Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Locations Walkthrough

Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Locations

Borderlands is a first-person looter shooter action role-playing game franchise set in a fantasy space world of western science. The Gearbox software creations and the 2K Games published is a worldwide popular first-person looter shooter game. The 4 games consisting game series has received critical acclaim and commercial success for its multiplayer co-op gameplay. Apart from its incredible game design and gameplay, its sense of humor is another reason for its huge success.

Borderlands 3 rare spawn locations are not always easy to find. But with the help of this guide, you can find all the rare spawn locations easily now.

The huge success of the game led to the creation of a film adaptation of this game with the same name Borderlands by Lionsgate. The 1 billion $ revenue of the total series made it one of the best-selling game franchises of all time.

Now moving unto the main topic, for which we are here, the guide to Borderlands 3 rare spawn locations for the hunt. There is a total of 14 rare spawn hunt locations in borderlands 3. In the rare spawn hunt location, the players can find and kill in Borderlands 3.

What are the Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn?

The Borderlands 3 Rare spawn is a mission on the game where you can get unique rewards for completing the mission and killing the enemy spawn. To uncover those you need to get all the Borderlands 3 rare spawn locations.

Finding spawn hunt locations is like hitting a jackpot. In the game when there are times when you may spend an entire play session without even getting the sight of spawn this guide will help you find the rare spawn locations to increase the chances for locating an enemy.

This guide will help you to give a piece of better knowledge about locating the spawn location to nab the enemies during their spawning time.

Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Locations

In Borderlands 3 you can find 14 rare spawns. And Here’s your guide to the Borderlands 3 rare spawn locations:

  • Borman Nates
  • Demoskaggon
  • El Dragon Jr
  • Force Troopers
  • Indotyrant
  • Maxitrillion
  • Mother of Grogans
  • Princess Tarantella II
  • Rakkman
  • Red Jabber
  • Road Dog
  • The Unstoppable
  • Thunk & sloth
  • Urist McEnforcer

Borman Nates

Borderlands 3 Borman Nates

The Borman Nates is a legendary place as here you can get a chance to find the psycho stabber the legendary pistol. This is also the reason why it’s called the psycho easter egg.

This Borderlands 3 rare spawn location can be found in the Meridian outskirts of Promethea. In the Borman Nates, the players will want to find the path to the same spot where they have to complete the Maliwannabees quest earlier in the Borderlands 3 campaign. Here you can find a chance to get to the top by waiting up to kill the enemy and get a chance to grab the Psycho Stabber legendary pistol.


Borderlands 3 Demoskaggon

To find the next Borderlands 3 rare spawn location, Demoskaggon you need to make your way to the drought’s highway fast travel station in the droughts on Pandora. After reaching their head towards the southwest with a vehicle then following the map down through the narrow canyon reach another open area. From where you need to follow the western wall up to a small alcove in the map, with a circle in the middle of the available path you can find the Demoskaggon.

By defeating this enemy here, you with random legendary shields.

El Dragon Jr

Borderlands 3 El Dragon Jr

On the list of Borderlands 3 rare spawn locations next is El Dragon Jr. to locate El Dragon Jr you need to head to the Jakobs Estate on Eden-6. There you can search for El Dragon Jr. near the Eridium writing in the small area right past the fast-traveling point.

By killing this enemy, you may get to find unleash the dragon legendary artefact which is only findable in Mayhem / true vault hunter mode.

Force Trooper

Borderlands 3 Force Trooper

To find the next Borderlands 3 rare spawn location, Force Trooper spawn location players may need to go to the Atlas Head Quarters on Promethea. From the atlas, headquarters travel to the point near the Meridian Metroplex entrance. There finds your way to the upper hallways just south of the fast travel point.

When you reach this spawn location you may get a chance to kill the Face Trooper spawn you will have the reward of various legendary class mods.


Borderlands 3 Indotyrant

The next Borderlands 3 rare spawn location is the indotyrant is a humongous t-rex that is found in the Floodmoor basin on Eden-6. This is considered the most dangerous enemy. If it spawns in front of you then it will come to attack you. It is easily found in the open vehicle area of the Floodmoor basin.

