8 Best CIV Games Of All Time

Best CIV Games

The ‘CIV’ is an abirritation of the civil word that demonstrates the meaning of civilization tackled in a world of games. All the views of the players captured the whole game format of civilization. Civilization games got widely famous in the video games field developed by Canadian-American designer ‘Sid Meier.’

The format is well demonstrated in the actual portrait of 1991 civilization in the game, the franchise, and the game ‘Age of Empire.’

The setup of the Best CIV Game was built on the concept of prehistoric dilemma and future imagination that gives a game, cultural and modern outcome for their players. They have the advantages of equipment-based military structure and development towards technology.

The setting is rooted somewhere more in prehistorical things that represent religious aspects and social/political supports and concentrate on era timelines that give a worthy compact structure of widely populated civilization game.

Best CIV Games

Following are the Best CIV Games that made a deep impact on players –

8. Civilization (1991)

Civilization (1991)

The game has the turn-based strategy type video game published and developed by Micro Prose, released for Sony PlayStation, MS-Dos, Windows, Macintosh, PC – 98, and many more in 1991 September.

The game has the mode of single-player that admires the format of human civilization towards the numerous millennia that controls several areas like government, urban development, military, exploration, trade, and research.

The players ahs the power to overcome individual units to explore them and make the balanced game world. The main aim of civilization is to compete with a computer-controlled civilization that leads the player to make a prudent decision that ends in an alliance or a war.

7. Civilization II (1996)

Civilization II (1996)

It is also one of the civilization series games with the turn-based strategy genre published and developed by Micro Prose. The game got introduced on various platforms like – PlayStation, Windows, and Mac OS released in 1996, based on both multiplayer and single-player modes. The format of the game is based on a primitive tribe that has a competitive spirit in them against human or computer-controlled civilization.

They deal with the outburst by uniting cities in a quest that assures civilization dominance either by constructing space technology advances or conquering all other civilizations. The map of tiles is available on the game to demonstrate the civilization view.

6. Civilization III (2001)

Civilization III (2001)

The game has the turn-based strategy genre released for the platforms like – Mac OS, Microsoft Windows in 2001. The game designer is Jeff Briggs, developed and published by Firaxis Games & Infogrames for single-player and multiplayer mode.

This advanced feature gives a cultural impact to the game and creates a significant image that allows the city expansion with cultural influence. The advanced feature of city expansion and the increment of cultures gives a significant image to the users as every city gets influenced by specific culture in them.

Therefore, this method is more peaceful to increase the culture exchange inspite of military campaigns. These changes will enlarge the setting of new historic expansion in the civilization technique.

5. Civilization IV (2005)

Civilization IV (2005)

This game is an advanced computer-based format game. The sequel has the 4x turn-based strategy published by 2K Games and developed by Firaxis games released on platforms like – Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. For a game released in 2005, it can be considered as one of the Best CIV games as it was played by players for a long time.

It has the mode of both single-player and multiplayer. This game has the charm to win a Grammy award as their in-game music was made to attain this feat. Civilization IV is introduced as the first game in the civilization series that focuses on the Religion concept to control the game world.

The game has the image of 3D effect that comes as updation and non-military segments, which improves sections with new cities and enlargement.

4. Civilization Revolution (2008)

Civilization Revolution (2008)

It is a video game based on civilization format of genre 4x turn-based strategy designed by ‘Sid Meire’ and developed by Firaxis games released on different platforms – PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 on 8th July 2008, for Nintendo DS on 11th September 2008, for iOS on 6th August 2009 and Windows Phone on 26th March 2012.

The mode of the game is for both multiplayer and single-player users. The concept of all civilization games is either ended with a whole domination strategy or the space race.
The players may participate either from World Bank Wonder or from United Nations Wonders and allow them to demonstrate the century of 1250 AD as Julius Caesar or Cleopatra. It also explains a modern era on iOS platform demos like Abraham Lincoln or Julius Caesar.

The gameplay starts in 4000 BC with a lone settler in the middle of the little-explored region.
The surrounding has a unique geographical mixture of trading, production, and harvesting food that successfully gives the glance of a city to the player in that era of AD. In the early stages of the game, players encounter old-era people disguise in their prehistorical gesture, such as barbarians; they have friendly nature to indulge.

Lately, the game improved their postures and living, forming buildings, new cities more productively, military forces, defenses, and many more to build a new-age civilization game

3. Civilization V (2010)

Civilization V (2010)

The game was developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K games which have the same genre of 4x turn-based strategy release on a platform of Linux on 10th June 2014 and for Microsoft Windows on September 2010. The games if for both single-player and multiplayer mode civilization.

This game made the first advancement in the series of civilizations to make a change in the map as square-grid maps get replaced by hexagonal grids that add an accurate image of direction in the map, making it more precise to understand.

The defense technique is improvised to protect them directly by the enemies was the best advancement in the combat system, which had successfully replaced the old tackling strategy of military forces. Altogether, this game gives a new image to the civilization series

2. Beyond Earth: Civilization (2014)

Beyond Earth: Civilization (2014)

One of the Best CIV Games, i.e., beyond Earth, was released on a different platform on 24th October 2014 on Microsoft Windows, 26th November 2014 on Mac, and 18th December 2014 for Linux published by 2K games and developed by Firaxis Games. The game genre was based on a 4x & turn-based strategy for multiplayer and single-player users.

The gameplay is eventually similar to Civilization V predecessor, which comes with a prehistoric setup but in the modern outfit. Players have the advantages of choosing their equipment spacecraft used to travel and many more, in the starting that will help to complete missions in the game like sponsors, who support their expedition.

The concept depends on the science fiction influenced by the 22nd century that gives a beyond Earth dilemma to exist uniquely from other games in the series.

Players do not allow leaders in the game to choose influenced by the sponsor’s expenditure. Still, it relies on the customization civilization as they enable spacecraft that helps them land on different planets.

1. Civilization VI (2016)

Civilization VI (2016)

The game developer is Firaxis games published by 2K Games for multiple platforms like – iOS, Microsoft Windows, PS4, Mac OS, Android, Linux, etc., released from the year 2016 to 2020 onwards. It is available for both single and multiplayer modes.

This game was honored by the award of Best CIV Game under Strategy1 that introduced the advanced concept of civilization series. All the prehistorical sequences, heavy style ages, and hex-grid maps were inherited, giving this era of civilization series’ game visibility.

These were the best CIV games released since the start, including its changes and platform availability of various operating systems.

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