Borderlands 3 Ogre Guide

Borderlands 3 Ogre

The game Borderlands 3 was designed by Rand Pitchford to follow the game series under the Gearbox Software. Borderlands 3 is the fifth course of the general edition and the fourth course of the main edition under the guidance of Gearbox Software development. Randy Pitchford is the CEO of Gearbox Software, who launched this game on 28th March 2019 and officially made it available to play on 13th September 2019 on Play Station 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Borderlands 3 Ogre is a legendary assault rifle manufactured by Vladof. If you are chasing this weapon, try to check any suitable loot source that can offer this weapon, or you can get it from the drop of Anointed Alpha located in The Anvil near Eden-6; this has the highest chance to get the Borderlands 3 Ogre.

Borderlands 3 was first made available on Epic Dames game store and then followed by the launch on Google Stadia on 2019 17th December. And at last, on 13th March 2020, it was launched for the PC through the Steam platform. This game was made by Unreal Engine 4, and 2K games published it; Borderlands achieved the PEGI rating of 18 and ESRB rating of Mature 17+.

Borderlands 3 Ogre Stats

Stat NameScore
Reload Time3.0 seconds
Fire Rate7.51 / second
Magazine Size70

Borderlands 3 Ogre weapon characteristics

  • 1.5x weapon zoom.
  • Requires two ammo per shot.
  • Splash damage area +150.
  • Weapon Damage +145%.
  • Mayhem level 10.
  • ‘It’s all ogre now”

Borderlands 3 Ogre Weapon Effect

It has become an ogre from now – you get increased magazine size, alternate firing mode is missing, and the best part is that it fires missiles, not bullets.

Description and Usage

Borderlands 3 Ogre is an effective weapon that combines the fire rate of the Vladof gun with the power of the Torgue assault rifle. This combination results in the firing of missiles, and its effective range is medium to short; it is due to the missiles, which makes the weapon heavier and difficult to use for long-range shots.

Ogre’s abilities are offered at the cost of compromised alternate firing mode and disability of spawn, which was offered with elemental damage; this can result in the ineffectiveness of weapon in case of specific builds. Moze can make the best use of the weapon Ogre if plunged into the Demolition Woman skill tree. This combination increases the strength and adds splash damage effects.

NOTE-: Ogre damage is increased after a hotfix made on 3/12/2020.


  • The Ogre weapon is carried ahead from the series of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands; only the manufacturer has been changed at each series.
  • The animated text is quoted from a video named ‘Sherk is love, Shrek is life,’ and the YouTube creator of this video is TehAwooga.
  • The Ogre weapon’s green color is also inspired by the Shrek character and the film series.

Vladof’s creations in Borderlands 3

If you love the Borderlands 3 Ogre, then you would also love the other creation by Vladof. So, there is a list from the favorite creator, which is categorized into three groups- Common, Unique, Legendary.

CommonVred, Strack, Shlaga, Pushdug, Pooshka, Oddy – knocky, Moloko, Maslo, Kot, Gruppa, Ghaash, Droog, Creech, Contact Grenade, Burzum, Bratchny, Bezoomy, Bangronk
UniqueWhispering Ice, The Leech, The Big Succ, Septimator, NOG Potion 9, Core Buster, Cold Shoulder, Burning Summit, Bone Shredder
LegendaryOgre, Widowmaker, Web Slinger, The Monarch, The Dictator, Storm Front, Sickle, Shredifier, Septimator Prime, Redeye Rocket Pod, Red Queen, Mongol, Miscreant, Mesmer, Magnificent, Lyuda, Lucian’s Call, Light Show, Kickcharger, Jericho, It’s Piss, Ion Cannon, Infinity, Firestorm, Firefly, Faisor, Epicenter, Dowsing Rod, Diamond Butt Bomb, Damned, Boogeyman, Backburner

All Borderlands 3 Assault Rifles

It is necessary for you to know all the weapons available in the game Borderlands 3. So down below, there is a list of all weapons categorized in three – Common, Unique, and Legendary.

CommonWizzperer, V-system, Stranger, Shlaga, Repeater, Ratatater, Q-system, Puma, Purferater, Polisher, Oddy – Knocky, N – system, Mngwa, Maslo, Jaguar, Gatlin’, Flogger, Clipper, Carbine, Caracal, Burzum, BizZurker, Blister, Bezoomy
UniqueTraitor’s Death, The Chalice, The Big Succ, The Beast, Sawpenny, Pa’s Rifle, Likable Rascal, La Varlope, Icebreaker, Hail, Digby’s Smooth Tube, Brad Luck, Amber Management
LegendaryZheitsev’s Eruption, Web Slinger, Warlord, Try Bolt, The Monarch, The Dictator, Stonethrower, Stauros’ Burn, Star Helix, Sickle, Shredifier, Seeryul Killur, Swabar, Rebound, Rebel Yell, Pain is Power, Ogre, Soulrender, Rowan’s Call, O.P.Q. System, NoPewPew, Mutant, Lucian’s Call, Lovable Rogue, Lead Sprinkler, Laser – Sploder, Kaos, Juliet’s Dazzle, Hotfoot Teddy, Hand of Glory, Good Juju, Gatling Gun, Faisor, Embrace the Pain, Dowsing Rod, Damned, Contained Blast, Clairvoyance, Carrier, Breath of the Dying, Bekah, Bearcat, Barrage, Alchemist

Guide for Borderlands 3 Ogre

If you are a player looking for a powerful weapon but not much fancy build, you should consider the Borderlands 3 Ogre. This weapon, a fantastic rifle designed by Vladof, does not fire bullets; instead, it focuses on significant damage by striking the missiles. You get a special effect with the Ogre weapon, which is as follows – “It’s all ogre now.”

As quoted that gun is firing missiles in place of bullets, it has compromised with the alternate firing mode to achieve this strength. Its essential characteristic is to deal with non-elemental heavy damage, and it always appears without any element. Legacy players of the Borderlands game series will easily make out that it is carried forward from the older series of the game, and it is nice to see it as a fantastic Easter egg.

If you are a player who likes the sound of weapons, then you should definitely pick this up and try this instantly; rush to The Anvil on Eden – 6 and search for the Anointed Alpha. Apart from this procedure, you can get this Ogre from anything which provides you loot in the game (it includes random cases located on the floor which you need to punch hard).

If you try to fight out the boss, then there is a higher chance to obtain the Borderlands 3 Ogre weapon; when it comes to defeating the boss its all about how efficient you are on Team Prima; and currently, there are damage buffs to the armament, or you will be wasting your time in picking it up from the drops.

So now you know the borderlands 3 Ogre has the effective damage being an assault rifle; this weapon enables you to crush down the enemies except those who require a lot of elemental skills to be killed.

It was all about the Borderlands 3 Ogre weapon, from details to usage, and how to obtain it is guided to you.

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