Best COD Warzone Settings For PC, PS4, and XBOX

Best COD Warzone Settings

Finding the Best COD Warzone Settings are always tricky. As a viable competitive game, its very important to run the game on atleast 60 FPS without any lags. Moreover, the game should also look better if your graphic card’s performance is good enough. In this post, we’ll go through all the settings for each device.

Best COD Warzone Settings for PC

If the player wishes to enjoy the Warzone gameplay on PC, one will indeed be using a mouse and keyboard. So, let us now check out the best settings that a player can perform on their computer.

Mouse settings

The player is provided with a choice to change the DPI outside the game world. There are multiple ways for the players to perform it. For making things simple, having a low DPI is similar to have low sensitivity Best COD Warzone Settings. It could be in the range between 400 to 450. It is suggested for the player to adjust at 450. Some other changes are recommended for the player to as follows:

  • The Mouse Sensitivity should be adjusted to 7.50.
  • Mouse Acceleration is suggested to keep 0.00
  • The Mouse Filtering should also be held to 0.00.
  • The player should adapt with the Aim Down Sight or the (ADS) Mouse Sensitivity to Relative.
  • The player in the gameplay should disable the following settings.
  • Invert Mouse Look
  • Mouse Smoothing

Video Settings

Best COD Warzone Video Settings

The player should adjust the video settings with the mouse settings to enjoy the feel of the game. They should consider the following adjustments and try to reduce or turnoff them to improve the game’s performance and enjoy it. They are as follows:

  • V-Sync
  • Tessellation
  • Texture Resolution
  • Shadow Map Resolutions
  • Screen Space Reflection
  • World Motion Blur
  • Weapon Motion Blur
  • Film Grain
  • DirectX Raytracing
  • Filmic Strength
  • Particle Lightning
  • Cache Sun Shadows
  • Depth of Field
  • Cache Spot Shadows

Best COD Warzone Settings for PS4

Moving on towards the second platform where the player can enjoy the game, it is the Play Station 4. In PS4, the players enjoy the game with the controller. Now we will have a look at the Best COD Warzone Settings which a player can modify and enjoy this game.

The General Settings

Best COD Warzone General Settings
  • The first adjustment to be done by the player is to set the ADS Sensitivity Multiplier the High Zoom in the range of 1.35
  • The second setting done by the player is to adjust ADS Sensitivity Multiplier of Low Zoom to the field of 1.20
  • The Deadzone should be kept at 0.5
  • It is suggested for the player to set the Horizontal Stick Sensitivity to 6 and to mark the Vertical Stick Sensitivity to 6

The following settings should be kept Default by the player in the gameplay.

  • BR Button Layout 
  • Stick Layout Preset 

And there are few Best COD Warzone Settings that a player should disable it 

  • Invert Vertical Look 
  • Controller Vibration 
  • The player to set the Aim Response Curve Type as Standard in the PS4 console.

Weapon Settings

The players should adjust the weapons Best COD Warzone Settings of the Warzone while playing in the Play Station 4.

  • The player should set the Aim Assist Standard.
  • In the second set, the player should keep on Hold the Aim Down Sight Behavior.
  • The Equipment Behavior setting should be set at Hold
  • The Depleted Ammo Weapon Switch has to be Enabled
  • The player should place the Use/Reload Behavior as Tap to Reload
  • It is suggested for the player to adjust the Weapon Mount Activation as ADS + Melee.
  • Finally, the Weapon Mount Movement Exit should be Disabled by the player.

Movement Settings

  • In the Movement section, the Automatic Sprint shall be Disabled
  • The Stick Layout Preset should be set to Tap
  • Moving on, the Stick Layout Preset is to be Disabled before playing the game.
  • Parachute Auto-Deploy must be Enabled
  • It is highly recommended to Enable the Vehicle Camera Recenter for a better gaming experience.

Best COD Warzone Settings for Low-End PC

In the third section of this article, we will look at the Low-End Pc’s Best COD Warzone Settings to enjoy playing the game. In the Low-End systems, the players should focus on the textures. This article has also focused on the surfaces and some necessary setting adjustments to enjoy the game.

During the gameplay, when the player is enjoying the game, the player should get the Task Manager on the screen. They should search for the Modern Warfare game and right-click on it. After clicking on it, the Priority should be kept Normal. After trying this, if a player sees no difference in the FPS, try setting it to “REAL TIME” and check.

Let us now see check and adjust the Display Best COD Warzone Settings in the Modern Warfare.

