Borderlands 3 Rough Rider: Everything You Need To Know

Borderlands 3 Rough Rider

Borderlands 3 Rough Rider is a unique legendary shield mainly manufactured by the Anshin. Previously popular (in Borderlands 2), Rough Rider was great at triggering high-powered skills and although its fundamentals remain the same, it’s still fun to tinker with.

Borderlands 3 Rough Rider: Features

The Borderlands 3 Rough Rider is referred so due to as a contradiction. Named after Teddy Roosevelt, it’s a shield with not many shield-like qualities. With zero shield capacity, the Rough Rider is a mash-up of an orange battery and conventional shield. Providing other abilities, this shield provides only 13% radiation protection along with 5% Action skills.

Rough Rider Overview

The Borderlands 3 Rough Rider absorbs 1/4 of damage and helps you survive the terrible and nightmarish terrains you’ll have to move across. Although the Rough Rider has some really good stats, it has a lot of drawbacks too.

On the surface, it’s a pretty random drop from sources such as bosses, slot machines, and Hammerlock creatures but the Rough Rider is a lot more than that. Not only does it decrease the effect of incoming damages but also increases your overall health by 35%. The Rough Rider also prevents you from gaining the benefits of Topped Off guardian perks.

Where To Find The Rough Rider

Although the Rough Rider has been upgraded there’s not much it’ll do to save your neck. Only a skilled gamer would be able to use it to his/her own advantage. Now that we know the pros and cons of Rough Rider let’s find out more about it.

Borderlands 3 Rough Rider Drop

Many questions must be bubbling up in a gamer’s head. How to find it? Where to locate it? How to make sure you have it with yourself? The answer is you can’t. Like we’ve already established, the drops are random. There’s no definitive way to get a Rough Rider.
You can tick locating it off the list, but fret not, there are still some tricks that can increase your chances of finding one.

  • You can unlock Mayhem mode to increase the drop rates. This will result into a dropping of rarer weapons, shields etc.
  • Collect Golden Keys as much as you can and give the Golden Chest in Sanctuary a try.
  • Located in the Ambermire on Eden-6, The Red Jabber is most likely to drop one.
  • Farm The Rampager (monster guarding the Vault on Promethea).
  • Urist McEnforcer, a Lectra City spawn enemy also has a good chance of dropping the Rough Rider.
  • Farm the Chupacabratch on Athenas. One amongst the many creatures of Hammerlock, this one lurks opposite the bridge that leads to Captain Traunt.

Using Rough Rider And More

The Rough Rider is a shield with both advantages and disadvantages but we wouldn’t advise you to use it to win. Although it’s useful to keep it around. Don’t be down if you’ve got the Rough Rider because due to its zero capacity it gets the maximum gain out of the skills.

Using Borderlands 3 Rough Rider with class mods such as Zane infiltrator could work wonders for you. The Borderlands Wiki considers it as both full and depleted simultaneously. For improved results, gamers are advised to combine it with Zane’s Rise To The Occasion skill. The lower the shield the more a Health Generation bonus Zane receives.

Many gamers think that Amara is probably the best character to combine this shield with. Her skills are great at boosting health and regeneration. As the Rough Rider has no shields, the extra health can come in handy later.

The Rough Rider Glitch

Rough Rider Glitch

You’d be insane to not take advantage of this Borderlands 3 glitch. We all know that shields are very vital for you to triumph in the end. Apart from and parcel of the game; without shields, it would be impossible to overcome the humongous amount of hurdles you’ll face. Remember the part about skilled players using Rough Rider as an advantageous shield? Yes, we’re going to dig deeper into that.

To be able to avail yourself of this glitch you need to have the Rough Rider (obviously) stating activation as “when the shield is depleted”. Let’s be clear, without the shield status as such it’ll be impossible to achieve the infinite stat glitch. For starters, your Rough Rider shield must be with a stat you want to boost (such as speed, melee damage, etc.) Then the player has to rush into the inventory and keep equipping and unequipping continuously (and quickly!) to improve the stat boost. Remember that the more you equip and unequip the better.

Once you’ve had your fill with the stat stacking you must exit with the Rough Rider equipped. Now behold yourself as you zip past your enemies in the blink of an eye and shoot them dead at once! Yes, even Wotan The Invincible will be dead by a shot!

As long as you stay in the game and do not join a friend you’ll be able to travel at unbelievable speeds and complete missions with the help of the glitch. Achieving the glitch is the easy part, getting the Rough Rider in the first place is where people get beaten at.

Buff your passive abilities like speed, reload speed, and melee damage and kill your enemies instantly! You’re welcome.

A Skill Dependent Shield

The Borderlands 3 Rough Riders have its perks but the usage of this legendary shield depends on the gamer. If you’re good at Borderlands 3 (Borderlands 2 as well) you’ll find yourself milking the best out of the Rough Rider. It’s not much of a big deal if you can’t benefit from it, but milking weapons, shields, etc. is a life-saving trait whilst playing games.

Using the Rough Rider glitch to your own advantage is not a simple job and finding the shield is even more difficult. Make sure you turn the tables on your enemies by using Rough Rider as a weapon.

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