Borderlands 3 Firestorm Weapon & Grenade Guide

Borderlands 3 Firestorm

While playing Borderlands 3, you will get many legendary weapons.

In this article, we will discuss Borderlands 3 Firestorm, which is one of the best sniper weapons waiting for you. The following Maliwan Sniper Rifle is a super cool weapon, and no doubt it consists of some fantastic effects. It will throw out fires at the location where you are aiming. 

The following fireballs will slowly grow to the sky and rain on the ground after spending two seconds. You can imagine a massive amount of damage by using a Firestorm weapon to take down your enemies. But remember, the Fires will only explode when they touch themselves at the ground surface. So, unfortunately, they are not very useful in the indoor space when you are trying to target and hit the ceiling of a house or any indoor room.

Also, when you are using this weapon, make a note that the following weapon is always active to fire, so the enemies have an opportunity to getaway. As a result, the fireballs will not cause any amount of damage to them. Thus, many players have suggested that the Firestorm weapon is always not suitable and effective enough to take down the fast enemies.

Still, it can kick out the heavy enemies and the challenging bosses. But remember, it is only possible because of the 05 March 2020 hotfix. The elements of this weapon used are Incendiary.

Special Weapon Effect of Borderlands 3 Firestorm

Below we have mentioned some information about the uniques effects performed by the Firestorm weapon in Borderlands 3. They are as follows:

  • The first effect is that a Firestorm is always incendiary.
  • When there is an impact, the bullet will spawn three fires which will slowly grow by themselves and further divebomb on the ground.
  • The final and most crucial point the following weapon absorbed 2 ammo on each shot.

Drop Rate of Borderlands 3 Firestorm

Before moving on to this weapon, note that the drop rate of Firestorm in Borderlands 3 is 9.3 percentage. On Mayhem it is more than 6 (6+), So, the drop rate is considered 15 percentage. 

Process to get Firestorm in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Firestorm Drop

While playing the game, you get Firestorm from any loot source. But there are some additional possibilities and increased chances for it to get dropped from Red Jabber. If you don’t know where Red Jabber is located, Don’t worry. We will help you. You can find Red Jabber at Ambermire, located on Eden – 6.  But there is a third possibility to get a Firestorm. You can get it from the drop of Katagawa Jr.

Using and Description of Borderlands 3 Firestorm

Firestorm Equip

Borderlands 3 Firestorm is one of the most powerful snipers rifles you can get in the entire playthrough. The following sniper rifle can cover the whole area with its flames of fire. It is also considered the best-suited weapon to fight with massive groups or attack slow-moving enemies.

There is one more weapon that has comparable features of Firestorm. The Krakatoa is a similar type of weapon available, and it is compared for its damage statistics. Still, if we discuss its function, however, they are restricted to a traditionally click rifle. But take note the Fireballs will travel slowly and take a couple of moments to land, and if you use this weapon in an indoor space or at the confined locations, they might hit the wall or the ceiling and get disappeared by themselves.

Essential Updates of Firestorm in Borderlands 3

  • On 20 August 2020, the development team released an update for Borderlands 3 in which the charging amount of this weapon has been minimized. But the damage rate of this weapon has been expanded by 40 percentage (+40%).
  • On 05 March 2020, Borderlands 3 received an update where the players experience an increase in the weapon damage rate.
  • On 29 September 2019, the game noticed an update where the charge time was brought down to one second. Initially, it was two seconds, but now it has been reduced to one second.
  • The final point fireballs will explode when they are touched at any surface or hit on any surface, for example, the ceiling. So that is one of the critical reasons where the unique effect of a Firestorm is not functional in small squares.

Trivia – Firestorm (Grenade)

In Borderlands 3, the Firestorm is an incendiary version of Shock, and it is a shock sniper.

Firestorm, (Grenade) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Firestorm Grenade

The legendary Borderlands 3 Firestorm grenade is being manufactured by three companies. They are known as Hyperion, followed by Tediore and Vladof. You can expect them coming from the base game of Borderlands 3.


The Firestorm spawns with any type of mixture consisting of Behaviors ranging from 0 to 2. But each behavior will only take place at once.


It consists of an additional 20 percent of Explosion Radius. Large will take place at 13.5 percentage of Firestorms.


It will launch and will fire down with 3 grenades everywhere. Rains will take place at 13.5 percentage of Firestorms.


It will hold the enemies and pull them in for 1 second. Singularity will also take place at 13.5 percentage of Firestorms.

Firestorm (Grenade) Source Details in Borderlands 3

You can see below the drop rates of Firestorm (Grenade) along with its sources. They are as follows:

  • In Aurelia, you can find [M4+ worth 15 percentage] or 30 percent.
  • The second source to get Firestorm (Grenade) is from the World Drops.

World Drop

In Borderlands 3 game, you might hear the term World Drops. Basically, they contain items that are being dropped from any suitable Loot Source along with the addition with any secondary source.

Below we have mentioned all the suitable Loot Sources of Grenade, which you can find. They are as follows:

  • You can get the grenade after successfully defeating and complete in all the enemies, which includes the Bosses, Crew Challenges, Generic enemies and many more
  • You can also expect these grenades located inside all types of the chest.
  • There are high possibilities to get the following grenades from vending machines.
  • Also, you can think of collecting the grenade from the Diamond Loot Room available.
  • And finally, you will get the grenade from Think’s Hijinx or the Vault line, which is basically a type of Slot Machine.

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