Bees In Valheim: Make Bees Happy To Get Honey

Bees in Valheim

Honey is a common ingredient needed for different prepared types of Meads. But where to get honey in Valheim? Do players have to attack beehives every time to get honey? Are these bees in Valheim dangerous? Well, calm down! This guide will answer all your questions related to Queen Bee and beehives in the Valheim.

Who Are These Bees In Valheim?

Valheim Bees

Well, the Bees in Valheim do the same thing the bees do in the real world- prepare honey. Honey is a primary ingredient in most meads like Mead base for Frost resistance, minor healing, Poison resistance, Serpent stew, etc. Eating honey is not necessarily recommended in the game, but honey helps boost Health points and stamina. The bees prepare honey in their Beehives and are usually led by their Queen. The Queen Bee is very important to craft meads. It is important to keep the bees happy to get honey.

“Bees have feeling and they are very demanding.”

Beehives can be found in abandoned places within Meadows, black forest, and swamp biomes. However, finding a beehive may not be easy for everyone because it depends on luck as the world is periodically generated. One has to look in abandoned houses, buildings to spot the Beehives.

How To Get Honey From Beehives?

Well, one can gather honey in two ways:

  1. Attacking the Beehive
  2. Creating your own honey

Well, the first one could be dangerous but is necessary for the second option. But attacking a beehive every time to get honey isn’t a viable solution. Because bees in Valheim stint! Don’t get too close to an active beehive because there are chances that the bees would attack. Then again, it all depends on their mood. It is possible to destroy the Beehive with a sword or axe, but the best and safest way is to use Bow and arrow.

Upon destroying the Beehive, one receives honey and the Queen bee (not every time, though). This Queen Bee is very important.

How To Attract Bees To The Beehive?

Beehives are found in abandoned places. Along with the Meadows, they are also found in the Draugr Villages. Draugr Villages are small areas having five to seven houses filled with Draugr. These Draugrs are heavily armored, hard to kill, and cause great damages to players’ health. Even though these villages sound dangerous, they have a good amount of beehives. If the players are willing to risk their lives, this is the best place to get a large quantity of honey. However, players with lower levels are advised to stay away from the Draugr villages as they might not have the necessary tools to fight the Draugrs.

Attacking a Beehive is a risky business but very essential to craft your own beehives. However, the Bees in Valheim attack when the players get too close to their homes. To know the Beehive down, throw a spear or use Bow and arrow. Hitting a couple of shots directly at the Beehive with the Bow and arrow would knock down the hive quickly. Once the Beehive falls on the ground, make sure to collect the honey.

 How To Make Honey?

Valheim Beehive

After acquiring the Queen Bee, it’s time to build a honey farm. To craft your own Beehive, the player needs the following resources :

  • 10x Wood
  • 1x Queen Bee

The player also needs a hammer and workbench to build a Beehive. A beehive takes approximately 20 minutes in real-time to produce honey. They produce 4x honey at a single go. However, it is important to build the Beehive in an open space because;

 “The bees need space”

The Beehives also need to be protected from Greydwarfs. To protect the Beehives, the player can build a fence around them. However, make sure that there is adequate space around the Beehive. The bees in Valheim need to be happy in order to produce honey. The player can check the current status of the Bees’ moods by hovering around the Beehive.

FAQs regarding the Beehives and Bees in Valheim

 A few FAQs regarding the bees and Beehives are answered below:

How To Keep Bees Happy?

Bees love their space. They don’t like to be surrounded by structures like a roof on top, walls at the side. Keep at least 2 meters of space between two Beehives and also try placing them on different elevations. Be creative and design your own Beehive structure. The Valheim proverb is self-explanatory: “Bee happy, we happy.”

Facing Bees Need More Space Error?

Bees are upset when they in crowded places. So try designing a structure where bees have their space as well as are protected from Greydwarfs and trolls. Be creative!

Why Is This Queen Bee Important?

The second option to getting honey is crafting it, and Queen Bee is very important to make your own honey. The Queen Bee won’t attack once the Beehive is destroyed. So take her back to the base and craft some honey.

 That’s all you need to know about Bees and Beehives. Now get going; you have a honey farm to build!

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