Despite this enemy’s giant size, you could kill it you would get a chance to acquire a random customization option that you would not like to miss.


Borderlands 3 Maxitrillion

This enemy is quite difficult to spot. To spot Borderlands 3 rare spawn location, the Maxitrillion you need to move towards the voracious canopy on Eden-6. From there you need to make your way to the south final portion of the map, where you can find several corridor areas. As the maxitrillion is a rare spawn you need to explore a bit in those areas.

If you are lucky enough to spot it and take it down you can be granted a legendary shotgun, the horizon.

Mother of Grogans

Borderlands 3 Mother of Grogans

To find Mother of Grogans, the next Borderlands 3 rare spawn location you need to visit the offshoot sewer area in the anvil in Eden-6. By following the offshoot of the map into the back of the sewer area you will have a chance to spawn in the mother of grogans.

If you kill the Mother of Grogans you will be getting a chance to get the legendary artefacts. The Mother of Grogans is only found in the Mayhem mode/ true vault hunter mode.

Princess Tarantella II

Borderlands 3 Princess Tarantella II

The next Borderlands 3 rare spawn location, the princess Tarantella II is found in the splinterlands on pandora. After reaching the splinterlands on pandora go to the chop shop from there head into the large open area to the northeast where you can confront Princess Tarantella II.

When you kill the princess you will get the chance to get the hive legendary rocket.


Borderlands 3 Rakkman

The Rakkamn spawn is one of the Borderlands 3 rare spawn locations. To find a Rakkman you need to head to the Carnivora area on pandora. This region will open up after the Carnivora is infiltrated and taken off through the desert. There is a large computer in an alcove at the lower corner of the region.

That is the spot where you can find the Rakkman. If you could kill the Rakkman you will have a chance to get the night flyer legendary pistol.

Red Jabber

Borderlands 3 Red Jabber

To find the next Borderlands 3 rare spawn locations, the red jabber you need to head towards the Ambermire on Eden-6 there go to the rogue’s hollow, head to the northeast out of the area. After moving in the same direction according to the map you will reach a spot where the left-handed side of the area will curve around. There you will find a little alcove where you will find the Red Jabber.

After locating the spawn you can kill it to win the legendary grenade mod.

Road Dog

Borderlands 3 Road Dog

The Road dog is spotted in the bandit camp mostly. This is overwatch inspired enemy. To find it you need to reach the small plateau area in the middle of splinterlands on pandora.

On that small plateau, there is a bandit camp where the Road dog spawns. If you could kill the big Road dog you can acquire the redline legendary shotgun.

The Unstoppable

Borderlands 3 The Unstoppable

The unstoppable is a rare spawn. It is found on Ambermire Eden-6. To get there you need to start at the rogue’s hollow fast travel point, from there you need to head to the exit to reach the west. After reaching there you need to turn southbound and continue to the large open area where you will find the vendor machine. From there you would enter a small encampment where the unstoppable would spawn.

By killing this enemy you will get to pick up the band of sytorak legendary shield.

Thunk & Sloth

Borderlands 3 Thunk & Sloth

This is a set of two spawns. This Borderlands 3 rare spawn location is found in pandora. To get to them you need to go to Konrad’s hold. Then you need to make your way through the areas to reach the room that has three additional offshoots which are located at the very middle northernmost area of the map.

There you will find these two enemies by killing whom you will get the piss legendary grenade mod.

Urist McEnforcer

Borderlands 3 Urist McEnforcer

The last Borderlands 3 rare spawn location is in lectra city in Prothemea. This will be found in the Killavolt. It is a well-recognized face as you will have a face-off with one of the many bosses of Borderlands 3. From the lectra city, fast travel point heads towards the area in the southwest direction. There you have to look for the area where the western portion of the map curves down where there is a large middle section which will be the spawn location.

There you can locate Urist McEnforcer by killing which you can get a chance to abtain the masterwork crossbow legendary sniper rifle.

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Conclusion Note

These are all the locations of Borderlands 3 rare spawn locations. By following this guide you can easily get to the spawns and get the designated prices for killing them. Though all the locations are searched and verified still there is no 100% guarantee that you will get it every time. Maybe you have to look around a bit to get to the spawn.

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