  • In the game, the Display Mode is set to be Fullscreen
  • The Render Resolution is adjusted to 100
  • Screen Refresh Rate: It should be maximum according to the player’s monitor as (60/144/240)
  • The Aspect Ratio should be Automatic
  • V-sync should be Disabled before playing
  • Custom Framerate Limit is set to Unlimited
  • The player should disable the Nvidia Highlights

Textures Settings

  • Texture Resolution in the game should be adjusted Low
  • Texture Anisotropic Filtering has to be set to Normal
  • In the game, Particle Quality should be adjusted to High
  • Bullet Impacts and Sprays are set to be Disabled
  • And at last the Tesselation is Disabled

Now we will proceed towards adjusting Shadows and Lightning.

Shadows & Lighting Settings

  • The Shadow Map Resolution should be kept Low
  • Secondly, the Cache Spot Shadows should be Enabled
  • Also, the Cache Sun Shadows should also be kept Enabled
  • Particle Lighting is set to be Normal
  • The following three settings should be Disabled, and they are:
  • Direct X Raytracing
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Screen Space Reflection

We will now head towards the Post Processing Effects of the game.

Post Processing Effects

  • The Antialiasing in the game should be set to T2X
  • In the game, the Depth of Field is kept Disabled
  • The Filmic Strength and the Film Grain is set to 0
  • World Motion Blur and the Weapon Motion Blur is Disabled

Best COD Warzone Settings for XBOX

Players playing with the Xbox controller will have similar features and adjustments related to the Play Station 4 gaming console. So in this section, we will have a look at the Best COD Warzone Settings for the Xbox console as follows:


  • The button Layout Preset should be set to Default
  • The player shall adjust Stick Layout Preset as Default
  • The Invert Vertical Lock is to be Disabled
  • The Horizontal Stick Sensitivity and also the Vertical Stick Sensitivity should be adjusted to 6. 
  • ADS Sensitivity Multiplier for the Low Zone is 1.20
  • It is suggested for the player to adjust the ADS Sensitivity Multiplier that is High Zoom to 1.30
  • Aim Response Curve Type is changed to Standard 
  • Controller Vibration shall be disabled Disabled

Weapons Settings

  • The Aim Assist should be set Precision
  • The player should select the Weapon Mount Activation as ADS + Melee
  • Weapon Mount Movement Exit must be Disabled
  • Aim Down Sight Behavior should be kept on Hold
  • The Equipment Behavior is set to Toggle
  • The Use/Reload Behavior is adjusted as Tap to Reload
  • Finally, the Depleted Ammo Weapon Switch shall be kept Enabled

Movement Settings

  • The Slide Behavior is set as to be Tap
  • Auto Move Forward must be Disabled
  • Automatic Sprint should also be Disabled
  • The Vehicle Camera Recentre should keep Enabled by the player

Best COD Warzone Settings for XBOX5

It is the last section we will see in today’s article. In the following section, players will cover how to adjust the gaming console Best COD Warzone Settings in the XBOX 5 controller, and the players can enjoy the gameplay. First, we will have a look at Controller settings.

Controller Settings

Best COD Warzone Controller Settings
  • The BR Button Layout should be kept Tactical.
  • Stick Layout Preset is set to Default
  • Invert Vertical Look should be Disabled
  • Deadzone is ranged at 0.5
  • The Horizontal Stick Sensitivity should keep at 5
  • And the Vertical Stick Sensitivity should also be kept at five by the player.
  • ADS Sensitivity Multiplier should be adjusted to 1.00 for low zoom and High zoom.
  • The player should adjust the Aim Response Curve Type as Standard.
  • And the Controller Vibration should be kept Enabled.

Weapons Settings

  • The Aim Assist should be set as Standard
  • Weapon Mount Activation is kept as ADS + Melee
  • The Weapon, Mount Movement Exit, shall observe as Enabled
  • The player should Aim Down Sight Behavior as Hold
  • Equipment Behavior should be on Hold by the player
  • The player should Contextual Tap for the Use/Reload Behavior 
  • In the gameplay, the Depleted Ammo Weapon Switch must be kept Enabled

Movement Settings

  • The player shall adjust the Slide Behavior as Tap
  • Auto Move Forward and the Automatic Sprint should be Disabled
  • The Vehicle Camera Recenter and Parachute Auto-Deploy must be Enabled

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Final Words

Thus, finally, we have seen the players adjust to the various Best COD Warzone Settings in the multiple platforms where they can enjoy and have fun while playing this game. And in today’s article, we have tried to cover all the grounds that a player has to do before the game to enjoy the game. So Players Happy Gaming.

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