BitLife Tips, Tricks, and Strategies To Progress Faster

BitLife Tips Tricks and Strategies

BitLife is one of the most popular text-based life simulator games available in the mobile gaming world. The users who are having running with Android OS and iOS can install and enjoy the game.

The concept of this game is inspired by the natural world, where they will provide you with a virtual space, and here you have to start living your life as similar which you do in the real world, and the story will process according to your wishlist.

Bitlife Tips will help you to progress faster in the game. Without prior knowledge, you can get very stuck in your daily boring Bitlife with little to no progress. But knowing few tricks such as making new hobbies, studying more, trading properties, taking proper care of your health, and other things will drastically improve your progress in the game.

You can select your gaming character should be a boy or a girl. You can also set the career, search for a man or woman, get married, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Get new Hobbies

In Bitlife, there are not any fixed number of limits for you to do every year. But we believe that specific activities are not at all worth performing several times a year. For example, the other tip mentioned in the post, which suggests Studying hard, is not worth carrying out several times.

But don’t worry, there are some alternative solutions available in the game that will be fruitful for you, and you will like them, and it is worth repeating them. One of the popular hobbies is to work out in the gym. You can repeatedly do this hobby in the game, and it will be beneficial for you.

Focus on Studies is Best Bitlife Tip

Bitlife Studies

It is the first tip for you to inhale playing the game

We agree that this BitLife Tip is a bit boring to describe, but we don’t have any alternation so in the game you must make sure that you choose the Study more complicated option for every year when you are walking through your school days.

By following this method, you can develop your possibilities of gaining a scholarship, and further, you will not get stuck into the Web of heavy student loans. And finally, you will also get a decent job.

Take Your Chances in Lottery

Bitlife Lottery

As we know, winning a lottery in real life is very challenging, and it is next to impossible. However, in the Bitlife game, the possibility of winning the lottery is not that challenging.  So it is worthy of taking the risk if you have some additional funds which are kept safely.

And by chance, if your luck is strong enough, then you will get hit with a jackpot, and you will be on the easy track.

Keep All Vitals Good

Bitlife Vitals

While playing the game, you will notice some green bars. The following green bars are located at the bottom of the screen, and every bar must be completely filled. For keeping it served you have to follow a diverse time table and according to that to have to perform several activities such as going to the gym and doing workouts, then you have to practice meditation otherwise reading the books in the library will also help you to fill the bar.

There are multiple bars in the game, and each one of them consists of a unique name tag. So let us look at the name tag of every bar. They are as follows:

  • The first bar is of Happiness
  • The Second bar indicates the health
  • The Third bar is responsible for showing the Smarts.
  • Finally, the fourth bar will be focusing on your looks.

As you follow your diverse timetable and perform the regular activities, the bar will get filled with green color, and if you fail or do not perform the actions, the bar will get empty.

Happiness Decreases After Marriage

Bitlife Happiness

It feels a bit weird, but yes, if you marry an elderly man or woman in the game, you will notice that your character’s Happiness will decrease. But when they spike, there are possibilities for you to get the money from them.

And by using that money you can purchase a new car, otherwise a bike or anything you wish to have. But remember, it might be a cold-hearted and cruel life for you.

Acknowledge Liabilities

BitLife is a very fantastic game to play. It has several excellent tricks which you can use and develop yourself in the game. But sadly, in this game, you cannot rent your property; however, you are allowed to sell your house.

But remember a crucial point: never purchase a place where you get burdened with a heavy mortgage that you cannot further play. Play smartly, just begin your journey with small steps and take those steps as you can give your whole time in the world unless you face any health such as illness.  

Keep People Around You Happy

If we discuss the Inheritance topic in the game, you must make sure that you get involved and hang out with your parents as much as possible. This Bitlife Tip will keep you motivated and also get you positive support from people.

And you just make sure that they are happy, and it will provide you multiple long-term benefits like you will get help in getting out of your heavy student loan, and yes, you will also get a massive inheritance.

Health Care

If this we will discuss getting a fever in the game. Always make a note that you should keep an on your game character’s health. If you feel there is some health-related issue with you in the game, it is compulsory to meet with the doctor.

And Because of any reason you get a severe sickness, you must go to the real one and take help. Try to avoid visiting The witch doctor as she will end up worsening your health condition.

Try Out New Things

May times, you have heard the lines play safe, and indeed you might also be playing a safe game here on the decent old planet Earth, but we believe it is not the best way to play the BitLife game. So apart from selecting a decent option, you might check out what is looking for something challenging or something which gives you a jerk.

We know it is just a frame, but you will learn many things, such as future play thoughts and which items you can sacrifice and generate many more outcomes.

Go on a vacation if you are feeling low Happiness

As you will progress in the game, you will find success. But along with success, you will also meet with some incidents which might reduce to happiness level. And it could be clearly visible on the health bar. So what is the solution if you face this kind of situation? The key is simple you should go on a vacation, and it is one of the best possible methods to instantly develop your Happiness.

Check Out of the Heirlooms

Every day when you login into the game, you will receive an heirloom. And you can select from the two options like selling it or scraping and destroying it.

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