Borderlands 3 Trevonator Guide

Borderlands 3 Trevonator

While playing the game, you will get one more great Shotgun.

Borderlands 3 Trevonator is also one of the legendary Shotguns you can find. Maliwan is manufacturing this famous gun. You can get this Shotgun randomly in the game from any suitable loot source. But there are also increased possibilities for you to get it by the drop from the Private Beans area, which is located in the Athenas location.

Borderlands 3 Trevonator Variants

Splash AnointsAvailable
Weapon PartsVariations
Splash Radius75
Listed Projectiles3/6
Ammo or Shots1/2

Borderlands 3 Trevonator Shotgun Parts


 For 6 Round Magazine

  • Reload Speed: 2.1 Secs
  • Damage: +10%

For 9 Round Magazine

  • Reload Speed: 2.4 Secs

For 12 Round Magazine

  • Reload Speed: 2.7 Secs
  • Damage: -10%


For Grip 1

  • Charge Speed: +10%
  • Accuracy: +10%

For Grip 2

  • Projectiles: 2x
  • Reload Time: -5%
  • Accuracy (Bloom): +25%
  • Accuracy: -10%
  • Damage: -30%
  • Shot Cost: +1

For Grip 3

  • Projectile Speed: +15%
  • Damage: +5%

Special Weapon Effects

Trev is gunna get you! It will shoot out a burst of three elemental orbs. These orbs will explode when there is no impact. In the game, there is no weapon charge up time. Some more additional special effects of this weapon in the Borderlands 3 game are as follows:

  • No Charge Time
  • 3- Round Burst
  • Dealing projectiles splash damage along with increased radius
  • In the gun Alt, fire consists of a secondary element

Borderlands 3 Trevonator – Usage and Description

In the game, the gun will release nine projectiles very quickly in a fraction of a second because of the burst fire mode. It is combined with the dual elements of Maliwan weapons, and it consists of a high rate of fire. It can create massive damage while you are in the close in the mid-range combat of the game. 


The name of this weapon is inspired by Trevor Eastman, who is a die-hard Borderlands fan. But unfortunately, this man was diagnosed with cancer. Eastman had requested the team, and thus Gearbox team invited him to play a preview build of this game, and finally, they named a fantastic material on his name in the game. Sadly, Trevor couldn’t win the battle over cancer, and he was passed away on 02 October 2019 (:sadge:). 


Now we will look at the Elements required in the Trevonator weapon in the Borderlands 3. They are as follows:


The following weapon has fire damage, and it is robust against the Flesh. This weapon can cause the targets to get burned. The burning will deal with a heavy damage rate throughout five seconds in the gameplay.


The corrosive damage of this weapon is extreme while it is against the Armor, and it will cause the targets to get melt. The melting effect will create a heavy damage high amount of damage within seven seconds.


Shock damage is seriously very serious against the shields in the game. The reason is that it targets the electrocuted in the game. Here the Electrocution will face an extremely high rate of damager over three seconds.


The damage rate of Cryo will slow down the enemy rate, and it will also eventually freeze them. The efficiency is the percentage of damage dealt when the Cryo is applied with one hundred percent efficiency. As an output, the enemies will freeze with twenty percent of the health rate, and the frozen enemies will not be able to move anywhere in the gameplay. It will also take 3x Melee damage rate in Borderlands 3.


In this game, the Radiation Damage can affect the targets, and they can get Irradiated. At the same time, the Irradiated enemies will deal with the Aura Damage towards all the nearby enemies surrounded them for eight seconds. If, unfortunately, because of any reason, the Irradiated enemy is killed, or it dies, they will get exploded. Irradiating any of the enemies in the game get damaged by the explosion.

How do you get the Trevonator in Borderlands 3?

Borderlands 3 Trevonator Farming

You can collect the Trevonator randomly as a world drop from any of the loot sources. But in the game, there are higher possibilities of getting it dropped from the Private Beans. If you don’t know where to find and meet with the Private Beans in the game, we will let you know that Private Beans is located at the Graveyard, which is available at the Athenas. 

Is the Trevonator Any Good?

Trevonator Fight

While playing game, many players have come up with a question that “Is the Trevonator Any Good shotgun weapon available in the gameplay?” So our clear answer to this great question is Yes. The Trevonator is listed as one of the Top Tier Weapons, which you will find in the Borderlands 3 gameplay.

Trevonator Source Details

Below is a small list of all the Borderlands 3 Trevonator’s Drop Rates and all its sources. They are as follows:

  • The first source is Private Beans, and its percentage rate is fifteen percent.
  • The second source is World Drop in the gameplay.

World Drop

In Borderlands 3, World Drops are the list that can be dropped from any appropriate Loot Source and any other source in the game. 

Weapon: The suitable Loot Source are as follows:

  • All Enemies: All enemies are as Bosses, Crew Challenges, Generic Enemies, and many more in the game.
  • Secondly, there are all types of chests available in the game
  • Vending Machines is at the third position in the list
  • Loot Boxer, popularly known as Vault Line or known as Slot Machine
  • Eridian Fabricator is at the last location on today’s list 

In the Borderlands 3 game, you can get the legendary weapons by tossing up between two methods. The first possible method is by killing the boss and farming them into a heap of times. The second possible method is simply relaxing and waiting for the game’s drop rates to be in your favor if you are kicking down around the overworld in the game. In this game, the boss week is significantly increased along with the Legendary item drops rates collectible from some unique bosses. But remember it is just valid till 08 October.

Maliwan Information

So, The Borderlands 3 Trevonator is responsible for producing this legendary shotgun. Maliwan has specialized in building Elementary weapons. Ost of their developed weapon is toggled between a minimum of two of the five elements.  There are special lasers installed on this weapon that can help charge up the guns, one of the most common factors you can find in the Maliwan Arsenal.

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