Borderlands 3 Laser-Sploder Guide

Borderlands 3 Laser-Sploder

It’s been a while since children’s exploring outdoor games often. Nowadays they always find fond in Mobile games or video games. Due to the rapid increase of new innovations in video games, the time in spending physically fit games has decreased. Role-playing action video games are at their peak to attract young minds.

Borderlands 3 Laser-Sploder is a legendary weapon that is used frequently in the game. It has the capacity to let out powerful radiations and can create a continuous attack on the opponent, which will result in weapon damages and helps you to win easily.

Borderlands 3 is the game connected with an action base and appears to be the most entertaining one for users. The game originates from the Borderland series, which initiates the player to undertake action works in various levels to complete the quest and acquire the rewards.

The young minds often opt for this rather than outsides play because they experience the updated Vibes. The player has been awarded different abilities and skills with the weapons they gain as they progress levels. It is accessed through all simply available platforms from the year 2019. The play goes very interesting, and action lined which is marked as a favorite for many kids. The Borderland game is available in versions with different styles.

What is Borderlands 3 Laser-Sploder?

Laser-Sploder is an assault rifle manufactured by Torgue. Its special features and stylistic look makes the players play hard to get this weapon. It can be got from any random suitable loot source, but if you desperately want this, then you can expect it to be dropped down by King Bobo located in Voracious Canopy on the planet Eden-6.

The special effect that it holds is that it emits a laser beam at a slow pace during the firing process. The damage that it creates is pretty big, and definitely, it would have inspired you too.

Usage and Description

Borderlands 3 Laser-Sploder Usage

The Borderlands 3 Laser-Sploder functions are no different than any other laser weapon, but you will have an exception of periodically firing rockets. This helps you to attack your opponent at infrequent intervals and make you win in the battle. It has a high damage base and additional rocket projectiles.

And now you know the reason why everyone would prefer to have Laser-Sploder. All these features make it to be a potent weapon for general use. As an added advantage, it is guaranteed to spawn with an element, making it the best for builds centered around certain elements.


The elements used in making Laser-Sploder are Cryo, Fire, Shock, Corrosive, and Radiation. All these elements will help the weapons to emit powerful radiation. These elements become the reason for the Laser-Sploder to give out special effects like shooting rockets and a constant laser beam that will deal with elemental damage.


  • Borderlands 3 Laser-Sploder has the references with Mr. Torgue who is been mentioned in the game’s Pre-Sequel and said that he dislikes lasers just because they can’t produce explosions.
  • The Revenge of the Cartels Seasonal Event is the reason for the addition of the a similar weapon to the game named as Iceburger.

Is the Laser-Sploder Good?

Laser-Sploder Customizations

Many of the players doubt whether Borderlands 3 Laser-Sploder is a good weapon or not? Though it is similar to the other weapons, it has special effects, making it more unique than the other weapons. And many players have commented it to be a Good weapon since it has the ability to give serious damage to the opponent.

Does the Laser-Sploder do Splash Damage?

After getting to know its powerful effects, you may wonder whether the Borderlands 3 Laser-Sploder is capable of doing splash damage or not? It is well-known that it continuously shoots the laser beam that deals with the weapon element damage. It also occasionally shoots Gyrojets during sustained fire, exploding on impact and dealing with splash damage. Hence, Laser-Sploder does create splash damage.

Laser Sploder Statistics

Every weapon has its own statistics where you will be able to get to know about the weapon attacking effect and damaging power.

  • Borderlands 3 Laser-Sploder has 518 points for Damage criteria that gives the title to this weapon as the best one.
  • You won’t believe that this weapon has an accuracy level of 71 percent and so your target will never be missed out. Hence your aim will definitely defeat the opponents.
  • It has 60 percent in the Handling criteria that show that it will be easy to handle by the players. And you won’t feel any difficulty in handling them.
  • It takes a minimum time for the weapon to reload. So if you own this weapon you can always be with a loaded one. It Just demands 2.8 seconds for the reloading process.
  • And the interesting part comes here. Do you know that the Borderlands 3 Laser- Sploder has a 2.89 Firing Rate per second and this will burn the opponent down which makes you an easy win.
  • It has a magazine size of 22.

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