2 Blasphemous Endings (A & B) Explained – Is One Ending Secret?

Blasphemous Endings

If you wish to observe and feel the experience of the Blasphemous Endings, you have to do much more than just defeating the final boss. In the excellent oral history of Dark Souls, Blood Borne Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and many more committed single-player video games, along with a lot of exploration, is not just enough to complete the game successfully.

You must discover the secrets and keep you away from the natural finishing of the game story. The unknown will make you walk through the staring night for the most section of the game. But remember, they are excellent and effortless to get missed by you while enjoying the game.

Some Back Story About Blasphemous

Blasphemous True Ending

The story of the Blasphemous is focused mainly on the religious aspects of Cvstodia. Here the sorrowful miracles manifest themselves head towards both the pious and sinful ferociously and abnormally. Every pain of the soul in the game feels physical towards everyone and everywhere. It can be in the form of blessing or in the form of punishment. Having such precious and puzzling at a large scale can only make a penalty.

The warrior who has promised to have silence, The Penitent One, will awake in the surrounded sanctuary by the comrades of the slain. With experience and under the guidance of Deogracias and the help of strength provided by the sword of the guild. You will fight and decide the path towards the Cradle of Affliction so that your character can fulfill the ultimate penalty.

Throughout the entire journey, you will cross land that is devasted by the Grievous Miracle. By battling with the beasts and being consumed by the faith and temper. Also, communicate with the holy figures and assisting other people towards the Mercy of Miracle. And releasing the souls that are trapped without Blasphemous Endings punishment.

Remember, the Penitent One’s guilt is his crucial strength, and his pilgrimage is a self-punishment. However, finally, in the end, it is the will of The Miracle who will judge and decide if your guilt is enough to earn a lifeline in the game. But remember, you will get two Blasphemous Endings in the game, and they are as follows:

  • Blasphemous Ending A: Ending A is considered to be the excellent and honest ending of the game.
  • Blasphemous Ending B: While Ending B is precisely the opposite of Ending A. It will take you towards the bad ending of the game

Blasphemous Ending A

Blasphemous Ending A

If you wish to get a good Blasphemous Ending, you must scroll down towards the bottom section and complete the accurate ending guide. And once you get to know about the secret, it will not take much time to explain. Achieving all the challenges will require a lot of skills. But thankfully, you can complete the game and quickly proceed towards the second ending.

Blasphemous game is much more complicated than Dark Souls. It consists of a ghostly side-scrolling Metroidvania along with various complex elements in the series of Soulsborne. You will see many bosses to defeat and a frightening strip of religious-tinged lore, and it is specially designed for players like you to get scared. The bad Blasphemous Ending is also suddenly exposed, so it is recommended to wait and view the alternative versions of the events. 

Blasphemous Ending B

Blasphemous Ending B

Before continuing the article, you need to know that you can get a “Bad Ending “and receive a “Good Ending” in the same game. After getting a “Bad Ending,” you can reload the saved file and continue from the exact location where you left off in the game. It means that if you get a terrible Blasphemous Ending, you can complete all the steps. By completing it successfully, you will be capable of unlocking the good end without restarting the entire game and beginning the game initially. 

It is essential to know it for some reason – you have to destroy all the statutes that can remove your culpability for some price. We suggest you wait until you have successfully completed almost every procedure before completing this following step. Now let use the process towards the steps on how you can get a True Blasphemous Ending.

Step 1: Transform the Immaculate Bead into the Weight of True Guilt

The Immaculate Bead is a string of beads that you can equip. It will absorb the guilt during the time when you die in the game. You will notice that the dot is situated in the area of Brotherhood of Silent Sorrows. It is directed towards near one of the guilt absolving statues.

Your primary role is to collect it and equip it, and then you can die three times. Each time when you pass, the Immaculate Bead will change its formation. And finally, on the third and the last death, it will become the Weight of True Guilt. 

Step 2: Damage and Destroy the Guild Absolving Statues and complete the Dream Challenges

When you use a map in the game, you will have a look at statues that will discharge your guilt for some price. Basically, these three statues are used to get around and have to recollect your location of the body. Instead of using them, your role is to eradicate them, and smashing these statues will reveal a red-colored circle around the floor.

You have to equip the Weight of the True Guilt, and you have to have a word and interact with these red circles. Each red circle acts as a doorway towards the dream room challenge. By completing these challenges will set you apart from the spot. And now your main goal is to look for every guilt statue to eradicate the figure. And in the last step, successfully complete the red portal challenge in the game.

Step 3: Defeat the Last Boss

Finally, when you successfully complete all the challenges and all the spots have been set apart, you have to march back towards the final boss and defeat it for the second time and be an observer to the true Blasphemous Ending. But if you have less amount of time to spend, you can spoil the story by simply pressing the skip button appearing at the end of the game screen.

Final Words

Blasphemous combines extreme difficulty, some religious elements, and a gorgeous pixel-art-world in a genuinely fascinating way. Recommended for everyone who doesn’t only want to be entertained but also challenged. It has a food gaming atmosphere along with an engaging story with interesting characters in the story. It will provide you great combat, fantastic visuals, and the world immersed in the blood, and finally, you will enjoy the Battles that challenge your skills from the Blasphemous game.

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