Borderlands 3 Fourth Weapon Slot?

Borderlands 3 Fourth Weapon Slot

Borderlands 3 was developed by Rand Pitchford under the Gearbox Software’s Borderland game series. This game is the fourth main edition and fifth general edition in the Gearbox Software’s development. Randy Pitchford, Gearbox’s CEO, launched it on 28th March 2019 and made the official entry on 13th September 2019 on PC, Play Station 4, and Xbox One.

To access the Borderlands 3 Fourth Weapon Slot, you need to progress the game story. Once you have finished the mission Beneath the Meridian, you will unlock the fourth weapon slot.

Borderlands 3 was available on the Epic Dames Store and later made available on Google Stadia on 17th December 2019. Lastly, it was made available on Steam for PC users on 13th March 2020. The game Borderlands 3 was built using the Unreal Engine 4 and 2K games published this game; this game achieved the rating of 18 by PEGI and Mature 17+ rating by ESRB.

Borderlands 3 Story

Six years after the Tales from the Borderlands events and seven years of Borderlands 2 events, Borderlands 3 was launched. This game has introduced four new Vault Hunters – Zane the Operative, Moze the Gunner, FL4K the Beastmaster, and Amara the Siren.

These four Vault Hunters join Lilith’s Crimson Raiders as new characters who are sent to examine the Children of the Vault culture and meet their enigmatic leaders, known as the Calypso twins; named Troy and Tyreen, who are in dominion of the lost Vault Map. While rescuing the Vault map, the Raiders and colleagues climb on the Sanctuary 3 spacecraft to reach beyond Pandora on other planets all over the galaxy to demand the Vaults they own before the Calypsos snatch the power from them.

How to Unlock the Borderlands 3 Fourth Weapon Slot?

Borderlands 3 Fourth Weapon Slot Marcus

In Borderlands 3, many weapon slots need to be unlocked while making progress in the game. But the most chased weapon slot is the fourth one since it allows to switch and carry various types of weapons faster rather than opening the character menu again and again to change the weapons.

Unlocking the Borderlands 3 Fourth Weapon Slot

To access the fourth weapon slot in the game Borderlands 3, you need to progress the game story. Once you have finished the mission Beneath the Meridian, you will unlock the fourth weapon slot; you need to complete this at level 20. Reaching to this long game progress will take a little time. Still, there are various things you can attempt to level up in a faster manner, like- completing main story missions, defeating enemies in an open world, and completing side missions.

You can track your progress on the level bar shown at the bottom of the game screen. This bar shows how much more progress you need to make to achieve the next level and also informs that you have skill points that can be used. Once you get access to the fourth weapon slot, you will be allowed to hold four various weapons in each slot; after equipping all the four quality weapons, you can switch between them quickly, and it will work in numerous situations.

How to Unlock all Loadout Slots in Borderlands 3

From the beginning of Borderlands 3, the vaulter has two weapon slots; one slot for holding a grenade mod and the other slot for the shield. There are more than two slots available that can be unlocked while making progress in the game, and these slots are classified in two – one slot for the artifact and the other slot for the class mod. It depends on your gameplay that after how much time you will get access to these all places.

The additional loadout of the slots is achieved by clearing specific story missions. So, it would be best if you were a die-hard gamer to complete the story and side missions, accompanied by a few crew challenges. Participating in all these tasks will take a little time to reward you with access to all the inventory slots.

How to Unlock Weapon and Item Slots

Borderlands 3 Weapon Slots

Third weapon slot

You will unlock the third weapon slot after exiting Pandora and then completing the ‘Sanctuary’ and ‘Taking Flight’ quests, the fourth and fifth primary mission.

Class mod slot

To unlock the Class mod slot, you need to help Rhys on Promethea and defeat the boss. After this, you need to complete the ‘Hostile Takeover’ quest, which is the sixth primary mission.

Fourth weapon slot

You need to complete the tenth major mission, that is, Beneath the Meridian. But to access this mission, you need to complete the first vault mission from the story. After the completion of these tasks, you will get access to use the fourth weapon slot.

Artifact slot

You need to complete the vault mission ‘Cold as the Grave’; it is the 16th major mission in the game.

Borderlands 3 Weapon Slot Loadout

Borderlands 3 game is all about weapons and loot, which is the central part of the game.

Updated weapon gimmicks

  • Shields with Hyperion guns.
  • Bullets are released from Jakobs Guns while making the critical hits.

Alternate firing modes

The new update has added an alt-fire mode in most of the weapons. This mode also allows you to switch between (under-) barrel, scopes, elemental damage types attachments. It enables one to hold two weapons in one, which is helpful.

Alien infected

Each weapon has different construction, which comprises the foregrip, scope, grip, magazine, under-barrel, barrel, body, etc. Apart from these essential parts of a weapon, some accessories can be attached to a gun. Then the weapon looks buffed up with all the attachments. Anyone part from all these attachments or the single part can consider the Alien part; this affects the projectile of your weapon. It may resemble the E-tech weapon which was seen in Borderlands 2.

In Borderlands 2, the projectiles were turned into energy-based, which activated energy bolts and lasers. Therefore, it was not a complete Eridian weapon; it was a regular gun by a manufacturer infested with Alien tech.

Anointed mutators

This weapon part can have a significant effect on the stats of a gun. Apart from this Anointed mutator enables red text ability. You can get it from the Vending Machine located next to Crazy Earl.

Probably, these mutators drop while playing the game, mostly encountered during the Proving grounds play session. The basic anointed mutator provides a notable boost triggered by the action skill, but a few mutators are specific to Vault hunter. These anointed mutators trigger character-specific actions or boost character-specific skills.

Now, you might have come to know how to unlock the fourth weapon slot. Indeed, there is no shortcut to achieving it, so you need to make the game progress faster and as soon as possible to get all the advantages of the fourth weapon slot.

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