so vital to the game? Which commands should one use?

What’s A Random Tick?

A random tick affects the things that are considered “random” in the game like plant growth, leaf decay and fire spread. It’s set in Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. The Random Tick Speed is not something you should fiddle with. Some random tick inputs can make the game completely unplayable.

Default Tick Speed In Minecraft

View Tick Speed In Minecraft

Minecraft has default tick speed of 20 ticks per second by default. In every 0.05 seconds a tick occurs and you should keep it in mind that every advancement or update in Minecraft is based on these ticks. You can press ALT + F3 to have the game show you your ticks per second set value.

How To Change Tick Speed In Minecraft

Like we have already established, all games including but not limited to Minecraft are driven by one gigantic program loop. To change the tick speed in Minecraft you would have to use the command “/gamerule randomTickSpeed <|your tick number|>” after you have enabled your cheats.

Change Tick Speed Command In Minecraft

For instance, if you give commands such as “/gamerule randomTickSpeed 80” your tick will change 80 times every second. You can also change it in the settings of your game.

The above-mentioned command will help you change Tick Speed. Now open your chat window in the game and enter the command. The chat window has different keys in different versions so you can try the alphabet “T” for Windows 10 and JavaScript Edition.

You can try D-pad on the controller for PS4 and Xbox. After the chat window pops up on your screen you can fill in the command to change your tick speed.

The other way is by changing your settings and to do so you can go to your settings while playing the game. You will find an option called “Random Tick Speed” at the bottom of the settings page. You will have to click on it type out the new tick speed you find suitable.

Fastest Tick Speed In Minecraft

Players will be able to increase tick speed from 0 to 256 ticks per second in the game. The default value for tick speed is set at 20 in the game but players can change it according to their wishes after enabling the cheats.

The more levels you crack, the more increments in tick speed you will get.

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